What's up with the Fanwars?

Dude! I saw some blonde girl fighting with some jerks over something about

'bacon' and 'spaghetti tacos'... and she was using a sock

full of butter...

Ramza - "Weird..."

Ifrit FInally Beats Punks!

Ifrit has finally beaten both Zell AND Jimmy Hopkins! Those who

wish to celebrate go to ... I mean, the Besaid Clubhouse where

our new recruit, Spencer Shay, is whipping up spaghetti tacos.

Oh, and Victoria Justice is going to be there!

New Weapon Available in Balamb Garden Training Area: Butter-Sock

Ever since new recruit, Sam Puckett, has joined SeeD there

has been increased usage of the odd weapon known as the butter-sock. Could

this be a strategical breakthrough or just a comical flop?

Squall - "Butter-sock? What the hell?"

Zell - "Will Sam be goin' on missions with us?"

Manikins March

A group of Manikins has been spotted in the area

of Winhill, where Laguna fought them off. They then started to march towards Timber and Dollet... where no one seems to be defending against them...

Also, in Ivalice, Manikins have been stealing tacos and beating

Squires to death with butter-socks...

Bahamut Likes Spaghetti Tacos

Seriously, what the hell, man?

TOP NEWS: Vivi Makes Spaghetti Tacos!

Zidane - "THIS is top news! Whatever..." (dishes up spaghetti tacos)


Hey, I'm surprised Tidus and Wakka don't have MW3 yet!

Tidus - "Oh shit!" (runs out to buy MW3)

Well, there's something for Besaid Chronicles... !