No Air

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Chapter 1

It was eleven p.m at the Stark mansion and it was quite a busy day for Pepper Potts. Not to mention that Pepper only got three hours of sleep in the last two days, seven cups of coffee, a day and two Red Bulls (who were standing in Tony's fridge for over a month) and they needed to be drank. It was far from obvious that Virginia ″Pepper″ Potts was stressed and... tired. And it was only two weeks till Christmas. Tomorrow is going to be one day in hell. There were programmed two press conferences and five meetings. Any hard she tried to convince Tony to assist at one of the meetings, it was pointless. He would not come. He'll just stay in his workshop tinkering with his expensive toys.

″Miss Potts, what are you doing here this late?″

″I was coming down to tell you next day's schedule.″


″Mr. Stark you have two press conferences and five meetings to attend tomorrow. And I need your signature.″

″It's Tony, Pepper and no, I don't think I'll show up tomorrow.″

″You need to and no, I won't call you Tony because it's unprofessional for me to call you that way because you're my boss and all of that.″

″Have it your way but if you call me Mr. Stark one more time I'll fire you. Is that clear?″

His eyes finally met her gaze and he was looking strangely at her like he's never seen her before.

″Do you have plans on Christmas?″ He suddenly asked.

This is not going anywhere. Why is he making it really hard?


″Fine. I need you to come with me to Paris.″

″France, but sir it's Christmas and we have that party with your -″

″Cut the sir part and no. You'll come with me. I don't accept any negotiations.″

″May I ask you why are we going there? If there's no reason, I suppose that-″

″It's a party, Miss Potts. And I expect you to come with that dress again. I liked the fabric.″

He grinned like the devil when the last words left his mouth. Pepper looked obviously frustrated but with a man like Tony there was not that much to do.

″Oh, fine. But promise me one thing.″

″What is that thing dear?″

″You won't take me dancing again.″

″I won't. Wait. What did you say?″

″Not taking me to dance again. I really hated it last time.″

″No. I know you've enjoyed it as much as I did but you'll have to wait till then.″

″I didn't.″

She closed her eyes for a second, many memories of that benefit flying around her head right now.

″You should stay here, you look tired and it's better for the both of us.″

Both of us. What is he trying to say.

″Only tonight, Tony and please.″

″Please what?″

″Promise me you'll sleep too because you look tired as well.″

″It's a promise.″ He smiled and kissed her softly on her forehead.

″Goodnight, Mr. St-Tony.″

″Goodnight, love.″

Oh that's it. This is way to strange. What, what was he trying to prove. It wasn't working. She stood there and looked back at him. When she noticed he was staring back she cleared her throat and looked at the table avoiding his eyes.

″Is there anything else, Miss Potts?″


″Goodnight then. I-″

Tony stopped before he could tell the 'L' word but he noticed Pepper raising an eyebrow at him.

″'m going to take a shower.″


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