It had all been a stupid mistake. Too late now… Max thought, as she watched the little stick turn pink.

She had been in heat, the night it happened. So perhaps it wasn't entirely her fault. But it wasn't anyone else's either. Well, it was really. Max couldn't get herself pregnant. But he hadn't known she was back with Logan, or that she had been a virgin, and being an X5 himself, he had been as effected by her being in heat as she had. So as much as she wanted too, she couldn't blame anyone but herself and Maticore for deciding to spike their cocktails with cat DNA.

It had seemed like the perfect idea at the time, hiding out at his place while he was out all night. Only, all night had ended early. Damn him.

Max threw the stick across the bathroom, before sinking into a heap on the floor, tears running down her face.

It had been a few months since the mass of the population of transgenics had taken refuge in Terminal City. People had grown tired of standing at the fence yelling, and throwing rocks, but now there were guards and a proper barrier right around the small city, now its own independent country, for all intents and purposes, like an unofficial Lesotho, but in America. The guards were not only there to prevent the violence, before it got out of hand an innocent people got hurt, but also to prevent anyone leaving, and keep tabs on anyone entering, not that there were many.

It made live easier, though, because it convinced everyone that they were safe from the transgenic threat, which had mostly been in their heads, anyway. Some of the X5s, however, had found an old entrance to the sewer system, and used it to sneak in and out, in the intent of keeping tabs on the world outside and gathering food and other supplies. That was how Max had gotten the test in the first place.

The downside, at the moment, was that they lived in make-shift dorms, and so Max was sharing a room with two guys and three girls. Which wasn't exactly heat-friendly. Alec, on the other hand, had, being Alec, bagsed one of the small rooms early on, one too small to fit more than one person, two if they shared the bed. So, considering Alec had supposedly been out with Joshua and some of the other transgenic males playing black jack, and drinking, all night, his room had seemed like a safest place to wait out the worst night of the year.

"Logan!" Max pounded on the door of the room he shared with a couple of X3s, not caring who she was annoying or if he was still asleep.

"What's wrong?" Logan asked, appearing at the door, looking sleepy and ruffled.

"I don't know what I was thinking the other day. This just isn't going to work, I'm sorry Logan." Max blurted, and walked off before she had a chance to change her mind. Logan just stood there, in the doorway, feeling as if he had been hit with a truck.

Max didn't really know where she was going, she just needed to go. The world blurred around her, partially because of the tears that ran down her face and obscured her vision, as she walked down corridor after corridor. It felt like the kind of moment in movies when the violins would play a disjointed and sad melody in the background. It was a good analogy too, because it didn't feel real. It felt like a dream or like it was a movie Max was watching and it was all happening to someone else.

Time seemed so much like a surreal concept that Max didn't know how long she had been walking, and crying, before she tripped over a discarded ID card, and fell. The pain surged through her as she hit the ground, crying out in shock from suddenly feeling something.

"Max! Are you okay?" Alec's head suddenly appeared above her, as she lay on the ground, waiting for the world to stop spinning around her. There might have been a time when he would have acted like a dick and automatically said something mean, but he knew her well enough now to know when something was wrong. It also helped that over the last few months, Alec had grown to like her more than any other girl he knew.

"I fell over," Max explained, stating the obvious. Alec helped her up, picking her up and carrying her into his room. He put her down on the bed, before sitting down next to her.

"So what's wrong, Max?" Alec questioned, genuinely concerned. Max didn't look at him, not sure how to tell him the truth.

"Nothing. I'm fine." She said, settling for an easy lie that unfortunately did not fool Alec. He sat there quietly for awhile, his hand on hers, letting her calm down a little.

"If it was what happened that night, I'm so sorry." He said quietly, as they both admired the floor. Max realised he must have noticed the way she had acted like ice around him ever since their mistake. Then it was like someone had lit a fire near her, because she was melting, new tears flooding down her damp face.

"Alec," Max said, looking at him for the first time since they had sat down. "I'm pregnant."

It took a moment for the concept of Max pregnant with his child to sink in, like butter into hot toast. He moved so that he was kneeling in front of her, and took her hands in his.

"I love you," Alec told her, surprising even himself. "We can make this work, Maxie. You'll make a great mum." He lifted the hair from her face, looking her in the eye so that she knew he was serious. He kissed her, softly and gently, before lifting her shirt, slightly, and kissing her stomach, causing her to giggle a little, in spite herself.