No Air

Chapter 11



"They found her." Rhodey told him.

Tony felt better but not entirely sure she was alright.

"Is she okay?"

"Truth is, Tony…" He heard Tony sniff.

"She's almost fine. Except she doesn't want to see you."

Tony covered his mouth with his left hand, trying to hold a big sob.


The next Tony arrived at the hospital, looking rather sheepish.

"I need to see her." He ordered to his friend.

Rhodey stopped him in his tracks.

"Listen, you better be careful and make-up with her before anything else will happen."

Tony smiled at him and straightened his tie.

He walked with steady steps until Pepper's room and knocked.

"Yes?" He heard her saying from behind the door.

Tony opened the door and entered, throwing his hands into his pockets. He looked at her shyly and sighed.

"Pepper…" He said as he sat on her bed.

She didn't blink as he put his hand over hers.


They looked in each other eyes for a long - long moment before Pepper caught his hand in hers.

"I love you, Tony."

That's all it took him as he leaned in, meeting her lips half-way. The kiss was full of tenderness and so much love that he had to take away his hand from hers and put it in her hair instead.

Rhodey stood in the door watching the two of them kissing slow and deep like two old lovers.

When he broke apart, he rested his forehead against hers and smiled.

"I love you."

They kissed again, and again and again.


Ten minutes of kissing and they were both exhausted.

"Where have you been?" She asked him.

"Boston." He replied dryly.

She took his hand in hers again and with the other one she stroked his cheek.

Tony leaned in again and kissed her upper lip, making her pull him closer. Instead of doing what she wanted he searched for something in his pocket, he knew sure it was there.

Pepper followed intently every move and when he held up a small box she knew.

She knew.


When they arrived home they made love once, twice, thrice not even knowing how many times they climaxed together as they cuddled closer.

"I love you." She whispered silently as they both closed their eyes.

"And I love you, Ms. Stark." He said as he captured her lips again.


The End