I sighed for the 5th time in the last minute out of frustration. I was exhausted, annoyed and hungry. 3 horrible combinations when it comes to me, nut we couldn't stop Flyboys would catch up with us if we didn't make up enough ground.

No they won't Max they've gone back to Itex

Oh right and I'm going to believe you why? I sneered in my mind.

Have I let you down before?

Do you really want me to answer that I growled back.

'Max we need to land,' Fangs voice said as he flew down next to me. 'It's getting late and the flocks getting tired.'


Fang cut me off with a 'Don't – argue – with – me' look.

Max there is a place coming up Forks, in Washington, There is an abandoned house in the forest, stop there.

'Okay guys, were stopping here for the night,' I called out to everyone and was rewarded with cheers and Hi -5's all round. I rolled my eyes and stared down looking for the house.

'Where exactly is here,' Gazzy said staring at the endless amount of trees under us.

'The voice said it was Forks,' I shrugged. 'God only knows that a place like that existed.'

I spotted a house between the trees and hoped it was the one the voice meant.

It is. The voice said answering my unspoken question.

'Okay guys land at that house, its empty and from the looks of it isolated.'

As we landed gracefully on the ground, well as gracefully as you can when you in lack of food and exhausted. Fang silently appeared next to me studying the mansion in front of us.

'Can we go in Max, its so big and pretty, I cant wait to pick out my room, can we stay here for longer, I really like it here, it is quiet and peaceful and we can live in here and-'

Iggy slapped his over Nudges mouth preventing her from talking 'Calm down Nudge,' he said, 'if I let your mouth go promise not to talk.'

She blushed and nodded silently as Iggy let go.

'Okay guys Fang and I will check it out first, we'll call you if its clear,' I said and advanced towards the house Fang following.

Nudge was right inside was way more amazing then outside, it was HUGE! There was a grand stair case that spiralled up and it was fully furnished and everything.

'Holy crap,' I muttered in awe.

'Max, maybe Nudge is right we could really settle down here,' Fangs soft voice said next to me. When I looked over I saw he was silently watching me, studying me to see my reaction.

'Fang you no we can't, they'll find us they always do,' I said just as softly.

'Max have you ever thought that maybe they won't, I mean who would look here of all places for us? We can live a life; it might not be for a long time but at least for a while. Think of the kids, Angel and Gazzy deserve to be with kids there age.'

I stared numbly at the corner of the hallway not letting Fang see the emotions in my eyes.

He is right Max settle down, relax. They won't find you if you lay low.

What is this, I thought sourly, team up on Max day. I looked back over to find Fang had gone back outside to get the flock to tell them it was safe.

Nudge practically bounded into the room and bolted up the stairs never stopping her constant chatter all the way up. Angel was hot on her heels with Total but stopped to give me a hug 'I will be okay Max we'll be fine here.'

I smiled at her and nodded letting her chase after Nudge up stairs. Gazzy and Iggy were checking out the kitchen cupboards for any traces of food and Fang was no where to be seen.

'There is no food!' Iggy said annoyed. 'I'm starving!'

'Max and I will go get some,' a sudden voice next to me made me jump and spin around. I glared at Fang who smirked at me in reply. His eyes told me that he wanted to continue our conversation from before in private.

I grudgingly agreed and told Iggy he was in charge. I ran out the door and jumped into the air snapping out my wings, it was now dark and over cast, rain threatening to come any minute.

'Max…'Fang begun but I cut him off.

'I know what you're going to say Fang and I still don't know. Last time we talked about this you left so please drop it.'

'No Max I'm not going to drop it and I'm defiantly not going to leave again. Max think about it would you please, do you really want to keep running so what if Itex is back if we took them before we can do it again but right now we need a break,' Fang swooped under me and tuned around to face me so he could look me in the eye. 'Come on Max how bad could it be.'

I stared at him for a moment then looked away. 'I-I don't know what if this doesn't work out Fang.'

'And what if it does Max, we will never know until we try.'

He was right, dam it why is he always right!! Angel, Gazzy, Iggy, Nudge hell even Total will be overjoyed to stay here. We did have a house and it is isolated but what if this goes all wrong and we get caught.

Like Fang said Max you will never know until you try, the voice repeated.

I groaned out loud and looked down at Fang. 'Fine you win we'll stay okay, but if anything happens I'm holding you personal responsible.'

He smiled a heart melting smile at me and swooped back up so he was next to me.

'I liked it better when you were the silent emo guy,' I muttered darkly to him as I spotted a small Wal-Mart in what appeared to be there town.

'I'm not emo,' Fang grumbled and we both stated to descend swiftly as rain began to spit down.

'You could have fooled me,' I retorted and gave him an innocent smile, he just glared at me causing me to smile wider.