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Invisible Walls

Chapter 4 - Finding the Door

Grumbling to herself, Thirteen stared at the crossword puzzle in her hand. She had answered only two puzzle answers and was surprised to realize what she had written. The words 'Lisa' and 'Cuddle' stared back at her, taunting her with the obvious implication. Several moments passed before she finally stood and chucked the whole paper into the garbage can. It'd been a week since she and Cuddy had collided in the corridor. It'd also been a week since she had seen Lisa Cuddy. The doctor had taken a short sabbatical from work the day after their collision. It was a Jewish holiday, Thirteen couldn't remember which one but it had been almost a full week since she'd been gone. She suspected the Dean of Medicine would be back the following day but Thirteen knew she couldn't wait that long, not anymore. The stress was enough to kill a person. Now that, in a way, Cuddy had shown her mutual interest in her, Thirteen could not stand being unable to profess her own interest in the older woman. However, the thorn in her side had just blocked her escape route and leaned heavily on his cane, watching her calmly.

"Where are you off too?" House asked.

"To the bathroom." Thirteen lied, meeting his suspicious eyes.

"You're lying."

"So what if I am?"


"No, what? Now I need your permission to use the bathroom. That's a new low, even for you."

"Cuddy's not home yet. She went to her parents' home for the holidays."

"What makes you think even think I would cross such a line like that? You haven't overdosed on the Vicoden, have you?" She tried to make a joke to distract the moment, but it was obvious House would never bite a fish like that.

House approached Thirteen slowly, stopping short of her and poked her with his cane.

"Did you feel that?"


"Good, then that means you're not the one on something."

Thirteen flushed.

"I suggest you wait until tonight before running over to her place like a love-starved loser and making a fool of yourself." He didn't look at her when he said this and Thirteen was too shocked to register that small detail.

"Yeah, that's great, House. I really do have to go to the bathroom, so bye." Thirteen pushed past House before he could stop her again and made her long awaited exit from the doctor's lounge.

She was too prideful to admit to House the truth. Yet, as always, he seemed to hit the nail on the head. If she didn't think he was truly brilliant, she may have hated him.


Indeed, standing in front of Cuddy's door at exactly 9:30 that night, Thirteen felt like a love-starved loser and she hated that House had pointed that out earlier in the day. Still, she felt like this was something she had to do if she ever wanted any ease of mind. Even if Cuddy utterly rejected her within the next few moments, Thirteen knew she could probably sleep better because at least she had finally tried. However, her heart hoped greatly that she wouldn't be rejected. Sure, she'd sleep better for having aired her feelings, but her heart would be beyond fixing. Hesitantly, Thirteen built up the courage and knocked on Cuddy's door, fear gurgling up in her throat. Footsteps approached the door and Thirteen almost turned and ran. Cuddy wasn't the only surprised one as Thirteen inhaled sharply at the sight of the older woman.

"Dr. Hadley, what a surprise." Cuddy said, once the shock had past. "What brings you here so late?"

"Uh, I wanted to make sure you were okay." Thirteen said, mentally kicking herself.

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"You haven't been to work in a week." Again, mental kicking as she realized what she'd just said. "I mean, I know it was a holiday for you, and I just wanted to know if everything was fine. That's all..." She finished lamely.

Cuddy's brow furrowed for a second, before she smiled shyly at the younger woman. "Would you like to come in for a bit, Dr. Hadley?"

Biting at her bottom lip, Thirteen took a moment before answering 'yes' and entering Cuddy's domain. She took in the decor as she followed Cuddy, not to the living room but to the kitchen. It was large and cozy, a teapot was off to the side of the stove, smoke emanating from it.

"Would you like a cup of tea? I just made it."

"No. I'm fine."

Pouring herself a cup, Cuddy turned and leaned against the kitchen counter, stirring in sugar. "So what's really this about?"

Unable to meet Cuddy's cool gaze, Thirteen stared at the cup in her employer's hands. "I wanted to tell you something for a while now."

"Such as?" Cuddy set her cup down on the counter, feeling anxious.

Overwhelmed with all the emotions she'd been harboring for Cuddy, Thirteen finally met her eyes. "I love you!" She inadvertently blurted out, relief and anxiety filling her.

Eyes widening, Cuddy was completely taken back by the outburst. All along she thought she'd been the one in love with Thirteen. It seemed she had been completely incorrect. Here Thirteen stood before her, expressing the exact feeling she'd felt for her for awhile now. A smile caressed the curves of her mouth as she approached the nervous young woman. Surprised, Thirteen looked away from Cuddy as she saw her approach. Biting her lip, Thirteen hadn't been this nervous in years and she realized she couldn't meet Cuddy's gaze. Fingers against her face, forcing her to meet those suffocatingly beautiful brown eyes. Hunger washed over her and though she was still nervous, Thirteen couldn't take the pain of her desire any longer. She grasped Cuddy's hand, that was gently pressed against her cheek, and held it to her heart as she meshed her body against Cuddy's. The older woman didn't say a word, only looked back at the blue eyes that were a lit with fire. A shiver ran through her as she felt Thirteen's heartbeat. Though she wanted to say something, words failed her as Thirteen pressed her mouth against hers.

No protests as Thirteen's free hand snaked itself around Cuddy's waist, pulling them closer, trapping their hands between them. Cuddy wasn't just a captured prey though, her tongue fought it's way into Thirteen's mouth, exploring and reveling in its exploration. Her free hand first pressed against Thirteen's back, then grew bolder and slid down to her waist and played at the hem of her shirt. Surprised, Thirteen pulled away slightly, mostly for air, but also to study the older woman. Was it just spur of the moment desire? Sure, Thirteen had succumbed to that kinda of lust before, but she didn't want that to happen with Cuddy. She rarely ever saw the women she fell for in the spur of the moment, again.

"Are you serious?" She asked, her voice small despite her bravado.

Calmly, Cuddy nodded her head, but didn't answer aloud. She couldn't. Her words were lost in her own feelings for the younger doctor. The younger woman still looked unsure but she went ahead anyway, pushing Cuddy roughly against the wooden kitchen table. If things were going to progress further, she wanted to have as much fun as she could. Just in case. Her fingers worked nimbly over the buttons of her own shirt, kissing at Cuddy's lips and neck. When her buttons had given way, she shrugged the shirt off and grabbed at Cuddy's shirt, reluctantly pulling her lips away from the olive skin. Pulling the shirt off of the older woman, Thirteen took a moment to admire how perfect Cuddy's skin seemed beneath the shirt.

"Remy?" The dean of medicine said, waving a hand in front of Thirteen's face.

Blushing, she apologized and undid Cuddy's skirt, letting it drop to the floor as she freed the woman of her panties as well. Pushing Cuddy back, the older woman sat on the edge of the table, her legs pushed to either side of Thirteen, who pressed herself against Cuddy again. Kissing, Thirteen undid Cuddy's bra clasp and removed the final obstacle between her and absolutely nothing but Cuddy. Her desire so strong, she could feel the growing dampness between her own legs, close to coming just from feeling and seeing Cuddy naked. The older woman's fingers undid her bra and then pants, both items falling away as Thirteen trailed her way down Cuddy's neck and between the heaving of her breasts. She wanted the woman so badly that Thirteen wanted to touch her everywhere, anywhere, all at once. Even as she found herself kneeling before Cuddy's sex, her heart beat rapidly in mixed adrenaline and disbelief. Pausing, she looked up at Cuddy. The older woman was leaning back on the table, one arm propping her up so she could watch Thirteen in action. Her hair stuck to various places on her face and shoulders as she panted in desire and longing. This was the one moment Thirteen would always remember whenever she thought of Cuddy from that day on.

"You're so beautiful." Thirteen mumbled before latching hungrily to Cuddy's sex. Though she didn't think Cuddy had heard her, a light blush came over Cuddy's face. It had little to do with the pleasure Thirteen's tongue was afflicting on her.


The next morning found the two women, cuddled on the rug in the living room. A blanket that had been decoratively draped over the sofa was now covering them as they slept peacefully side by side. Cuddy stirred first, her inner clock telling her it was time to wake and getting ready for work. She looked over at Thirteen as she yawned and stretched a little and smiled. Gently, she brushed hair away from Thirteen's face, purposely drawing out the action. Since the beginning, she'd been interested in the young doctor, however, she remained professional, hiding her feelings. When news got around about Thirteen being bisexual, she had felt that maybe she had a shot but had no clue how to go about approaching the younger woman. Cuddy let her feelings go a little that day she had first brushed her fingers against Thirteen's face. However, she had panicked by being almost caught by House. The man had impeccable timing, she had to give him that. A moment could swing from calm to chaotic and vica versa when House was concerned.

Thirteen slowly awoke and lazily rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she remembered what had transpired the night before. A wide smiled greeted Cuddy as Thirteen happily realized that it seemed promising between them. Though she wanted to kiss Cuddy right away, morning breath kept her at bay.

"Does this mean that we're an item?" Thirteen asked, discreetly covering her mouth with her hand.

"I hope so, otherwise work might be a little awkward." Cuddy joked.

"So, how do we play this out during work then?" She was cautious, not wanting to get her hopes up if Cuddy wanted their relationship hush-hush at work.

"Do you think I care what other people think?"


Laughter. "Okay, you're right. Let's keep it between us for a little while then once we're comfortable, we'll get more into PDAs. How's that?"

"I'm already comfortable, are you really going to torture me like that?" Panic and anger arose in Thirteen. "Do you know how long I've wanted you? Liked you? Loved you? How long I hid my feelings? No. I can't keep pretending." Tears filled her eyes.

Surprised, Cuddy ran her hand through Thirteen's hair. "I'm sorry. I didn't know." Hugging the younger woman, Cuddy felt her bad for making the suggestion. When Thirteen had calmed down some, she kissed Thirteen on the cheek. "You know what? Screw them. If we want to be affectionate in front the others at work, then we'll be affectionate."


Cuddy hesitated. "I guess it'll take some getting use to on my part, at least at first. You know, this is all new to me."

"Being in love?" Though she was teasing, Thirteen was also serious.

For a long moment, Cuddy said nothing, simply taking in the beauty of Thirteen's face. "Yes, I've been in love. Maybe it didn't last long, but the love was there. I meant that I've never been in love with a woman."

"I guess being bi means I don't comprehend the difference. Man, woman... Why does it matter? It's love isn't it? Just because not everyone agrees with it doesn't mean that only they know something we don't. Love is all the same." Thirteen said, her hand tracing the contour of Cuddy's face, coming to rest on the nape of her neck.

Blushing, Cuddy stared silently at Thirteen as she realized the wisdom in her words. "You're absolutely correct, Remy." A smile. "One thing though, about House..."

To Be Continued ;)