Well hello everyone! It's been a while, hasn't it? We're not much in the fanfic world anymore but we do so appreciate all of you who read and like our fic! Some of you may have noticed that we've shut down our Livejournals which housed the majority of our fic. We're in the process of moving everything over to a single account on Archive of Our Own under a new name. We've got a few things up so far, including all of Princess for a Day which had been partially locked until now.

As we have time, we'll get all of our fic (Reborn, Avatar and One Piece all in one place) to that account and eventually we'll be getting rid of this account also. We'll probably end up also posting on AO3 some of our more casual fics that have never been posted just cause you guys are so awesome. Thanks for TEN YEARS of fanfic fun! Find us now at: