by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva or Bleach

Summary: Shinji is teleported to the Soul Society 12th Division where he meets, and activates, Nemu Kurotsuchi, gaining not only a loyal ally, but a friend and lover as well.

Author's Notes: Originally I was going to title this 'Shinji's Doll', since Nemu was basically created using gigai and mod-soul technology. However, I didn't like the title too much so I rewrote it so that it made a bit more sense. Pretty much another response to Invincible Shinji's Romance Fanfic Challenge.


Death is not something the living can ever truly understand.

This is especially true of how the dead live.

In the afterworld nexus known as Soul Society, there exists two worlds. The outer eighty districts are known as the Rukongai, the wandering spirit towns. The inner walled city is known as the Seireitei, home and military base of the Soul Reapers.

For thousands of years the Soul Reapers purpose has been to defend the innocent from the monsters known as the Hollows, monstrous creatures who were once human beings who lost their way and never fully passed on into Soul Society. The Soul Reaper ranks were comprised of 13 divisions, each with a fairly unique or special function.

The Second Division was the ninja-like special operations unit. The Fourth Division was the medical response unit. The Eleventh Division was the elite combat unit.

But the Twelfth Division was the research and development unit.

It was in this dark and secretive place, that a strange energy portal opened up and expelled a young human figure into the lab.


"Ouch!" Shinji Ikari groaned as he rolled himself off of the now broken pieces of lab equipment, test tubes, machine parts, and experimental weapons.

Not that he could see anything.

"Oh... what happened? Where am I?" he wondered aloud as he looked around, only to see nothing.

His eyes were barely adjusting to the few blinking lights in the room, which implied that there were several electronic devices of some kind. There were also a couple of dimly lit computer monitors, which he figured were over by the wall, so he started moved towards them in the hopes of finding a light switch or something.

"Where is that light switch?" he asked.

Just then, his vision was flooded with a bright, blinding light as the was suddenly illuminated. His eyes shut on reflex while his hands went up to block his eyes as well.

"Ah! What happened?" he gasped.

"I have turned on the lights as you have requested," replied a female voice in a quiet tone.

Shinji's eyes took a few moments to adjust, turning towards the person who had just spoke. Though when he did, he quickly regretted it.

"Oh. Thank you. But who-- GAAACCCKK!!" he gasped as he saw who had spoke.

This first thing Shinji noticed was that he was in a somewhat small room, about the size of the living room in Misato's apartment, littered with dozens of electronic devices and tools. The downside to this was the fact that because the room was so small, it caused Shinji to instantly focus his attention to the only other person in the room.

Only a few feet away from him stood a beautiful young and naked woman in a rather demure stance. She had long violet hair, green eyes and probably the healthiest bosom that Shinji had seen since Misato. In fact it took him several seconds to determine that this wasn't Misato, if for no other reason than the fact this woman wasn't laughing, grinning, or teasing him about her nakedness. He forced himself to avert his eyes from her bare breasts, only to berate said eyes when they drifted downwards towards the pubic hair-free nether regions which were barely covered by her hands, which were in a clasped position.

"Please state your designation." the woman said.

"Uh... Shinji Ikari." he said, shocked at himself that he hadn't stammered out his name like a brain-dead, emotionally distraught introvert he normally was. He was however, frozen and unable to move nor look away from her.

There was a slight flash in the woman's green eyes before she spoke again. "Imprinting procedure complete. Artificial construct Nemu Kurotsuchi… at your command, Shinji Ikari-sama."

"Uh…… at my command?" he gasped.

At hearing that, the more perverted side of him started entertaining all kinds of possibilities as to what he and this beautiful young woman could do. He swore he felt like Toji, Kensuke, and Kaji all rolled into one person.

"Affirmative." she said.

"Okay. Then how about putting on some clothes?! Please!" Shinji said as he looked away to give her some privacy. Off to the side of the small room he saw a small kimono, a pair of tabi socks, a pair of sandals, and a pair of white panties. "Okay, there. Those look like they'll fit you. Please put them on."

However, the woman didn't move, though she looked at the clothes with some interest

"Uh... Nemu... why are you just standing there?" Shinji asked.

"I have not been programmed how to appropriately place attire on myself." she said.

Shinji gasped in disbelief at what she was saying. She had no idea how to get dressed? How could someone not know how to get dressed? It was one of the most basic things in the world.

"You don't know how to dress yourself?" he asked. "Why don't you?"

"My creator, Mayuri Kurotsuchi-sama, has only programmed me with a layout of the Twelfth Division compound, standard laboratory practices and rules along with up-to-date knowledge on physics, chemistry, ecto-biology, and combat."

"Okay... uh... Nemu? This might sound like a strange question, maybe even rude, and you don't have to answer if you don't want to...but..."

"I will answer your questions to the best of my abilities." she said.

"Uh... are you human?" he asked.

"I am not. I am the result of Captain Mayuri-sama's research in gigai and mod-soul technology. My original purpose was to assume the position of vice-captain for the Twelfth Division once I am fully ready as Mayuri-sama has constantly expressed dissatisfaction with the previous vice-captains that have served under him. Now my purpose is to attend to your every need, Shinji-sama."

Shinji blushed as she said that. "Uh... you said a Gigai and a Mod-Soul? What are those?" he asked, trying to steer the conversation towards something less perverted.

"Gigai's are artificial bodies that Soul Reapers utilize in emergency situations. Mod-Soul's are artificial souls originally designed as expendable soldiers for the war against the Hollows."

"Okay. What's a Hollow?"

"A departed human soul that has not been exorcized and sent to Soul Society in time, and becomes corrupted. They are usually animalistic in nature, craving the souls of other people, whether they are living or dead. They most often attack their loved ones first. They are called Hollows due to the empty space in their chests where their hearts once were." she said.

"Alright. And what's a Soul... okay, can you please put on some clothes?" he gasped, realizing she had been naked this entire time.

"I do not know how." she said.

Shinji groaned and began to steal his nerves for what he had to do.

She's like a child almost, no sense of modesty. He thought. In a way, it kinda reminds me of Rei.

"Alright. Here. Let's start with the... panties." he said, his face practically glowing as he picked up the white material, which he noticed were silk. "Uh... here. Stick your legs through the holes and pull them up to your waist."

Nemu did as she was instructed.

"Okay, next we'll put on the kimono." he said moving behind her to put the small kimono over her shoulders. "Stick your arms through the two sleeves, just like that, and wrap the outer flaps over each other. Uh, left one first then the right. Good. Now tie the belt off to secure it, and make sure your whole body is covered." he said.

There wasn't a bra anywhere, which wouldn't have done Shinji any good since he had no idea how to put one on a woman.

"Alright, now... the socks go on your feet and then the sandals." he said, glad that she was now covered. Once the footwear was on Shinji, feeling better, turned to ask Nemu his questions. "So... what is a Soul Reaper and what's a Soul Society?"

"Soul Reapers are departed human souls who possesses special abilities that enable them govern the flow of souls between the human world and the afterlife. Their duties include leading 'Wholes', or good souls, to Soul Society using a practice called konso, or soul burial, as well as the cleansing of Hollows." Nemu said, fitting her sandals securely on her feet.


"Yes. As Hollow's were once whole spirits, they can be cleansed of their Hollow forms and made whole, so as to allow them safe passage into Soul Society."

"And Soul Society is?" he asked.

"It is the afterlife, where the souls of those who have passed on go once their human lives are done." she said.

A lump in Shinji's throat, chest and stomach instantly developed when she said that.

"So... we're in Soul Society?" he asked.


"As in... the world of the dead?"


"Does that mean that... I'm dead?" he asked.

Nemu looked at Shinji and cocked her head to the side.

"If you are not, then you are a Ryoka, a spirit who has entered Soul Society illegally." Nemu said.

"I ... don't think I'm dead... but... I don't know how I got here either." Shinji said. "And that means.. I probably came here illegally. Oh boy!"

Shinji felt his body drain of energy as he suddenly leaned back against the table, his left hand landing on a strange mini-sword that had a crystal lining over the blade and several circuits imbedded into the handle. However, his right hand landed on a red button on a small control panel.

The second he pressed it, the wall next to him opened up... and revealed three sinister individuals.

"Huh?" a young man with pale white hair, closed eyes, and a snake-like grin gasped.

"Who?" a slightly older man with soft brown hair and black-rimmed glasses said.

"What the... NEMU?" a man with a black and white clown-face gasped.

"Uh-oh." Shinji gasped as the clown-faced man advanced towards the girl.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ACTIVATED?" the clown-faced man shouted, grabbing Nemu by the neck and slamming her against the opposite wall.

"Hey! Leave her alone!" Shinji shouted as he tried to go to her aid, only to have a pair of hands grab and pull him back.

"I'm afraid I cannot allow you to interfere with a father-daughter conversation." the man with the snake-like grin said as he held Shinji tightly.

"Answer Me Nemu!" the clown shouted as he squeezed her throat. "Who activated you?"

"He... did." Nemu croaked out weakly, pointing to Shinji.

"And who is he?" the clown asked.

"Shinji... Ikari... my... master."


"Initialized... activation... imprinting." she said weakly.

"What does that mean?" the man with the glasses asked.

"I programmed Nemu to be completely loyal to whomever activated her. Like parental imprinting. I wanted to upload some more programs into her before I could fully activate her. But this... punk!... beat me to it! She now thinks he's her master!"

"So?" the snake-man said. "Just wipe her memory and start over."

"It's not that simple, you fool! The programming is absolute. As long as he is alive she will see him as her master, and vice-versa." the clown said. "Which means he has to die first, and I would like to experiment on him before that."

"No! You cannot!" Nemu cried out.

"SHUT UP!" the clown shouted, slamming Nemu's head against the wall. "I didn't program you to be defiant!"

"Leave her alone!" Shinji shouted, struggling in the snake-man's grip.

"Aizen, your little project will have to be put on hold for a minute. Do me a favor and stick that loss in a cell somewhere while I take my precious little Nemu apart." the clown said as the man with the glasses moved up to help restrain Shinji.

"NO!!" Shinji shouted as he flayed out his hand, grabbing the mini-sword on the table and waved it wildly, bringing it up to stab the man with the glasses in the stomach.

At that moment, everything changed.

The crystal bladed sword with the advanced circuits activated, glowing and pulsing with unusual energy, then exploding with power that knocked everyone off their feet.

Shinji felt his body nearly rip apart as a strange foreign energy entered his body, reaching into every level of his body, touching every cell from the hair on his head to the toe nails.

The dark force energy wave died down and Shinji managed to regain his vision. The first thing he noticed was that the man with the glasses whom he had stabbed was now lying on the ground, his black robes now pure white, the sword that he had been wearing now gone. The clown-faced man, who Shinji assumed was Mayuri Kurotsuchi from the way he was talking about being Nemu's creator, was now lying across the room imbedded in the wall. Nemu herself was lying on the ground and slowly recovering. The snake-man who had been holding him previously was now by the man in the white robe.

"You... what... Captain Aizen! Your... your powers are... gone." he gasped, then looked up to glare at Shinji. "Why you filthy..." the snake-man gasped as he leaped at Shinji.

Shinji quickly reacted, moving faster than he thought possible, and stabbed the snake-man in the gut.

"I'm sorry!" Shinji said as the mini-sword glowed again. "Uh-oh."

Again, the dark force energies exploded and penetrated Shinji's body. But this time, Shinji could see where the energy was coming from. They were coming from the snake-man he had just stabbed.

The dark energy exploded from the snake-man's body and surged into his own. The second it did, Shinji felt stronger, more energized, more alive.

The energy wave passed as the snake-man, now wearing a pure white robe, dropped to the floor next to his unconscious associate.

Shinji dropped the blade, which had no blood on it, and stared at his shaking hands. It was then that he noticed something else. His plugsuit was gone, replaced by the clothes of a Soul Reaper: a black Shihakuso that was tailor-made for him. It fit perfectly, from the shirt and jacket, to the pants, down to the black boots on his feet. Hanging on his hips were a pair of swords, one long and one short.

"What... what happened? What did I do? Why did... I don't understand any of this!" he said in a frightened tone before taking off in a dead run towards the nearest set of stairs he could find.

He ran hard, up the stairs and through another set of laboratories, until he was outside of the Twelfth Division headquarters.

All around him, the buildings and scenery, which included the bushes and trees, all looked like it had been stylized to mimic the feudal era of Japan. Which would explain why he now looked like a samurai.

Shinji's first impulse was to run far away and find a place to hide in order to sort this out, only to pause as he remembered something he had left back in the lab. To be more precise.. Someone.

Nemu! He gasped as turned around to go back inside.

Within seconds he was back inside the hidden laboratory. The two men in white robes were still lying on the floor. Mayuri was still unconscious and imbedded in the wall. And on the ground right in front of him, in a sit-up position was Nemu Kurotsuchi.

"Nemu! Are you alright?" he asked.

"I am unharmed." she said.

Shinji quickly helped her up and looked at her. Nemu quickly noticed this.

"Ikari-sama? Is something wrong?" she asked.

"I'm so sorry, Nemu!" he said to her.

"For what?" she asked.

"For leaving you behind. For running out on you like that. I promise I won't do that again!"

"You are... concerned for me?" she asked.

Shinji was stunned. "Of course! I mean... well... technically you're my responsibility now, so..."

Nemu just looked at Shinji, a strange feeling of warmth filling her cheeks.

"I promise I won't leave you behind again." he stated firmly.

"I... thank you, captain." she said.

Shinji looked at her strangely. "Captain? Why are you calling me Captain?"

"Because you are now a captain in Soul Society." she stated.

"I'm... WHAT?" he gasped.

Nemu looked down at the crystal-bladed sword Shinji had dropped. "That sword is one of Mayuri-sama's inventions. It was originally designed to transfer the spiritual energy of a Soul Reaper into another Soul Reaper by means of impalement."

"Really? Wait! Originally designed?" Shinji gasped.

"It was never tested. Until now." she said.

"Oh boy!" he gasped, then looked at Mayuri. "Why would anyone design something like that?"

"I have no information as to his intentions."

"Can you... guess?"

Nemu cocked her head to side for a few seconds.

"It is possible that such a device could have been used to increase the power of a Soul Reaper, by stealing the spiritual energy of another Soul Reaper."

"They were trying to make themselves stronger?" Shinji asked in shock. "By stealing from other Soul Reapers? Their own kind?"

"So it would seem. And as you have taken both the power of Captain Aizen and Vice-Captain Ichimaru, you now possess more than adequate power to be a Soul Reaper Captain, the strongest level of Soul Reaper in Soul Society."

"But why would..." Shinji suddenly paused in mid-thought as a small beeping sounded through the air. "What is that?"

Nemu went over to one of the unconscious men in white and pulled a small communicator from their robes.

"It is a distress call. A class of academy students are under attack in the human world. Several casualties have already been reported." Nemu said, holding the device to her ear.

"What?" Shinji gasped. "How many students are left?"

"Unknown. According to the message, not more than a dozen or so." she said, pulling the device away, the call having ended.

"We have to help them!" he said with a sudden burst of confidence. He then paused. "Can we help them?"

"You are now a Captain-level Soul Reaper. You possess the power to save them. If you are willing, there is a way." Nemu said as she went over to the wall and pulled a strange looking sword from a small rack. The sword itself looked like a straight-bladed Chinese fighting sword. The blade was silver, the handle was black and the guard looked like a four-point diamond. "This is a special zanpakuto that will enable us to travel to the human world." she said.

"Okay." Shinji said, having accepted a lot in a short amount of time. "If you're right about these new powers, then... we don't have any time to lose." he stated.

Nemu gripped the sword tightly with her left hand, and pounded the handle with her right. The blade hummed as she thrust it forward, piercing the very air as if it were a giant marshmallow. The hole around the blade twisted and swirled, until it reformed into a small wooden doorway. The door slid to the side, revealing an opening passage through it.

"I'll go first." Shinji said. "If you're right, and I am a Soul Reaper Captain... then I'll be able to handle whatever's out there."

Nemu nodded as Shinji quickly passed through the portal, followed diligently by Nemu.

The portal closed and vanished as Mayuri started coming around.

"Oh... what happened?" Mayuri gasped as he looked around his damaged lab. "Where is the stupid construct and that punk kid who... who are you?" he suddenly ask as a delicate figure emerged from the shadows. "What are you doing with that... wait! Wait! Get away from AHHH!" he shouted as the crystal-bladed spirit energy-stealing sword he had developed was plunged into his chest.


Shinji and Nemu appeared in the human world and quickly sighted a group of young Soul Reapers who had been cornered by a group of large, vicious Hollows.

"Nemu, how good are your fighting skills?" Shinji asked as he pulled his swords and holding them up.

"Mayuri-sama has not taught me how to handle a zanpakuto." she said.

"Great! So even if I gave you my swords you wouldn't be able to use them." he said. Hmm. Where did these swords come from anyway? He wondered.

"I would not. However, I am knowledgeable of hand-to-hand combat and possess enhanced physical prowess capable of matching a Hollow."

Shinji looked at her incredulously. "You can fight these things hand-to-hand?"

"If it is necessary."

"Alright. Then... protect the students. I'll deal with the Hollows."

"Yes, Captain." she said before Shinji could correct her.

Turning his attention towards the Hollows, Shinji leaped at the giant monsters, instantly gaining their attention as he slashed them from behind with his swords. Having been an Eva-pilot Shinji was not scared of facing a group of giant monsters. Smaller monsters than the Angels, and without his Eva. Regardless, he had often felt like he was fighting the Angels without benefit of Eva. And that was how he felt now as he as he felt his body move faster, jump higher and hit harder than he could ever have imagined.

This Is Incredible! He thought as he leaped into the air to slash another Hollow across his mask. It's like one of Kensuke's video games! He thought as the Hollow vanished.

While Shinji was leaping around like a superhero battling the giant monsters, the academy students and their instructor were just staring at him in shock.

"Who... who is that?" academy student Momo Hinamori asked.

"I don't know. I don't recognize him." instructor Shuhei Hisage said.

"Whoever he is, he's incredible!" academy student Izuru Kira gasped.

Suddenly, a reddish Hollow about ten feet tall appeared behind them and attacked.

"AH!" Momo cried out.

Before the Hollow could attack, a sphere of energy flew in and blasted the Hollow to pieces. The girl gasped as a svelte figure landed in front of her.

A woman? Momo gasped as the woman turned around to face her.

"Are you injured?" Nemu asked.

"N-No." Momo said, staring at the beautiful Soul Reaper before her.

"That is good. Stay behind me until my captain has dispatched the rest of the Hollows." she said as she fired off another Kido-blast at another Hollow.

Shinji pushed himself harder and cut down the last of the Hollows, moving so fast everything around him seemed to stand still.

He landed on the ground next to Nemu and the twelve students who were still alive.

"Is everyone alright?" Shinji asked.

"Uh... yeah. But... who are you?" Shuhei asked the young Soul Reaper.

"I'm Shinji. You've already met Nemu." he said.

"Are you... a Captain?" Momo asked.

Shinji turned to the cute girl with the two buns in her hair. "Uh... you could say that."

Izuru and his friend, Renji Abari, just looked at each other in confusion. To them this guy seemed like a rookie, like them, but his power was incredible. He had defeated nearly a dozen giant Hollows by himself and he hadn't even broken a sweat. He didn't even look tired.

Who is this guy? They thought in unison.

"Nemu, can you open a portal back to Soul Society?" Shinji asked the young woman.

"Yes, Captain." Nemu said as she pulled the sword from her back.

Within seconds, the portal was opened and the 12 academy students were through it and back to Soul Society.

Nemu and Shinji lingered though.

"Shinji-sama?" Nemu asked.

"I don't want to go back, Nemu. If I do... I could be in big trouble." Shinji said.

"Do you wish to stay?"

Shinji paused and thought about that. "No. I don't know what the punishment for stealing the powers of a Soul Reaper is going to be, but... I can't run away from this. I don't want to go back, but... if I don't... no. I have to go back and face the consequences of what I've done."

"Understood, Captain. But you will not face them alone." she said.

"Nemu..." Shinji said with a pleasant smile.

"My purpose is to serve you, my captain. Whatever happens... I will stand with you."

For some reason, that made Shinji feel better.

The pair interlaced their fingers as they walked through the portal.


"I can't believe this!" Shinji groaned. "Will this paper work never end?" he asked as he stared at the stacks of paper before him on his desk.

"Another set of request papers have just arrived, Captain." Nemu said as she walked into the office.

"Let me guess: application requests to join the Fifth Company?"


Shinji looked at the woman. "Nemu, you don't have to say 'affirmative' all the time. You can be casual about it. Just say 'yes' or 'alright' or even 'sure'."

"Affir--yes, Shinji-sama." she corrected herself.

Shinji sighed as he shook his head. It had been three months since their rescue of the academy students from the Hollows and Shinji had slowly been able to break his dear lieutenant of her almost rigid mannerisms.

When the pair returned to Soul Society to face the consequences of their actions, they expected to be taken into custody, questioned, and even examined.

They were naturally shocked to find that not only were they welcomed back as heroes, they were credited with foiling not one, but two conspiracies. The first from Mayuri Kurotsuchi to steal spirit energy from other Soul Reapers, the second from Captain Aizen and Vice-Captain Gin Ichimaru for their attempted coups of Soul Society.

What was more, the person who revealed these plots to the 13 Guard Companies and the Council of 46, turned out to be none other than Yui Ikari.

Having come through a similar portal like Shinji had, Yui was somehow separated from Eva 01 but was only a weak ectoplasmic entity in the shape of her human self. In this weakened state however, she was only able to watch her son interact with Nemu and the others, until the crystal-bladed sword released two different energy waves that caused her to temporarily become solid and visible. Right after Shinji and Nemu had left to go to the living world, Yui picked up the sword and stabbed Mayuri in the chest, causing his Soul Reaper powers to be transferred to her. This made her whole and completely solid, but also made her a Captain-level Soul Reaper like her son.

She tied up the trio and quickly left to find someone who could help her.

She was fortunate that the first person she ran in to was Captain Retsu Unohana of the Fourth Division. Yui was able to convince Retsu of what had happened, and Retsu informed the Captain General of the First Division of the Guard Company's.

Once the other Captains had been assembled, they were naturally skeptical of Yui's claims that one of their own was trying to overthrow Soul Society. Mayuri had been easy to prove, as the crystal-bladed sword he had created bore his signature, but an investigation had to be conducted into Aizen's accusation. Yui was able to find it though, by locating the plans for the experimental Hollows that Gin Ichimaru was supposed to have destroyed.

With this evidence in hand, the other Captains immediately voted to replace Aizen and Mayuri with Yui Ikari and her son, Shinji.

They were able to do this since 1-both Aizen and Mayuri had completely lost their Soul Reaper powers, along with Gin Ichimaru, and 2-the report from Shuhei Hisage stated that both Shinji and Nemu had saved their lives from the Hollow attack.

Shinji literally became the youngest captain in Soul Society history, taking over as Captain of the Fifth Division, while his mother, who smothered the boy with hugs and kisses once he returned to Soul Society, became the new head of the Science and Research Division of Soul Society.

Shinji naturally chose Nemu as his lieutenant, who humbly accepted.

Their reputation spread like wildfire throughout the Seireitei, and even into the Rukongai.

Also, what nobody knew was that because of their actions, Aizen wasn't able to create any more new and powerful Hollows that would kill any other Soul Reapers in the future, such as Miyako Shiba, wife to Kaien Shiba, Vice Captain of the Thirteenth Division, which would have lead to his death as well at the hands of Rukia Kuchiki. Yui was also able to create a vaccine to save the life of Hisana, who was Rukia's older sister who had not seen her for years. This gained her the eternal thanks of Byakuya Kuchiki, Captain of the Sixth Division.


(AN: I know that when Rukia and Renji entered the academy together Hisana was already dead, but I couldn't help think how sad that was, so I decided to change that little detail to her simply being sick and bed-ridden)


Since then the Fifth Division had many academy students clamoring to be admitted to their ranks, which Shinji had crafted as a type of bodyguard unit.

And in that time, Shinji and Nemu had grown considerably closer.

"Is there anything else, Captain?" Nemu asked once the paperwork was completed.

"Actually, there is, Nemu. Rangiku and Isane came by while you were out. They wanted to know if you would join them for drinks later tonight." Shinji said as he dropped the last paper onto the stack.

Nemu bristled at this.

"They came to see you?" she asked.

"Actually, they came to see you." Shinji said. "I told them I'm mention it to you."

"I cannot go. I have work to complete." Nemu said.

Shinji narrowed his eyes. "Nemu, we just finished the paperwork and the new cadets got finished with their training hours ago. You should go out with the other Vice-Captains. Get to know them better."

"I... am not interested." she said.

"Why not? They're good people."

"I see little point in social interactions when I have responsibilities to my captain and my division."

"Social interaction isn't going to kill you, Nemu." he said, then paused when he realized something. "You... don't want to go out, do you?" Shinji suddenly said.

Nemu hung her head. "I do not."

Shinji smiled. "I'm proud of you, Nemu."

"Proud?" the woman asked.

"You made a decision on your own. You didn't need me to tell you what to do. You decided you didn't want to go, so you didn't. I'd call that progress."

Nemu smiled at her captain's praise. She then noticed how tired and exhausted he seemed.

"You have been working too hard these last few days, Captain." Nemu said.

"Yeah. The paper work is boring, and exhausting. I've had to attend a few special meetings with the other Captains. There's been the training to fully master my Bankai. The new recruits are overly eager to prove themselves against the Hollows, which just leads to more paperwork. And yesterday I had to help mom clear out the Twelfth Division of her perverted lunatic science officers. For a bunch of perverts they built some pretty deadly weapons."

He said as Nemu came over and wrapped her arms around him from behind.

"Nemu what are you doing?"

"Comforting my captain." she said.

"Nemu, you don't have to..."

"My purpose is to serve my Captain, the person who activated me. That is you, Shinji-sama." she said as she trailed her hands down to gently rub his chest.

"That doesn't mean you're my... you don't have to do this."

"You once told me that I should make my own choices. And I choose... to comfort my master."

Shinji's face fell as he heard this. He did tell her that she could choose, but this seemed more in line with her programming of loyalty and service to the one who activated her. Still... it was nice that in her own way, she chose to be with him.

"You mean, instead of going out with the other Vice-Captains?"

"My master takes precedence over my social needs."

"Nemu, for the last time, I'm not your master. You are my friend, my partner, my lieutenant." he said. "You should have a life outside of the Fifth Division."

"I... don't want that life."

"You don't?" he asked, turning to face the beautiful young woman directly. "Why? Why would you sacrifice your own happiness, your own life just to stay and take care of me?"

Nemu stared Shinji directly into his deep blue eyes as her hand rose up to caress his cheek.

"Because... I... love you." she said in a quiet tone.

"You... what?" he gasped.

"I... love you, Shinji-kun." she said. "In the short time we have known each other, you have cared for and protected me. You have treated me as an equal and a friend. You have valued my opinions and made strides to see me grow as your lieutenant and as an individual." she said with a kind smile. "How can I not fall in love with a man who puts the well-being of myself before his own?" she said

Shinji felt his own cheeks glow as the beautiful woman leaned in and slowly closed her eyes.

His own actions seemed to mimic her own, feeling both a physical and emotional attraction to the woman he regarded as more than a friend and lieutenant. As their lips met, Shinji reflected on how perfect this woman was.

Her soft green eyes he could get lost in forever. Her long silk-like hair that was like a waterfall he could spend hours running his fingers through. Her skin was as soft and flawless as that of a newborn baby. Her body as sexy as any he had ever seen. And her heart, her soul, pure and untainted despite her origins.

Their lips moved away from each other as they stared into each others eyes.

"I've wanted this for so long, Nemu-chan." he said in a whisper to her. "To be with someone who could love me.. as I love them."

Nemu smiled as she moved from behind Shinji and pulled him up to his feet.

"You need your sleep, captain." she said. "I will ensure that you are not disturbed."

"How are you going to do that?" he asked as she lead him back to his room.

"I will stay with you the entire night." she smiled.

Shinji slept soundly that night, curled up in bed with Nemu as his pillow. The lovely lieutenant gently stroking his hair as he slept.

Outside his room, a certain Twelfth Division captain smiled.

I wonder how many grandchildren they'll give me? Yui wondered before walking back towards her own Division.


Shinji and Nemu were married a short time later, much to the disappointment of many a female Soul Reaper, including some of the other lieutenants. With Yui's help Nemu was able to give the Twelfth Division Captain nearly a half-dozen grandchildren, who all eventually transferred to other divisions instead of their father's.

Nemu remained by Shinji's side for the rest of her life, loving and caring for him as more than a wife and lieutenant. Shinji remained one of the Soul Society's most powerful captains for more than a millennium, eventually retiring and passing on his title to his youngest son, named Kaworu.

He was remembered for many great accomplishments, including the brokering of a peace between Soul Society and the Quincy Archers.


Author's Notes:

Hope everyone liked this newest story I've been working to complete and upload as soon as I could. It involves one of the, in my opinion, sexiest and most abused characters in the Bleach world, Nemu Kurotsuchi.

And yes, anyone who reads this story may realize that what happened in this story takes place several decades before the start of the original Bleach storyline. I figured it was the best way to do this story, sort of have Nemu and Shinji get together right from the start and save Nemu from being abused by Mayuri at all. Teleporting Shinji and his mother into the 'past' so to speak, seemed like the best way to do it.

Next Story: Shinji becomes the 'pet' of Yachiru Kusajishi, and helps to save Rukia's life from execution. (Will probably be done mostly for humor, not romance)