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Chapter 3

Cold in Spring

It was another lovely day of spring. Zexion woke up with a grunt, hating the morning. He was at least grateful that his nose had gradually recovered and adapted to the change of season. At least, he was not sneezing himself to death over the dead cold night. Even though it was already spring, the temperature was still merciless at night. It would be a while until the temperature really rose. Still snuggled up in his bed, the lilac haired teen hid his face in his fluffy pillows and covered the warm blanket over his head. The alarm was blaring soon afterwards and he had no choice but to open his eyes and embrace the day—with hostility and hatred. He wanted more sleep, not school. That was for certain.

In addition, he had to work after school that day. Yesterday, he requested a one day off because he was not feeling well. He didn't think that he would be given another day off without getting fired. Thus, after school, he had to go to the bakery where he worked. He was at least grateful that he found a job in the bakery where it was surrounded by the wonderful scent of fresh bakery that was effective in covering the variety scents of people.

It was unusually cold that day for the spring season. There was a big building right outside of Zexion's room that showed it was currently 48 degrees Fahrenheit. Zexion's eyes went wide for a while and narrowed. He hated the cold. Add that with the spring season and it was ultimate hatred building up inside the lilac haired teen's stomach. Not to mention that he was already halfway in the bus with summer clothing. He was half awake the whole morning and he basically merely got into the hot shower, did everything he need to prepare for school, took any clothes that was present, and went out—not even aware of the cold. He would have never predicted that it was going to be that cold.

So, Zexion looked outside the window of the bus, cursing within. He let out a soft sigh and sat a little bit off to the corner until he was squashed in there. Beside him sat a huge dude who was practically cornering him. He couldn't do anything. The huge dude was eating chips and snacks, causing the crumbles to fall to the ground. It was not a pretty sight or a pretty scent. Right now, Zexion would rather be together with the disturbing scented Demyx rather than with the huge dude—and he started wondering why he was comparing Demyx with the huge dude.

When he finally got to his stop, he got off the bus with huge effort of getting through the huge guy. He inwardly swore that he was not going to sit in the corner of the bus again.


"Morning, sexy."

Zexion cringed, knowing full well who said that. There was only one person in the world who was dumb enough to enrage the lilac haired teen in the morning and that was Axel. Axel's voice was loud and clear for everyone to hear. Girls who passed by giggled and boy chuckled. "Axel… I'm gonna have Roxas castrate you," Zexion muttered under his breath which went inaudible for Axel.

"What?" Axel smiled innocently when Zexion gave him a murderous glare.

"What did you call me?" Zexion said with a sharp tone, as if daring the redhead to call him sexy again.

"Well, you are sexy," Axel grinned. "Even I can see that you're clearly different from everyone."

Zexion raised an eyebrow, looking around, trying to see Axel's point. "Everyone's wearing big huge jacket and you're in this white tight shirt and pants." Axel chuckled, pulling Zexion's long sleeved shirt playfully. "You're sexy."

"You are going to die, Axel," Zexion muttered.

"Eh, I have nine lifes, sexy," Axel grinned widely, happy that he was able to irritate his best friend so much.

Zexion decided to ignore the redhead and went ahead inside the school building, also finding no logical reason to stand in the cold. It was really foggy outside and the sun was still hiding, refusing to show its shine to the world. Scratch that "it was another lovely spring day", the weather was really weird. It was almost like winter without the snow part. However, it made sense since it was still January…though no one hoped that the cold weather would persist for long. If Zexion didn't forget to bring his jacket, it would be a perfect day for him. The cold wind that blew across town was enough to wipe away any horrible stench that would assault his nose.

He was tempted to skip class for a day and simply spend his day in the schoolyard, doing nothing. However, considering the fact that he had forgotten to bring anything that would protect him from the cold, he relented from doing so. When he stepped into the classroom, thankful that Axel didn't follow him, Demyx was already inside, chatting happily with some of the inhabitants of the class. He was very friendly and girls seemed to giggle when he was talking. Zexion rolled his eyes and he didn't have any logical explanation behind his eye rolling.

He had no place to sit since his seat was currently occupied by a girl who was listening intently to Demyx talking about something or somewhat about where he was from—which Zexion had no interest in. Releasing a soft sigh and growling inwardly, the lilac haired teen let out a loud fake cough—signaling that he wanted to sit down. Nobody seemed to notice him and he was certainly irritated though it was not enough for him to show it through his emotionless face.

Zexion ended up standing there, irked. He shoved his hands inside his jean's pocket, his bangs still covering his face, hiding his emotionless expression. "Oh, hi! Zexion!" Demyx shouted cheerily, causing everyone to turn their attention to the lilac haired teen that was standing behind them. "Good morning!"

Everyone made a shocked and serious face once they noticed Zexion and those who were sitting immediately stood up, giving way to him. "Sorry," the girl who sat on Zexion's seat giggled nervously and stepped away. Zexion was already used to his classmates' behavior around him. He never had any friends since everyone thought that they should respect him simply because he helped them with homework—or rather, he just tossed the answer to the homework around and everyone would copy it. He ignored them and sat down calmly on his seat.

Demyx only watched with slightly surprised face as everyone scurried away and formed the usual group, chatting on their own, ignoring the two existences of Demyx and Zexion in the class completely. Zexion covered his nose with his hand, trying to avoid Demyx's scent. It was not as horrible and as stinging as the day before, to say it honestly."Is there any problem?" Zexion finally asked with his calm tone.

"Don't you think it's weird?" Demyx blinked a couple of times at Zexion who was clearly not staring at him.

"What is?"

"Everyone's…is it always like that?"

"I don't make friends and they don't make the effort to make friends with me. They simply need my help, that's why they respect me. They wouldn't act the same if they don't need my help."

"Help? But…"

"They don't see it fit to make friends with me and I don't see any point to. If they want my answer to homework, sure, I'll give them. I don't have anything to lose." It was very rare for Zexion to talk that much.

Before Demyx could deny Zexion's words, the teacher entered the class and the whole class went silent, followed by Axel and Roxas going in the classroom. "Stay away from me, Axel," Roxas hissed.

"No," Axel grinned brightly.

Everyone turned their attention to the couple who was quarreling. "How many times must I tell you that I don't sway that way? I am not gay!" Roxas almost shouted.

"You will when you fall in love with me," Axel still managed to keep his bright smile.

"I will when you've been castrated and somehow God helps you and changes you to a girl," Roxas growled.

Axel's jaw dropped and the whole class merely snickered.

"Is this normal—between Axel and Roxas?" Demyx laughed richly, sitting down and whispering to Zexion.

"They are best friends until Axel decided to become a little aggressive," Zexion answered simply.


Because of the low temperature, most students in the class fell asleep while the psychology teacher, Xemnas was explaining about emotions. Even though half of the class was dead, Xemnas continued lecturing on—until it was only Zexion that was sober. Fortunately Xemnas only continued to lecture on without putting on any kinds of punishment for those who were sleeping. The class ended soon enough and Xemnas suddenly shouted, "Everyone except Zexion has to hand in a three thousand words essay about today's lecture! If I find any copies, you will all fail the class," he said simply and calmly and walked off the class, without waiting for any comments or complaints from the class.

Everyone was jolted from their slumber and paled—except for Roxas who remained indifferent, Axel who managed a smirk—not having a single care about anything in the world except for Roxas, and Demyx who remained calm.


Recess…and Zexion sneaked away from the class, walking off easily while Axel was pre-occupied with Roxas and Demyx with the girls surrounding him. He wanted to get away from all the horrible stench. He walked to the schoolyard where a green tree was standing tall and strong. With practiced ease, Zexion climbed the tree and rested himself on one of the big branches. He hugged his knees close, staring at people walking and couples dating and kissing on the tree. He knew he would catch a cold soon, but at least, the sun came out and he felt warmth coursing through his body as the sun shone him. It was a nice quite moment for him. Unfortunately, the silence was broken by a particular blond shouting to him.


Zexion stared from beyond his lilac bangs, eyeing the Mohawk blond. He didn't say anything, merely wanting Demyx to catch his signal that was saying 'I want to be left alone.' However, Demyx was cheerful as ever and didn't seem to catch it. Without saying anything, Demyx climbed up the tree and positioned himself from the branch a little bit up high and perpendicular from where Zexion was sitting.

"Aren't you cold?" Demyx asked, slipping his hands inside the warm pocket of his blue thick jacket.

Zexion inwardly rolled his eyes. "No," he answered, wanted to immediately go away but also wanted to spend more time there. "I thought you are with the girls," he commented.

"They just wanna know me. Asking me what it was like where I'm from. Stuffs like that," Demyx laughed, staring to the sky.



"Where are you from?" Zexion asked and he couldn't form any explanation as to why he spluttered out the question.

"England. I was born here but was raised it England." Demyx's face grimaced and Zexion watched, noticing.

Zexion was about to open his mouth to voice out questions but he decided otherwise, pursing his lips. It was rude to intervene—especially since he had only known Demyx for two days. He was quite surprised as to how they get relatively this close in that short amount of time. The cold wind blew and Zexion let out a sneeze. Before the lilac haired teen could register what was happening, there was already a thick, warm, blue jacket covering him. "What?" he asked, surprised, blushing a little.

"It gets colder than this in England. Since you're sick and all, you need this jacket more than I do," Demyx smiled and he jumped off the tree, landing with a loud thud. Zexion was surprised that Demyx was alright from a fall that high. "I'll go buy you something warm to drink!" Demyx grinned and ran off before Zexion could say anything.

Zexion sneezed again at the scent that was radiating from Demyx's blue jacket. He put it away but when the cold wind blew again, as if enforcing him to simply wear the jacket, he kept it close to cover his shivering body while trying his best not to inhale the disturbing scent. At the same time, he was hoping that the warm drink from Demyx would arrive soon. He needed it.


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