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Holly doubled over, retching as another wave of nausea hit her. She moaned weakly. It had been a month since she had returned from Hybras, and she feared that she'd gotten sick. She rose, rinsed her mouth, then set off to go see Foaly; she needed to know if she had gotten sick. Foaly looked up from his computer bank to notice Holly walk into the Ops Booth.

"Hey Holly. What's up?"

"Hi Foaly. I've got a question."

"Shoot. Not literally, but go ahead."

Holly smiled wobbly and said, "I've been feeling really nauseous lately, and it started after I got back from Hybras. I was wondering…" At that statement Foaly grabbed her hand and snapped a thimble-looking thing on her fingertip. Holly blinked and winced as it pricked her finger and analyzed her blood. The centaur turned back to his computer screens to wait for the results. He frowned as he read the results, then smiled.

"Holly, this will either come as good news or bad news."

"Foaly, what is it? Just tell me!"

"Holly, you're pregnant."

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