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Highly Allergic to You

Chapter 1

A New Scent

The sound of the soothing water could be heard echoing throughout the silent town. The sun was still hiding behind the clouds, soon to show its warmth as the clouds got blown away by the wind and the earth spun, revealing the hiding sun. The cold winter had finally passed and the snow had melted away. Drops and drops of water could be seen dripping down the edges of the leaves. The air was damp and nice. In addition, the flowers were blooming, welcoming the spring season that would last for four whole months. It was such a happy picture that people couldn't help but smile.

However, it was very different for the lilac haired teen. He woke up early morning as he usually would and he jumped off his bed, walking over to open his double door window. He twitched and cringed when the horrible aroma came in. It was more like a stench to him. He quickly shut the window with a loud bang and sat on his bed. He couldn't believe that he had forgotten that winter was over and the horrible spring season had come. He didn't like it one bit—more so when he was struck with the idea of having to go to school that day. It was plain nightmare.

He hid for a while below the comforter, waiting for his alarm clock to blare—which should be seven minutes after. He sneezed loudly, suddenly having a runny nose and he grabbed the box of tissue that was set on the side of his bed violently and covered his reddened nose. He had difficulty breathing and he had to breathe through his mouth. "Spring…" he muttered grudgingly. The smell of flowers, the smell of the damp air, the smell of sweats, and the smell of the exhaust from engine—were horrifying. Zexion's sensitive nose couldn't handle all that smell. He hated it. People would call the smell of flowers as 'aroma' but for him, it was pure stench that would assault his nose endlessly.

Finally, the blaring noise emitted from his digital alarm clock and he slammed on it, shutting it up for the day. He just knew that it wasn't going to be a great day. He hoped that it wouldn't get worst.


School... different fragrance of perfumes, different scent of shampoos and body wash, different odors of food—Zexion could practically smell everything. He was thankful that he had decided to wear a long neck sweater for the day because he could hide half his lower face and his nose in the sweater. At least that way, he wouldn't sneeze all day. It was not that bad once he had gotten used to it. The first day was the most unpleasant for him.

He got into class safely even though his nose was visibly red. He hid it from people's view using his hair and his long neck sweater. "Zexion! Good morning!" shouted a certain cheerful redhead.

"Morning, Axel," Zexion answered. His face remained emotionless.

"Ahhh, the spring sickness," the redhead grinned widely, approaching the shorter lilac haired teen, towering over him. Axel was one of Zexion's best friends. Zexion was well aware that Axel was a little crazy and out of it sometimes—well, not a little…more like always and all the time. Nevertheless, he liked Axel's company if the time was right. To emphasize it, most of the time, Axel's company was always offered at the wrong time.

"I would recommend you to stay away from me for the rest of the day," Zexion said sternly, stepping to the side to pass through the tall spiky red haired teen.

"Aww, why is that? Don't you need the company?" Axel chuckled, teasing his best friend.

Zexion narrowed his eyes dangerously. "I do not need you around with your horrible stench, Axel. I could practically smell it on the first floor." The class was on the third floor.

"What?" the redhead sighed dejectedly.

"Why do you suddenly apply that stench to your body? Did you just fall down the pig sty?"

"Geee, I don't know, Zexion," Axel answered unhappily.

"I apologize for my rude comments but I am not in the mood to stand around and let these aromas assault me," Zexion said, looking straight into the redhead's eyes. He was lying though—his nose already died and he couldn't smell anything anymore.

"Thanks for crushing my confidence to smell good in front of Roxas, Zex," Axel replied sarcastically. "But, awww. You're still my best friend!" With that, the redhead wrapped his arm around Zexion's neck, pulling the small teen into a big crushing hug. The poor teen coughed and sneezed. Axel knew exactly what he was doing and he laughed richly. "Gotcha!" He released his hug and quickly dashed away before Zexion could attack him with sentences containing high leveled vocabularies.

Zexion growled. Regaining his composure, he went to sit down on his seat, ignoring the excited chattering and giggles coming from the girls. He put down his bag on the floor and pulled out his unfinished novel, deciding to read it through to get distracted.


The first class finally started. Everyone looked really cheerful—even though there were some that looked really sleepy and looked about ready to hit the sack. "Zex, I heard that there's a new kid," Axel, who was sitting behind Zexion, leaned from his seat, whispering.

"A new kid?" Zexion asked with a flat tone—not excited at all.

"We could recruit him into the supporter of Axel loves Roxas community. Think about that," the redhead grinned.

"Just because Roxas always rejects your approach, doesn't mean that you have to let the whole school know," Zexion commented dryly.

Everyone in the high school knew of Axel's obsession over Roxas. It was not a pretty romantic sight though as it had become a common sight among the high school-ers to see Axel getting kicked in the shin, jabbed in the stomach, and other painful areas. Somehow, Zexion got dragged into that and had become the number one member of the supporter of Axel loves Roxas community. He didn't even know what happened.

"Aww, you'll do the same when you've fallen in love with somebody, Zexion."

"I will never fall in love," Zexion commented with a serious face. "I do not like girls."

Axel gasped exaggeratingly. "So, you're gay too!! See, I knew it!" Axel laughed and shouted, pointing.

Zexion blushed brightly out of embarrassment when the attention of everybody in the class was turned to him. He quickly regained his composure and glared the redhead heavily, unhappily. There was a very unfamiliar face that was standing right at the entrance into the class. A Mohawk blond, grinning brightly, well aware of what was happening since he had been standing there all along, waiting for the teacher to introduce him. "Axel, stop this follishness," Zexion warned.

"Aww, I knew you're gay, Zexy!" Axel smirked, holding Zexion from behind.

"I do not have feelings for humans!" Zexion countered, trying to make his point that he did not like girls as well as boys. He didn't want to be tied in a relationship.

Axel gasped yet again, loudly. "Bestiality!! I never knew you would sway that far, Zexion!" the redhead commented excitedly and the whole class laughed.

"And to think that Zexion is the quite one," one of their classmates commented.

Zexion growled and banged his head on his desk, hard. How did he get himself into this mess? That was why he hated high school. Rumors spread like a plague. Bestiality was certainly not good for his reputation. Not that he had much reputation other than 'the little genius'.

"Sit down!" Came a light, cheery warning voice. At that instant, Zexion immediately knew who it was—must be the art decorating teacher, Marluxia. The smell of roses assaulted his nose and he sneezed. "Bless you!" Axel said in a singsong.

"Thanks," Zexion replied sarcastically. When he had returned to breathing again, slowly getting used to the first day of school and the first day of spring, he smelled something very strange. He couldn't quite describe what it was. The only thing he could conclude of was that the smell was highly disturbing—in a strange way. He cringed, covering his nose hastily with his hands. His nose had turned red again after all his effort of getting used to everything. His nose began to get itchy and he sneezed again, this time sniffling.

After that, he saw a very unfamiliar face, coming into the class with the pink haired teacher, Marluxia. He observed the Mohawk blond with a face that spelled hostility. Here comes another new scent again. He muttered inwardly and he sneezed again.

"Everyone! This is Demyx!" Marluxia said happily, dancing around the blond and showering him with his self brought rose petals.

The whole class was silent, didn't seem as excited as they should be. Marluxia noticed the silence and he threw a deathly glare directed towards the whole class. The clock was ticking by and then suddenly everyone snapped and said together in a chorus, "Hi, Demyx."

"Hi!" the blond grinned happily, waving his hand in a big motion. At that, Zexion sneezed again. Demyx quickly turned his attention towards the lilac haired teen. "Hi, there," he smiled. "I hope you get better soon!"

Zexion raised an eyebrow. He was not sick but Demyx didn't know, did he?

"I am transferred here and I will be joining this class for the whole spring. Nice to meet you!" Demyx exclaimed excitedly. "I hope we can have the best spring ever!"

Zexion sneezed again. Somehow, he knew that the spring would turn out really awful. What with the new scent and the new guy called Demyx.


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