You know, I never would have thought, that by coming to Forks, everything in my life would fall into place. We made knew friends who saved our ass on more then one occasion, we have become tighter as a family and we are finally done with the school. The Director is dead, meaning the Flyboys are gone and same with the evil scientists. I have finally worked out my feelings and Fang and I are as close as ever. Same with Nudge and Iggy.

The Werewolves and The Cullens are like our knew family, they are the first people we have learned to trust outside the flock besides my mother of course. Speaking of my mother we are actually going to visit her, telling her the good news about our freedom and all. So that brings me to the sad part, we have to leave The Cullens and everyone to do so. I'm not the one who cries at every chance I get but at Funerals or while saying good bye to people I care about I tend to leak a few of those tears.

'See ya Max,' Alice said and hugging me tightly. 'I might not be able to see you in my visions but I know for a fact we will see each other again soon.'

'Hopefully on good terms,' I tried to joke as I held back tears.

'Yeah,' she laughed. 'Hopefully.'

Rosalie then wrapped me in a tight hug. 'You know Edward was right we are alike and for a weird bird girl I really like you, come back soon okay, you make things fun around here.'

I laughed shakily and nodded 'Will do.'

'Max,' Emmett boomed picking me up and flinging me over his shoulder. 'I'm going to miss your smart ass remarks, they make my day.'

I hit Emmett on the back repeatedly, hissing profanities under my breath. He laughed loudly and placed me back on the ground 'Keep safe, kid.'

Reneesme and Bella came next to say good bye and then Esme and Carlisle.

'You are welcomed when ever you want,' Esme reminded us. 'Never forget that.'

'We won't,' I promised. 'I mean how can we.'

She hugged me again and I went over to join my Flock. Nudge and Angel were crying and hugging still and I sniffed back as tears began to fall. I felt strong ams wrap around my waist and some one kiss my cheek. 'Max don't cry, we will be back soon, after we see your mum.'

'I know, I just... I hate good byes.'

'This isn't a good bye though Max, this is a I will see you again soon,' he murmured into my ear then kissed me quickly on the lips.

'You're right,' I sighed.

'Aren't I always?'

I hit him on the arm and gave another watery smile. 'No but this time you are, we will see them soon, because we love them and they are apart of our life now.'

He gave me his famous rare grin and nodded 'Yes they are family.'

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