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Holly went back to her apartment and lay down. So much had happened; it was a mystery that she hadn't broken down yet. A single tear rolled down her cheek. A baby. Her baby. Her child wouldn't get to know it's father, and she couldn't be with the one she loved. Yes, loved. She finally bowed to the feelings that cluttered her mind and heart, haunting her dreams by night and thoughts by day. "My heart is with the one sworn to be my enemy, my child conceived though him. I am to be an outcast amongst my People, a foreigner among his. How I understand the struggles of old, how interspecies relationships were banned. This is the hardest thing of my life. A single mother, the mother of a hybrid, all these make my former struggles pale. How I thought entering the Academy was difficult! If only I had known, maybe I would instead have chosen science like my mother. My fights for equality, the discrimination will all become worse. And yet, why am I happy?"

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