Princess Sally Acorn held up her hand.

Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles 'Tails' Prower were floating amid the heat and wind. They were in complete shock to find themselves under the whims of the Acorn princess. She watched them with calculating eyes.

"I never should have been mad at him!" Tails professed. "It was you!"

"Sally!" Sonic cried. "What are you doing? Let us go!"

Sally turned her head, tightening her Control around Tails' body. The fox struggled to maintain his will against hers especially with the two of them in their weakened state.

"Sally!" Sonic screamed.

Tails stopped writhing, meaning he would last moments longer.

Sally turned her head back to the pair and released a sigh.

"I forget sometimes how smart a kid you are." Sally stated.

Tails didn't buy the compliment. "Why am I only half right? What's the full truth?"

"The truth is not how you perceive it, Tails." Sally shook her head. The wind and fire died down as Sally started to walk between them. Sonic and Tails eyed her as she passed through their helpless floating bodies. She started progressing down the city-like streets. They were near the heart of Megaopolis but making their way to the city limits and eventual countryside.

"Project: Endgame was not my doing, first off." Sally stated.

"Sally what are you doing?" Sonic questioned.

She ignored him, not even glancing at him. "I was the victim in the ordeal suffering a coma and the blunt of a conspiracy. Even Sonic hadn't come out unscathed. When I awoke I saw what happened when the trust of Knothole was corrupted."

"Corrupted?!" Tails spat. "You wanna talk corruption now?!"

"Knothole suffered a major blow especially with our best knight in duress. So I did what I did best and took the blunt of responsibility in the wake of my father's passing. Knothole needed a ray of hope and with Sonic indisposed who could I turn to. The wolf pack tribe had failed us, even though they were working for Geoffrey St. John. That's when you found the emerald Tails and it set off a chain of events that would shape our future."

Miles didn't move.

Sonic knew he was being purposely handled while Sally kept her attention on the fox.

"Is there anyone you won't use for your little game?"

Sally Controlled them out of the skyscrapers of Megaopolis into the industrial part of Megaopolis. The buildings were lower and wider but produced the majority of pollution. The smog here was thick and the smell completely atrocious. She predestined a course for the city limits while holding the two heroes in custody.

"Still, Sonic couldn't bring himself from out of a coma simply because he needed the presence of mind to engage the emeralds. Dr. Quack explained his comatose state to me like a loosened rubber band. No tension means slow activity, inability to be coherent, and overall reduced cerebral activity. However, if we pull on the tension it becomes taught, strengthened, active."

"What happens when the tension snaps?" Tails asked.

"Luckily we never found out."

"You played lab rat with me?" asked Sonic

"We put Sonic deeper into a coma, hoping it would spring him out of it."

"Or make him a vegetable!"

"Sally how could you do that?" Sonic questioned. "You risked me for everything."

"Isn't that what you do on the battlefield, risking yourself for Mobius?"

"That isn't the same!" Sonic erupted.

"I knew the consequences I faced when I started this little endeavor. Nicole and I came up with the plan to better protect ourselves using the Chaos Emeralds. The EIA was birthed around the time we recruited Shadow and Rouge. Knowing they were some of the more combatable wavelengths of Chaos Energy besides our own they happily joined, at least that's what we told everyone."

Sonic and Tails looked at each other.

"The EIA was not doing well among the chatter of the people. They didn't like the fact that there were going to be gods among Mobians. Granting that much power to a single person could corrupt them. It took convincing and stuffing ballots to get the proposition to go my way but we needed the people on our side, the side of the crown. In the time the EIA was nearing completion we hired Rouge from G.U.N. to find a suitable candidate to infiltrate and destroy Knothole, that candidate was Shadow. Little did we know he was that over-imbued with his own Chaotic Energy, he quickly overpowered our newest top soldiers and destroyed Knothole."

"You... Hired... Him?" Tails seethed. "You allowed the greatest threat to our village to walk all over us!"

"When you see the end result you'll thank me." Sally appeased Tails with a lightning shock.

"Who are you Sally?" asked Sonic.

"Geoffrey St. John managed to make a good enough argument to get into my good graces. I allowed him to be King in the midst of his own deception. He was fighting his own secret war with Snively at the time and actually managed to keep the villagers alive. Still, our home was destroyed in the expansion of Robotropolis and we ended up moving. New Mobotropolis was built with Nicole as moderator of the city. She and I created a better view to protect our people."

Sally turned her attention to Sonic.

"It was around that time the tension was beginning to snap. Either his mind would be lost or he would emerge and luckily, Sonic did. This presented a problem. After years of coming through for us Tails was itching to be the new Hero of Knothole. There was insurmountable trust in him through all things and yet Sonic the legend had awakened."

"So you put us into a situation where you knew someone would come out on top." Sonic shook his head.

"Knowing the way Tails felt about you at the time spurred on an eventual conflict. Sonic returned, the leader of a failed mission, while Geoffrey St. John conjured up his plan. Needless to say I didn't have anything to do with that plot but it was well-conceived. Naturally we stopped him but all wasn't well. Nicole had been shut down and our government in shambles. We revised a council which figuratively spread the power. Hamlin, as adept as he was, only scratched the surface. By the time we retrieved my brother and defeated the Moebians we were back on course. Elias was to be king while I could influence my team even better. True, Robotnik returned and had us all in a pinch and I feared you would have figured things out from then."

"Metal Sonic... He abused you and yet you still stood..."

"I thought my biggest secret would have spilled. I thought you would have figured it out when we had our kids. But in-depth thought was never really your forte."

"And playin' puppeteer is yours?"

"No puppets, just politics." Sally scoffed. "Robotnik occupied most of my planning; so much I couldn't figure out how to get what I wanted. Such a grandiose scheme required the majority of my intellect until I finally saw an opportunity. The Ultimate Annihilator."

Sonic exhaled. That fearsome machine won't stay dead. "What about it?"

"Essentially Robotnik has the right idea; don't get me wrong, slavery and robotization are some of the sickest things ever designed but what if we encouraged freedom instead. A world where everyone is free and all can live in peace and security. A paradise for all life on Mobius!"

"But you intend to force it with the Ultimate Annihilator." Tails gnashed.

"No one's going to get hurt, but conversely they'll know just who gave them their freedom. Knothole."

Sonic and Tails were stunned to the very core of their heart. Sally Acorn was never this way, she was loving, kind, smart, generous, witty, even flirty at times but never cold-hearted. Now they saw her in just the same light as Mammoth Mogul and even Robotnik.

"What about our kids Sally?" Sonic asked. "Did you plan parenthood with them?"

Sally smiled. "I admit when I saw you back on your feet again Sonic my heart melted again. I just had to have you again. In the end, we received two amazing children out of it and I love them dearly. And they will love encouraging freedom all across the world."

"The legacy lives on." Tails spat.

"Sal, this is... This is wrong." Sonic saddened.

"Isn't this what we've been fighting for?" asked Sally. "We swore, the three of us, ages ago to put away the injustices of the Robotnik Regime and institute freedom all across Mobius. Now that we've succeeded in the first part what keeps us from attaining the last piece? I'm posing these questions to make you remember just who the Freedom Fighters are."

"Every move, every villain, every ally you orchestrated to match your needs." Tails spat. "What makes you think we'll trust you ever again? I pose this question to make you see."

"I've already sighted our goal, in fact Nicole is nearly finished."

"The conversation on the satellite..." Sonic kicked himself. "I should have known."

The three had progressed to their destination.

The city limits of Megaopolis looked small on the horizon as the smog lifted just enough to give view. They passed through a clearing of gravel before approaching a collection trees. Coincidently, Tails had survived in this same encampment. Blaze and Silver had come here to stop the so-called trigger.

"You take me here, of all places." Tails turned away.

Sally looked at Tails almost begging for an explanation.

Sonic was too mixed with emotion to give response.

"This is where I hid after I... I made the mistake of trying to kill Sonic. Those two from the future, Blaze and Silver, got to me and eliminated my power. They told me I was the trigger to their horrible future."

Sonic met eyes with Tails.

"They told us in their history that we lost most of our friends in the fight including Sally here." Sonic turned back to his former fiancé. "If you died then we would never have known the truth. Nicole would never seize the Ultimate Annihilator and we wouldn't be in Control right now. Blaze and Silver closed one can of words for a whole container."

"Don't equate me with that!" Sally furrowed.

"I don't care! I'd rather have Robotnik around for a thousand lifetimes than you betraying us, Sal. How could you do this? Don't you know the things we been through? Don't you know we suffered together? Loved together? I risked everything for you! I would have died for you! Now look how this ends, your hand on the literal trigger about to force the world into constant smiles and please and thank you's."

"We're going to shape the world in freedom!" Sally exclaimed.

"You're going to enslave them in freedom!" Sonic yelled.

The Control shattered.

Sonic and Tails plummeted to the ground. Sally backed up in haste.

She cursed."Not yet."

Tails sprang forward and tackled Sally to the ground. The princess writhed and then electricity flashed from her body, throwing Tails off.

"So this is what you were going to tell me, before all this happened, before Robotnik dropped war on Knothole?"

Sally nodded. Sonic walked over and helped Tails up. He looked bad, the injuries of the clash of the supers left the both of them in tatters. Sally managed to be perfectly able through it to come out on top. Her strategy was unrivaled now.

"If you had told me then," Sonic shook his head. "I probably would have been your fool time and again. But you used us, you put me and my brother at war, you forced us to take out your competition, then you intend to throw us out like garbage."

"I'm letting you exercise your right for freedom." Sally stared at them. "Of course, it's not the right move but I will entertain your thoughts but this is the direction I'm taking things."

"Sally if you go down this way, then I can't follow you." Sonic sighed.

Sally shook her head. "I knew you were going to say that."

"We need to stop her." Tails said to Sonic.

"I can't." Sonic held back tears.

"Sonic listen to me." Tails grabbed him by the shoulder. "It's either the world or her. You have to choose. You can't hate me for what I'm claiming stake in."

Tails released himself from the crutch Sonic provided and hobbled on his own two legs. He stepped before Sally and slowly got into his fighting stance. Sally turned sideways and crouched a bit holding arms in a locked position. She was fairly skilled in some combat but nothing comparable to the other ladies in the camp. Tails took flight quickly and scrambled for the princess. Sally struck a strand of lightning at Tails who expertly dodged. He closed in on her and stopped his propellers to tail whip Sally. The princess bounced across the gravel and slid to a stop slamming her hands into the loosened rocks. Crystal formed into a hexagon pattern cage containing Miles Prower. Sally shot lightning out again, holding from her fingertips as the crystal radiated the electricity into its interior.

Sonic watched in disbelief and horror as his future wife tortured his best friend on the battlefield. His eyes couldn't believe it, his heart couldn't take it. His woman had become deceptive in order to attain the thing they all valued most. He wasn't sure if this turmoil would pass or not, but as he watched her cry amid the continuation he made his decision. The world was full of millions of Mobians, all of them unique and special in their own way. He had laid his life on the line several times to save the nameless faces from all over. He felt joy when the job was done and proud to be called hero.

But there was only one Sally Acorn.

She slammed Tails' cage to the ground as fire sprouted around it cooking him and electrocuting him simultaneously. Tails hollered in clear pain, Wishing he had the strength and energy to even think of escaping. He knew he would always go down fighting but never knew if it was going to be a friend.

"Enough." Sonic calmly stated.

Instantly, the fire died and the electricity stopped.

"I'm going to save you Sal." Sonic announced.

Sally smirked and shook her head. "I don't need you to save me Sonic." She wiped the tears from her face and lifted her hands again. "Now don't come any closer."

"You don't mean that."

"Yes I do."

"Then why are you crying?"

Sally paused. "I didn't think it would be like this."

"You still have a chance to be saved. Just let Tails go, and we can go home."

"You don't take me seriously!" Sally unlatched her Lynx device.


"Nicole, target Megaopolis and fire."

Sonic darted off toward Sally. He rushed with all his might and anguish trying to stop the cannon launch. Sonic slammed into a crystal exterior and bounced onto the ground. Sally waved a hand over him as crystal enclosed over him. He banged against the shell screaming at Sally who couldn't hear him through two shells. Sally pointed to the sky as a pinnacle of light shined in the sky. Sonic pressed his hands against the glass as he shook his head in fury. His pain was easy to read since he did not want this machine to fire ever again let alone be rebuilt.

There was a blue and white light anchored where the stars should be in a small rotation. Then a small point started jutting out from the black. It moved slowly, as if being traced across the sky. The point was solid white with blue after effects leaving the surrounding area in green lowlight. The spectral colors were beautiful as if a comet was soaring among an aurora borealis. That sensation changed once the light broke the atmosphere. The heat and pressure changed the color of the laser as it sped up in Mobius' upper layers. The brilliant white was there but with seedy purple and ominous magenta scattered within. The laser traveled as light did and enveloped Megaopolis. The illumination was blinding, covering over everything in white. Sound went mute and all other senses shut down just to accumulate for the optical overload. Light decomposed the solid into nothing. They watched as blocks of material and matter all disintegrated into photons. The air was getting thinner and moisture was no longer in the area. Not only did it eradicate matter but also the life-giving properties of Mobius. Sound returned in stages, with rumbles occurring as loud as ten-thousand lion's roars. Tails wished he didn't have to relive this again, this is the second occurrence where he'd seen this foreboding weapon of mass destruction. Each time it embedded itself deeper into his core. He was pained by it and it always reminded him of the pain and suffering leading up to this moment. Tails could not watch anymore, he didn't want to watch anymore, the presence of this weapon only brought him pain. Sally saw pain as well. The pain of slavery and maltreatment being lifted from each and every soul on the planet. Freedom would be restored soon and all would know who granted it back to them. All along, she and her team knew it would be a long road to get here and without her action they'd probably still be lost. In the end, they would thank her but for now all she could do was stare; and that's exactly what Sonic did. Having experienced this on the inside prior, he was like a picture this time - holding still and surprised that she could do such a thing. He held onto a single thought, watching the destruction and calamity progress before home. He could only think of one constant name: Robotnik.

The laser subsided.

Exiting as quickly as it entered.

The silence was unrecognizable at first and the sight along with it. Where there once was Megaopolis now harbored a gash on Mobius' surface. Where there once was a smudge of smog and pollution now held sinkhole measuring over hundreds of miles into Mobius' crust. Ocean was pouring into the trench as steam overflowed out of. There was a ring of fire hundreds of feet high around the entire desolation.

What if Robotnik had done this to Knothole?

Dust was everywhere, and the fires were dying down as quickly as they had started. There was a huge dome around the three of their individual spheres just as a contingency. Tails opened his eyes, hoping what he saw was a dream or a vivid memory but it wasn't. Reality had struck yet again for the young fox. Sonic shook his head and punch the crystal, which cracked substantially. More cracks appeared around his enclosure and then in all the others.

The Crystal shattered.

The hardened gem-like walls all came tumbling down in shards. Tails was free from his prison but his body wasn't reactive. Sonic stood up and ran to Tails. His torture left him scarred and bruised. Had Sally really been this ruthless?

"Nicole, target Robotropolis and fire!" Sally stated.

Sonic blinked over to Sally and slammed her to the ground. Her handheld clattered to the gravel as Sonic diverted his attention. Sally pushed Sonic off her and watched him sail. The Kinetic energy forced out was enough to delay Sonic from getting back in time. Sally raced for the device and dove before Sonic scooped it up. The blue hedgehog snapped the technology in two and tossed the pieces in opposite directions.

"I don't know what went wrong with you Sal, but this is as far as my sympathy can go. I'm gonna have to declare you an enemy of the state."

"I am the state, Sonic Hedgehog!"

"Then I have no choice." Sonic blasted off as wind repelled from Sally. Fierce hurricane-like winds expelled from the princess. Sonic still maintained his speed as the winds nearly launched him. His aerodynamic body could withstand the gales produced. Sally put more ferocity into her attack when it ceased.

The Wind shattered.

Sonic slammed into Sally when kinetic energy threw him back with the same force. Sonic bounced onto the gravel away from Sally. The princess turned to run when a flash of light enveloped the area yet again. The majority of the light came from the west where Robotropolis and its headquarters were stationed. Wind and trembling threw the three of them back into the woods. There was a screech this time, which they did not hear the first time. The sky turned red in the presence of the pink laser. Clouds scattered and the wind was hurricane like even from across the ocean. Suddenly the cannon stopped, the firing sequence completed and Nicole would await orders from her master.

The Kinetics shattered.

Sally, trying to shield herself from being thrown into trees, used up her force to divert around the obstacles. The three of them awoke in a small clearing where a ring of charred brush laid. Tails struggled to get up but he got to his feet. His body ached with burns and bruises all over. Sonic urged himself to stand amid his restless and weakened state. Sally was last trying to figure a way to convince these two to see her path.

"What's the next target, Sal?" Tails asked. "West Side Island, South Island, Downunda?"

"What do you care? You only see things your way." Sally sighed.

"We fought for Freedom from Robotnik." Sonic stated. "And nothing else."

"And I'm trying to ensure the freedom we secured." Sally explained. "I don't want to have to deal with another grand scheme from Mammoth Mogul, or the Destructix, and even the off chance of dealing with some of Angel Islands adversaries. I see a better view of the future when I have control of it."

"Then is it really freedom, Sal?" asked Sonic, approaching cautiously.

She paused. "Yes. If only you could see things my way!"

Sally sprang up as fire emblazoned in rings from around her. As quickly as the fire built upon itself it died down. Sally collapsed to the ground with pain coursing through her body. The Fire subsequently shattered and so did Sally.

Sally fell on her haunches looking drained as Sonic approached.

"What happened to you Sally? When did you start going this way?" Sonic stared through her.

"I knew she was going through stress but not like this." Tails added. "It takes a strong a kind of person to deal with Robotnik, Sonic. I never knew just exactly how demented he could make people. He used his insanity to influence the instability of our world for his. From Geoffrey St. John, to me, to Sally, all of us in the right places to turn you aside. I realize that now. I'm sorry, brother."

Sonic kept his focus on Sally. "I'm sorry too brother.

"I also want to thank you." Tails added. "Because without you imagine where we would be. I understand why you played the hero now. It wasn't for glory or for self-indulgence, not at all, you were the hero to remind everyone that we were pure. I'd like to wish you never had that coma in the beginning just to see if we would follow the same path. I'm going to trust you again Sonic, my brother."

Sonic turned from Sally with a troubled smile and hugged Miles Prower. The two were bonded together yet again. The respect they had for each other would become boundless at this point. Then Sonic turned back to Sally.

"It's good to see you're friends again..." She said weakly.

"I don't think we can trust you again Sal." Sonic said, damming his tears. "You went... You went way too far. And no one is above the law."

Sally closed her eyes. "So you're going to rob me of my freedom? After Robotnik gets to travel abroad through time seeing the wonders of the future?"

"He still rots in a cell!" Tails spat.

"I see how this goes. Perhaps my ideas won't go over well in my lifetime but when Silver and Blaze return with another catastrophe we three will look back on this moment and wonder what could have been." Sally explained. "Freedom will never reach the expanse of Mobius without guidance, and I want to be the one for that."

"Then let's do it, Sal." Sonic appeased her.

Sally opened her eyes and gazed in Sonic's eyes.

"But without that weapon, without the force, without the singularity that is Sally Acorn. I love you to no end Sal, and there's nothing we both worked harder for than freedom, as I see you now, your straying from the path we set brick by brick. Alone you are strong, with Tails you're formidable, and with me, you're unbreakable. If we bond together then Freedom will never stop."

Tails nodded in approval, as Sally exhaled with tears rolling down.

"You still love me? Even through all this?" Sally quivered.

"You think I'd go back to Amy?" Sonic smirked.

Sally let out a chuckle. "Sonic, Tails, I need help."

"Don't worry, we'll be with you every step of the way." Tails folded his arms. "Insanity is a huge hump to climb."

Sally held up her hands. "No I meant help."

Sonic and Tails looked at each and then grabbed her hands, pulling her up to two legs. She was faintly shaking as Sonic took it upon himself and carried Sally in his arms.

"How do we explain this to Knothole?" Tails asked.

Sonic thought for a second. "The truth. We're going to keep home a nice clean place."

"I hope they won't be too harsh." Tails said without a brush of fear.

"Relax kid, we're bros again! The Freedom Fighters can spot that like cheese on a chili dog."

"I'm actually excited to go home. Back to Knothole." Tails confessed.

"No more living in fear. No more oppression. Just freedom." Sally smiled. "Right?"

Sonic nodded. "Got that right."

Tails nodded and Sally was still streaming tears from her eyes. Sonic stood among them both, tired and battered, but felt stronger than he ever felt. With security established between his fiancé and his brother the future looked brighter for the world of Mobius. Sonic, confidently smiling at his family, gathered what little energy he could and concentrated. He realized that through all of the bedlam in the past, the incoming future would be drab in comparison. Still, he knew he conquered the trials and managed to control the chaos in his life. He was proud to weather this massive storm and look forward to serenity that follows. Sonic felt the tingle of Chaos Energy and readied his squad for teleportation. The lime green energy followed and eventually the trio vanished among the wasteland that was Megaopolis.

The return to Knothole was a short ride.

Sonic, Tails, and Sally immediately saw the majority of the city back in rebuild mode - possibly for the last time. There was tons of scrap metal all heaped into piles outside of the city. The three of them had appeared at the city gates front entrance where Tails could lead the procession as a welcomed member back in the fold. Many workers were stunned to see the fox back in the gates after what had happened. With Sonic and Sally close by things became self-explanatory.

Nicole appeared shortly after they entered, bearing many questions to Sally's former plan. They would have to wait. Nicole escorted the three directly toward Castle Acorn where the other Freedom Fighters had gathered. King Elias was getting debriefed about the latest news in Robotropolis. Sonic and Sally lead Tails in through the front doors as Bunnie and Antoine wore concerned looks. At first they were troubled but as they read their faces they could tell a monumental change had occurred.

Bunnie ran to Tails and embraced him in a hug. Antoine followed with a salute and a hearty handshake. Tails humbly bowed before the King as Cream and Amy approached. Amy hugged him like an old friend as Cream gave him a small peck on the cheek. Mina, having seen what Cream did, decided to up the ante and gave Tails a flat-out kiss. Tails, cleared his throat, not sure of what to think, after being a revered criminal to upstanding citizen. Elias asked his questions and then the Freedom Fighters divulged. They told of the events occurring since Knothole had been invaded with the Doomsday Machine, the Ultimate Annihilator, and the appearance of time-traveling allies. Sonic, Tails, and Sally remained in the background for the most part - letting the others take the lead.

When it came time to tell of the final battle Sonic stepped up and told his side. How they snuck aboard the shuttle, invaded the satellite, and rigorously fended off Robotnik. The arrival on the surface was met with huge celebration from the Chaotix and the Freedom Fighters. Sonic informed them that after Robotnik was taken away Tails appeared and called out the Hero.

Sonic explained with a hand around the shoulders of the fox and laughed about it actually. When it got to the point of Sally's true intentions he paused for a moment. He explained that Sally came between the combatants to stop the fighting - which was partially true. He stated to tell the rest later when he wasn't so tired, which he fully intended, but for now the strain of relaying such burdensome news after victory would be a letdown. Sonic opted to close the book and no one spurred him on after that.

King Elias was elated, to say the least.

The crown had set out to do what it had intended and secure freedom for the world. A work started years ago had finally come to a close; and this time with no return of the dictator. A celebration was initiated from then, and by nightfall all of Knothole had known about it. The center for peace and freedom went into party mode, celebrating the ensured freedom for themselves and all round the globe. Mobius was truly released from the chains.

"What are you talking about?" Nicole asked.

"It's okay Nicole," Sally eased her friend, "They know. We're shutting it down. All our planning for the freedom of Mobius."

Sonic, Tails, and King Elias were in Nicole's main station in a facility not far from Castle Acorn. While the city goes into partying business still remained. King Elias had been informed of the cliffhanger he was left with earlier. He was of course, saddened to hear such a plot from his sister but as king he knew he had to keep forward.

"I see."

"As the proprietors of peace we have to maintain that freedom, alongside it, comes a choice. In imposed 'freedom', we would be forcing a hand instead of letting things happen. As Freedom Fighters we fight to keep freedom from injustice, and we won't be needed until the next injustice appears. It's just the way things are."

"I'm deleting all the files as we speak." Nicole informed.

"Even the backups?" asked Sally.

"Yes, even the backups."

"Good!" Sonic sprang up. "Can I go back to sleep now?"

"We should continue in the morning." Elias stated. "You three should get some rest."

"Goodnight, your majesty." Sally hugged her brother. "I'd like a moment alone with Nicole if you don't mind."

"I suppose it wouldn't hurt." Elias rubbed his chin. "I'll just be outside if you need me."

Sally nodded as King Elias proceeded up the steps. Sally turned to Nicole and slumped a bit.

"It is over?" Nicole asked.

"It really is." Sally replied.

"What about our plan?"

"Abandon it. I'm serious this time."

"Commencing deletion then. Did we sacrifice too much in the end?"

"No not at all. I just didn't rely on the sources we had. Freedom is about the choices we make. Robotnik chose to take people's freedom while we set them free again. Any more than that is veering too close to the danger line."

"The EIA needed more testing, like I suggested then."

Sally nodded. "Precisely. The fact that I had virtually no Chaos Energy didn't shield me from the chaos echoing on inside me."

"And I refuted against you having all seven coursing through you. The dangers were too eminent for someone like you to bear."

"Neurological and Chaotic elements aside, I still think I was the best candidate. Putting anyone else in that position would be a lot more guilt than I feel right now."

"Also your brain activity and regular heartbeat mean you've nearly reverted back to normal. The patterns of Chaos are a hard thing to bear from someone who's never had it. I still think it tremendous you held out this long."

"When I used the abilities is when I slipped further and further, unknowingly of course. It feels odd to be without them now."

"It is for the best. The secrets we kept are in open air, and now we can begin anew, reborn so to say."

"And the first thing I'm going to do is be a better role model for my children and a better love for Sonic."

"Speaking of your offspring, they have just arrived at your house from Rosie's care."

Sally smiled. "Then I better get going."

"Better tomorrow's Princess."

"Same to you Nicole." Sally headed upstairs past her eavesdropping brother and out into the open where Sonic waited for her.

"Everything cool?" He asked rubbing his eyes.

She kissed him on the cheek which gave him a spark of energy.

"So not cool then?" Sonic smirked.

Sally patted him on the butt. "C'mon Sonic Hedgehog, let's go home." She hopped into his arms and spurred him on.

"Oh no! You're on punishment my lady! You think hyper-liberation is a crime payable with a slap on the wrist?"

"Or fanny?"

Sonic shook his head. "Looks like your hoofin' it back to the ol' crib."

Sally kissed him again.

"Maybe we can start the punishment tomorrow..." Sonic caved as he sped off toward their abode.

"I thought so..."

"But fa'real, you're getting the book thrown at you."

"No way!"

"Yup! It's a literal book! They're gonna chuck it right at ya!"

The couple crosses Knothole in little time. The partygoers were all through the streets with music and dancing and food. The curse of Robotnik was lifted and the unofficial party was happening. Many people urged for Sonic and Sally to buy them a drink or make their special dishes but all these wanted to do was see their kids. The beacons of hope, joy, and love for the bride and groom. They came within view of their house and Sonic moseyed down from the pleasure cruise they spent. Sally hopped out of Sonic's arms and ran to the porch where Rosie stood smiling.

"Mommy!" Manic and Sonia screamed.

"My babies." Sally gently stated while hugging them closely. Sonic eagerly snatched his kids from their mother and shook them with joy.

"What's up you guys? You know I missed you right?"

"Who did you miss the most?" Asked Sonia.

"It was me wasn't it?"


"Thanks again Rosie. What happened to your arm?" Asked Sally.

The caretaker had taken on a nasty burn on her right arm.

"I'll tell you what happened." Rosie started in he sweet gentle voice. "That little pissant, tried to set me whole manor ablaze! I had to put it out with my favorite shawl! Burned my hand in the process but I'll get my comeuppance in the bill this month! Ta Ta!"

Rosie ambled away headed to the launch base to return to her manor in the forest. Sonic and Sally gave each other a look and then down to Manic who was all guilty.

"I didn't mean to." He stated innocently.

"Daddy, in his defense, the fire just came out of nowhere! Honest!"

"Yeah right..." Sonic rolled his eyes.

"It's true Sonic!" Manic sped in front of his dad and turned for the yard. "Look!"

Manic charged up a spin dash and blasted across the lawn kicking up trail of fire in his wake. Sonic was wide-eyed at the event as Sally stared at her son.

The traits of the EIA users had burrowed down to the genetic code. Children of the program will be blessed and cursed from the actions of their predecessors.

The two paused and looked at their son.



"I didn't have Fire Power, did I?"


"We'll then, this is your fault."

And so it ends.

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