Integra's School Daze

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"But, Walter, I don't want to go to school!" A fifteen year old Integra stomped her foot.

The butler sternly eyed the young Hellsing heir who was bordering on throwing a temper tantrum. "I'm sorry, Sir Integra. But you have to. You failed to gain any ground in your previous two standard achievement tests, and this year you actually lost a whole grade level."

"It's not my fault. I've learned so much in the last three years. It's just that none of it is ever on those stupid tests."

Walter couldn't keep a dry chuckle from escaping his mouth. "Well, of course not, Sir Integra. Not very many people need to learn how to shoot a pistol, fence, properly deploy troops or eliminate undead. And yes, your 'extended' education is coming along remarkably well, but you can't ignore the basics. Your reading, writing and arithmetic all have to, at least, be equivalent to your grade level. The Queen refuses to have some 'ignorant boob running the nation's best equipped, most secret and most important agency.' Her words, not mine. You have to have a proper education."

"But, Walter, I've never even been to a school before." The young girl sniffled and a single tear began to form in her eyes as she quietly continued. "Father taught me everything himself." The young Integra brought her sleeve up and wiped the tear away.

Walter bent down and hugged the girl. "I know. I miss him too." The butler softly patted the girl's back as he continued. "But, your father's gone, and someone has to teach you."

"Can't... Can't you teach me?"

Walter chuckled again. "While I appreciate your confidence, I'm afraid that it's been quite awhile since I was in school, and I never did finish, what with the war and all. While I've thoroughly studied English traditions and customs and could probably teach you a few things about World War II that aren't even in the history books, I'm afraid that the other areas of your education would suffer neglect. No. I am sorry, but you have to go to school. It really is the best thing for you."

"But... But does it have to be a boarding school?"

"Now, now. Gresham is a fine school, one of the best. It's curriculum is comprehensive, knowledgeable and beyond dispute. It has strong ties to the Church of England and even it's own combined cadet force. It's the perfect school for you. Trust me, once you get settled and make a couple of friends, you won't even want to come back for holidays."

Integra sighed. "Alright, Walter, I'll go." Integra paused for a moment then she rather definitively stated, "But I won't like it."

Walter smiled. Integra always had been a stubborn one.

Chapter One: The New Roommate

Sir Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, got out of the limo and shielded her blue eyes from the sun's glare. It was quite an adjustment from the limo to the noon sun. After Integra's eyes adjusted, she grabbed her books and slung her backpack over one shoulder. Then she looked at a piece of paper and headed off the find her room.

As Integra tried to find the Britten house, she felt out of place and a little uncomfortable with all the students coming and going around her. She was not really use to this many teenagers, and as the distracted Hellsing heir continued on, she tripped over a partially exposed rock.

Integra fell flat on her face and her books went flying. A couple of students chuckled at 'the clumsy new girl' as they passed by. Integra picked herself back up. Oh great, my first day and I'm going to be branded the class klutz. Although, she was glad that her glasses were unbroken. Integra kneeled down and began to scoop up her books. Before she could reach the last one, someone else picked it up. "Hey that's mi-" Integra started before looking up and seeing what she thought to be a rather handsome boy with a long braid of red hair.

"I know, mon cherie. I was just trying to help out." The man clasped Integra's hand and helped her rise to her feet again, then he let go of her hand. "My name is Pip, Pip Bernadotte. Are you knew here?" Pip handed Integra her book.

Integra took the book. "Hum... Uh, I mean yes. Yes, I'm new here." Integra balanced her books with one hand and her other arm. The free hand reached out towards Pip. "I'm Integra. Pleased to meet you."

Pip shook the girl's hand. "Pleased to meet you too. Looking for your house?"

"Yes, um... I've got the paper here somewhere. Hold on a minute. Uh, yes. Here it is. Britten house!"

"Oh, that's right over this way." Pip smiled. "Come on." He started to walk, and Integra accompanied him. "It's one of the girl houses, so they won't let me in. But I can take you as far as the doorstep."

Pip led Integra around the school, and in about ten minutes, the two reached the Britten house. "Well, here you go, mon cherie. Britten house, just as I promised." A couple of other girls passed by. They called out Pip's name and waved. The redheaded boy with the French accent waved back before again turning to Integra. "Well, I'm sure you have some unpacking to do, what with it being your first day and all. But if you'd like a tour later, just let me know. I'm in the Tallis house, over that way." Pip pointed.

"Uh... okay. Sounds like fun."

Pip smiled again, before turning and walking away. Integra stared for the briefest of moments, then she shook her head and entered her house. She looked at her paper again and found her room number. "Room five." Shouldn't be too hard to find. Indeed it wasn't. Within another three minutes, Integra was standing in front of the door. She opened it, and walked inside. Integra flung the door shut behind her and continued on for a moment. But then, she heard a familiar voice.

"There you are, Master. I've been waiting."

Integra quickly turned. Her face took on a shocked expression, and the young knight again dropped her books as she saw just who had been 'waiting' for her. "Alucard! How did you get here?"

"Oh, Master, that's an easy one. I flew."


"Because you are my Master, of course. I need to remain close if I'm going to protect you."

"Protect me? Protect me from what? This is a school!"

"So was the Bath school house and the University of Texas, but look at what happened to them. Master, just because this is a school that doesn't mean that you're safe.

Integra growled, "Alucard." Before continuing in a slightly more normal tone. "I'm quite capable of taking care of myself."

Alucard looked his young master up and down, and Integra wasn't quite sure if he was actually appraising her combat potential or just using the situation as an excuse to check out her body. Either way, he soon stopped and shook his head. "Nope, sorry; but I'm afraid I'm going to have to stay and watch over you." Alucard leaned down so that his face was level with his Master's. He leered at her and asked, "So, how do you want to do the sleeping arrangements. Who's on top?"

Integra grimaced. "Alucard!!"

Alucard grinned widely at Integra's reply, but responded, "Master, I was referring to the top bunk." The Vampire pointed over at the bunk-bed. "I say we flip for it."

Integra couldn't quite decide if Alucard was genuinely worried about her safety, deliberately trying to annoy her or simply bored back at the mansion and looking for something to keep himself occupied. It could've even been a mixture of the three. "Look, Alucard, you can't stay here."

Alucard stared incredulously at his young master. "Why not?"

Integra did her best to control her temper. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "For one thing, this is a girl house. And you are not a girl."

"How do you know? I could be a girl if I had to."

Integra just stood there for a moment, her brain trying to process the completely incomprehensible reply. Integra pictured her nearly seven foot tall servant trying to fit into a fifteen year old girl's dress and blend in at the school. The mental image was positively laughable. And Integra would've laughed, if Alucard's face had held a toothy grin or any of the other tell tale signs that he was joking. However, the vampire's face gave off the distinct impression that he was completely serious in his statement.

Just as Integra decided that she must have misheard her 'pet' vampire, there was a knocking at her door. Alucard headed for the door; but as his hand reached for the knob, Integra ran over and swatted it away. She shook her head and pointed to the window. Alucard just shook his head back and grinned as an older sounding feminine voice came through the door. "Integra, It's Sally. I'm the house prefect. May I come in. I need to talk to you about something."

"Uh, just a minute! I'm, uh... changing!" Integra shouted through the door then locked it.

Alucard began, "No you'r-" Alucard was silenced by Integra stomping on the top of his foot.

"Integra, who's in there with you?"

"Uh, no one!" Integra looked angrily into her servant's eyes and whispered, "Get out." Alucard grinned, most likely enjoying the glare he was receiving from his master. He shook his head again.

On the other side of the door, Sally took out her key chain and began searching for the key to Integra's room. "Integra, I'm giving you to the count of three, and then I'm coming in. One."

Integra looked, almost pleadingly, at her servant. His grin just widened as he again shook his head.


Integra mouthed a 'please.' Alucard, mouthed back a 'no'.

"Three. All right, that does it. I'm coming in."

With a trembling hand, Integra unlocked the door and flung it open just as Sally reached to insert her key. "Why Sally, so nice to meet you. What can I do for you?" Integra smiled, doing her best to look innocent and hoping that her house prefect wouldn't look behind the door.

Sally looked a little startled, but recovered quickly. She suspiciously eyed the young, innocent looking woman in front of her. "Everything okay, Integra?"

"Why, yes, of course. Why wouldn't it be?"

"Well, you look like you're trying to hide something."

"What, me? Hide something? No way." Integra chuckled nervously.

"Yes." Sally replied suspiciously. "Well then, you won't mind if I come in and have a look around. Will you?" Integra didn't get a chance to answer as the older girl pushed past her and entered the room. She looked around, briefly, but couldn't find anything amiss. Then she turned back to Integra who had opened the door all the way and was still standing beside it. Sally's lip curled slightly. "And what, I wonder, could be behind that door." The house prefect headed for the door.

"What, nothing." Integra replied, but Sally obviously didn't believe her. The house prefect reached out and grabbed the door knob. "Wait, I can explain!" The young knight continued, but it did no good. Sally quickly pulled the door from the smaller girl; and as the older girl slammed it shut, Integra closed her eyes.

But then Sally's face fell into a confused expression. "Who are you?" She asked in a tone that caused Integra to open one eye.

The Hellsing heir couldn't believe it. Instead of an almost seven foot tall vampire wearing a large red coat and fedora hat, a seemingly fifteen year old, pale faced girl with raven black hair and a pill box hat was standing behind the door. The 'girl' extended 'her' hand and started to reply. "Hi, I'm Al-"

"Ison," Integra interrupted. "She's Alison. Alison, uh..."

"Vlad." The 'girl' stated, her hand still extended. "I'm Alison Vlad, and I'm Integra's replacement roommate." Alison extended her arm a little further, and Sally finally shook it.

"Replacement?" Integra asked.

"Yeah," Sally began. "that's what I came to talk to you about. It seems that Clair Keeply, your intended roommate, never showed up."

"Oh, that's too bad. I hope she's alright." Integra cast an accusatory glare at 'Alison'.

"Oh, I'm sure she's fine. Someone probably just convinced her to go to a different school." The other 'teenage girl' replied before turning back to Sally. "Well, if that's all, Integra and I have some unpacking to do."

"Of... Of course. I'll just be getting out of your way then." Sally stated, then went to reopen the door. Just as the older girl's hand touched the knob, though, she remembered something. "Wait a minute." Sally turned to Integra. "Didn't you say that no one else was in the room with you?"

"I-" Integra started.

Alison cut her off. "She meant, no one who wasn't suppose to be."

"Yes, yes, of course." Sally replied suspiciously. She cast Integra one final look that said 'I'm keeping an eye on you.', and then the house prefect exited the room.

Once Sally was gone, Alison promptly broke out into a fit of girlish laughter. "Oh, that was great. I think I'm going to like it here." Integra walked up and slapped her 'new roommate' upside the head. "Hey!" Alison responded before shifting back into Alucard. "What was that for?"

Integra let out a frustrated grunt. She turned and walked a few steps away before her curiosity overcame her anger. Integra turned back around and asked, "How did you do that?"

"Do what?"

"That! That whole Alucard\Alison gender\age crossover thing."

"Oh, that." Alucard let out an amused chuckle as if such things were an every day occurrence. "It was nothing. I can change my shape into anything. The particular form I take... It means nothing to me."

Integra looked thoughtful for a moment.

Alucard summoned up a coin and rested it on his thumb. "Ready to flip for the top bunk?"

Integra huffed, reached down, grabbed her backpack, tossed it up to the top bunk then walked over and grabbed the ladder. She cast an authoritative look at Alucard and announced. "I'm on top." Then the mini-Hellsing flung her hair proudly and followed her backpack up.

Alucard sat down on the bottom bunk and whispered, "As you wish, Master." Alucard flicked the coin; and while in mid-air, it vanished in a mixture of black and gray smoke.

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