Eyes of Mine

Sequel to Our Sorrow. I was thinking of doing this after creating Our Sorrow, because originally, Our Sorrow was a continueous story, but I turned it into a oneshot because I wasn't sure I wanted to make a continuous story.

Natsume is living a life as a womaniser, and has no care for anyone's feelings but his own. He misses Mikan dearly, but hides this well. Then he meets a certain little girl who wants to make him happier, and her mother. Natsume finds out things that Mikan was never able to tell him. He will son regret not listening to her on that sorrowful day years ago...

Me: Enjoy it, because so many people wanted a sequel, and so did I, truth be told. If you don't enjoy it, then don't read it. And just because it's a sequel with many chapters does not mean it will have a happy chapter every time I upload it. Don't expect it all to be kisses and cuddles, please.

Wow, I sound a little harsh.

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Chapter One: The Affection Was Lost

"Hey, beautiful... How would you like to hook up with me?" grinned a devilishly handsome man of about 32 years old, staring into the eyes of a pretty looking woman who immediately blushed as she stared at the perfect man in front of her. She started to stammer,

"Y-Yes... Oh, yes!" she cried out as the raven-haired man grinned, sitting back in his chair behind the white stand he was sitting at. The woman was a deep shade of magenta as his eyes boared into hers. She felt her heart flutter. She was obviously in love, but not for real. She would only wish to bed him, if anything. He knew this well,

He was a womanising wreck.

"Good. Meet me at my hotel room tonight, beautiful, and expect the best night of your life," he crooned as the woman nodded, taking the paper with his room number written down onto it. She then walked off, almost skipping as she held the signed book close to her chest.

The handsome and crafty lawyer, and also a writer for a hobby, was Natsume Hyuuga, who had become extremely successful, and of course, money was still no obligation. He had everything he could ever dream of; Good looks, women crying after him, a perfect career and a great car with a few penthouses and a mansion. But, his life was incomplete.

He did not have Mikan Sakura, the love of his life.

7 years previously, he had met her after not seeing her since their graduation day at the Alice Academy. When he had finally foudn the woman he loved, it was all in vain, as he realised that she was, as he thought, married. Natsume was crushed, his heart slowly breaking as the truth dawned on him, and, though he was ready to kill, he had promised to be happy for Mikan, whatever decision she made. So he had left for America, pursuing his career as a writer and becoming successful in five different countries.

Throughout his heartbreak, Natsume had become a selfish, greedy womaniser who used women only for his pleasure and selfish needs. Sex seemed to be his antidote to the hurt that he was suffering from, but even if the woman was there, he was thinking of Mikan and her pretty face, those innocent eyes filled with love and emotion, for him. He couldn't bare to think of her giving another guy that look, her wonderful smile that was meant for his eyes only...

As that thought crossed his mind, Natsume scowled, forgetting that he was at a book signing and many people were lining up to get his autograph. Most of them were women who desperately wished to bed Natsume or to ask him out on a date, but a few were men who were lawyers or writers themselves.

Natsume was still scowling, even when someone coughed, wanting his autograph. He only realised and remembered where he was when a pretty looking mid-twenties girl stuffed a book of his under his nose, staring at him with adoring eyes.

"Oh, er, yeah... Sorry." he muttered, taking his pen and starting to scrawl a little note in the book and then his signature. The girl smiled widely, happy that she had his signature, and skipped off gladly whilst blowing Natsume a kiss. He simply rolled his eyes,

The rest of the day dragged by slowly, like Natsume had a million stones strapped to his back. He was crabby by the end of his signings, and had even snapped out at a few of his bodyguards to let off his steam, but he knew that he would need to cool off for the girl who would be visiting his room that night. A small grin played on his lips when he thought of the pretty woman...


"Hey! Why are you throwing me out!? I've only been here for like, an hour! Yu can't get rid of me! I'm beautiful!" cried the woma that Natsume was throwing clothes at and opening the door for her, glaring at the woman coldly.

"Whatever. Beauty is only skin deep, and inside, you're an ugly old hag, and anyway, I'm sick of you. You'd probably be one of the worst out of all the girls I have slept with in my life time." Natsume snarled bluntly as the girl winced, then snatched up her blouse and heels, stomping out of the room angrily as Natsume slammed the door shut behind her, sighing to himself and pushing a hand through his tosseled black hair.

Why had he rejected a girl, then? It wasn't normal for him to reject someone as beautoful as she was. It occured to him that he was thinking about Mikan far too much that day, though, so that was most likely the problem. He chewed on his lower lip, wondering what on earth the pretty girl could be doing...

Natsume then slapped a hand across his forehead, growling under his breath. Why did he have to think of Mikan Sakura then? He was already frustrated enough, knowing that she was happily married, probably with kids and had a good, stable job. Natsume cursed under his breath, walking towards the bed in the middle of the room.

He needed to get Mikan out of his head, before he went crazy!

Suddenly, a ringing sound erupted from his jeans pocket, all the way on the floor in a small pile. Natsume's thoughts were disappearing as he ran towards the phone, wondering who it could be, so late at night. When he saw the name on the phone, he gave a low, angry snarl and clicked the call button, pressing the phone to his ear.

"What do you wnat?" he snapped at his manager, who just sighed on the other end of the phone.

"Oh, sorry, did I catch you in the middle of one of your torrid little games, hm?" asked the voice of a female. Natsume glared at the ground, as he could not glare at the person who had called him,

"Stop yapping and just get on with it, woman!" he yelled down the phone. The woman again sighed deeply, and Natsume could hear the irritating tapping of nails hitting a desk. He hated it when she did that,

"Fine, Mr. Grump Ass... So, you have a new schedule to follow, Natsume. We will be taking a flight to Japan tomorrow so that you can be there to show your new book," started the woman. Natsume's head jerked up when he heard her say the name of where they were going,

"What?" he hissed through hs teeth. The line was quite for a mere second, then his manager spoke up again,

"We are going to Japan, Natsume, to show your new booky wooky off, you got that? We are going home." she said slowly, like he was a stupid kid who couldn't figure out the simple equation on the black board. Natsume was gritting his teeth, ready to knaw on his knuckles, if anything. He was returning to Japan, and one way or another, he knew that deep down he would have to face her.

Even if it was accidental, and the continuous nightmare would go on, one that he would never be able to run away from. Natsume wa silent, his breathing hard and heavy. The woman on the other line knew that he wasn't the happiest of people, but she was there for a reason;

To cause him absolute misery, and nothing else.

"You could have told me a few weeks previous so that I would have time to run off to Hawaii!" he cried down the phone, and his response was a rude, loud yawn, not caring what Natsume had to say to her.

"I don't know why you would want to avoid Japan, Natsume, I mean it's your home. You need to return there sometime. I won't let you die in America," the woman said in a chipper voice as Natsume narrowed his eyes. He hated his manager with such a passion it burned inside his heart...

If only he could somehow burn her to death over the line, but of course, he wasn't that smart. No one was, yet.

"Oh, gee, thank you... But I'll let you die here in America, you caniving woman!" he snarled darkly as she burst out laughing, and Natsume swore that he heard a crash. He hoped the woman had fallen off her chair and went into a coma.

Sadly, his prayers were ignored and she was as awake as a pigeon on high.

"Caniving, definately, but you won't kill me, I pretty much hold your career, Hyuuga! Now you will pack the essentials, i.e. your pants, books, razor, hair gel, foundation, false teeth, milk, etc etc." she drawled. Natsume knitted his brows together,

"Oi! I do not use foundation or false teeth! I don't have to listen to you!" he yelled down the phone, and the woman was yet again laughing her annoying laugh. He hated the sound with a passion.

"Yes, you do, for I hold the key to your soul! I am your manager, Natsume, and if you want a load of money and girls running after you, you will do as I say, got it?" she said down the phone, trying to be sweet as Natsume frowned. The woman was so darned persistant.

"Whatever. I'm not listening to you, you crazy woman." he muttered. The tapping re-started, and Natsume was ready to through his cell phone through the nearly open window.

"Your sister called. She seems awfully worried, you know, and when I told her that you were returning to Japan, she was very happy. Do you want me to disappoint her with some bad news that her bg brother, whom she loves so dearly, is not going to be at home?" cried out the saddened and very fake voice as Natsume tried to contain his anger,

"So... You're playing that card now, are you? You're despicable, you slug." he told her coldly, and he heard a small giggle on the phone, which was quickly covered up by a strangeled cry. She was not a good actress, it was clear.

"Oh, how cruel! So... Are you going to Japan or not?" she asked quickly, desperate to know Natsume's answer. He gave a low, inaudible sigh.

"... Fine, seeing as you promised my sister, you bloody cow!" he yelled, and then ended the call and threw his phone down onto the ground in anger. He wasn't happy. Natsume folded his arms and stood up, walking towards the messy bed in the middle of the room, and collapsed onto it.

He would have to go to Japan, and once again face the reality of Mikan Sakura, married with another man...


"Oh wow, look, it's Natsume Hyuuga! He's so cool!" screamed a person as Natsume walked into a large shopping centre in Tokyo, taking off his sunglasses and gazing at all of his adoring Japanese fans. He had forgotten how cute the teenagers were, and he was glad to see a few of them there in the line waiting for him to sign their books written by him.

Natsume strode towards the gray table at the end of the store, where he would be signing his books, and hung his leather jacket on the back of his chair. He stuck his sunglasses into his pocket, and sat back, staring at the first fan, a young woman with heavily-made up lipstick and eyeshadow. She did not appeal to him, but he signed her book, and flashed his handsome, devilish smile.

The woman almost fainted, but managed to drag herself away from Natsume for his next adoring fan, a smiling punk chick, who held out her book and a collage she had made of her and Natsume's punk-themed wedding.

"No way in hell, kid," he thought to himself, but still shot her his famous smile as she swooned, then ran off, her boot heels clacking on the marble floor of the store as Natsume stared at the next fan, a man, who grinned and held out his book as Natsume signed it, and gave the man a less attractive smile, but it was still nice. The man walked off, appeased.

It was a while, and Natsume was bored, his hand cramped and his eyes slowly falling. He just wanted to sleep. His manager was nagging at him on the plane to Japan, so he earned no sleep at all, which was just peachey, because Natsume didn't like ti when he was kept from sleeping.

But he would get no sleep yet, as the line of people seemed endless, and it was already 3:00pm. He murmered some curses, but no one heard him. He finished signing the picture a person had shoved under his nose, and hoped that he would be able to escape after the next person.

"Erm, excuse me, mister," came a voice, sounding something like an angel with a song-like voice. Natsume looked up, wondering who this heavenly voice belonged to, and met the eyes of a pretty girl wearing a deep red skirt, a black off-the shoulder shirt and wearing a red ribboned chocker. She had long, thin black earings in long strips that sat on her shoulders and a black ring on one finger, and a silver on the other hand.

She had a round, pretty face that was brushed by dark, chestnut coloured tendrils that had fallen from her clipped back hair. The thing that Natsume noticed about her the most, though, were her eyes. They were large and rounded, well defined with thick, black lashes. Her eyes were childlike, full of wonder and innocence. Somewhere, mischief echoed there, but also maturity.

"Hey, cutie, what I can do for you?" Natsume asked, rather kindly. Somehow, he seemed connected to the child. He knew that she was barely a teenager, so why was he talking to her so kindly? He rarely did that with the women who he wanted to bed, but this girl... She was different, he was compelled to her in some way.

"Did you know my momma?" she asked him, tilting her head sto the side slightly, peering at Natsume as he stared back at her.

"Well... I've known a few women in my time, kid, so... I might know her," he muttered, uncomfertable with the situation he was in. The girl suddenly started to smile gently. Something about her smile was similar, Natsume realised. The girl looked like someone, but also like another person he knew. Those eyes were the most familiar thing, though...

"Did you know a Miss..." she started, but suddenly, before she could finish, a person locked a hand to the girls skinny arm, and pulled her away from the table quickly.

"Yuki Rari! You shouldn't be here! How could you run off like that!" cried a woman loudly, and Natsume whipped his head around at the voice, and his eyes widened when he saw a familiar face shaking the shoulders of the young girl roughly. Natsume stared at her like he had seen a ghost,

"I-Imai," he cried out, surprised as the woman turned to stare at him. She had changed a little, Natsume noticed. Her hair was longer, past her shoulders and in small pigtails. Her cold eyes were still there, though, stone-like and emotionless. She scowled at Natsume. She wasn't surprised to see him.

The thing that had changed most about Hotaru Imai, the cold inventress of Alice Academy, that Natsume seemed to notice, was that she had a large, rounded stomach that could not be hidden by the baggiest shirt in the world.

She was pregnant.

"W-Whoa." he muttered as Hotaru glared at him, then turned to the girl named Yuki, and shook her again, but more gently.

"Yuki... Don't run off like that, you scared me half to death! Don't do that, because in my condition, it's a hazard!" Hotaru cried out in a worried whisper. Natsume shuddered. Hotaru Imai, worried? Slightly scary, he thought to himself. Hotaru took Yuki's hand as Yuki stared at Natsume with curious eyes, he also saw that she was begging him to do something to stop Hotaru from leaving,

Natsume decided to help the kid out, seeing as she interested him in some way,

"Oi, Imai... Is she your kid? Did you and Ruka finally get married?" Natsume suddenly asked her, and Hotaru stopped pulling Yuki away, turning to stare at Natsume. A smirk played on her lips, and she let out a soft laugh. Natsume was scared, now.

"Ha! My kid? No chance! If you take a closer look, Hyuuga, she looks nothing like me or Ruka! She looks more like someone else we know, if you think hard enough. And yes, we did get married, and if you must know, this is baby number three. Now, Yuki, lets get going. Your mom won't be too happy with me if you're late home," Hotaru told Yuki, hoping to drag her off, but Yuki quickly caught free of Hotaru's grasp, and ran towards Natsume.

"Mr. Hyuuga... You did know my momma. She loved you very much," she whispered as Hotaru grabbed Yuki's hand, shaking her head.

"Yuki, don't do it! Your mother won't be happy!" cried Hotaru desperately, trying to protect her best friend as Yuki shook her head, then grabbed Natsume's hand, staring up at him sadly.

Natsume blinked, staring at the girl. He saw her face, her soul, everything about her, the girl he loved... He saw Mikan, but when he looked at the girls eyes, full of worry and sadness, he saw himself, the eyes that belonged to him.

It slowly dawned on him as Yuki stared at him. She was then pulled away by Hotaru, who was pretty fast for a pregnant woman. Natsume ran towards them, faster than Hotaru, and pulled Yuki away from her.

"You're... Mikan Sakura's daughter... Are you mine, too?" he asked in utter disbelief, eyes wide as Yuki stared at him, suddenly beaming, just like her mother, and she threw her arms around Natsume, tears enveloping her eyes.

"You do remember her! Hotaru! Momma can be happy again!" cried Yuki happily as Natsume stared at the girl like she was a miracle. The girl who looked like Mikan, the girl who was his daughter. His and Mikan's baby girl...


I think that is a LOT in one chapter, but hey, I don't care anymore... Hm... Hope you enjoyed it, but when I was writing it, my perspective on things changed rather drastically. It went from something okay-ish to quite comedy like, but hey... I liked adding Hotaru. It was originally Aoi, but I wanted Hotaru in it, and I wanted her pregnant, in pigtails! Ha! Nice image, lol... Anyways, thanks for reading, people!

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