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It was a full moon last night.

She lay a kiss on the sleeping man's cheek in attempted to wake him up.

"Hnn!" He groaned and gently pushed her face away.

"Get up already you'll miss class." The red head beauty chuckled softly, "You know, maybe you should have been born a vampire, your sleeping habits match them greatly."

He opened both striking eyes to glare at her.

"Say that again. I dare you." He murmured threateningly. Karin only waved it away and pouted a little. "You're always angry after every full moon."

"Because I hate them." He said offhandedly, but thought against it when he saw the coy smile playing at her lips. Her thin, revealing night dress clad body moved closer to his. And he was very aware of the fact she had nothing else on under that.

"Do you really," she whispered seductively, slowly, in his ears. Her breath teased him while her hands moved smoothly along his bare, perfectly sculpted chest. He wanted to say yes, he did. But he couldn't because, after all, he was a man, a werewolf man for that matter. And she was a woman, a very hot and almost naked one, who was straddling his almost naked and already very aroused body.

Before he could say anything she kissed him hard on the lips, her tongue wondering around in his sinuous mouth. And before he knew it, he had flipped their positions and suddenly everything became hot and rigorous… school would have to wait.

He hated full moons.



It was odd, the two vampire girls thought.

Sakura had not mentioned a single "Mangekyou" all day. But that doesn't mean she wasn't thinking about it, in fact it was all she could think about.

He turned into a big creepy wolf!

Inner: Maybe because he's a werewolf?

You don't know that!

Inner: Well you don't know that he's not.


Tenten frowned as she watched the pink haired girl's distant gaze, starring into the depths of space.

"Sakura-chan.. is so-something wrong?" Hinata's soft voice called out to her.

"No- nothings wrong…" she lied outright, they could tell. She was too scared to ask about Mangekyou, though truth be told, she didn't really need to.

There were so many things wrong she couldn't begin to comprehend. Once she started to focus her thoughts on one problem her mind would flash to another and then another and another. And in turn, she had found no solutions for any of them. She couldn't think. Everything rushed through her mind at the same time. Deciding she had enough she through her hands up in frustration, followed by letting out an aggravated groan.

"Okay, now you can't tell us nothing's wrong," Tenten alleged in concern, "Does this having anything do to with you losing your school bag and ribbon yesterday?"

"No!" Yes! She said quickly, a little too quickly.

Two sets of eyebrows rose at her seemingly guilty response.

"Well whatever it is… I hope it's sorted soon." Hinata cheered her with a smile.

Yeah you and me both. "Don't worry it will be," she smiled back reassuringly.



He arrived at school late, but that wasn't anything unusual. The sun was high in the clear blue sky as he walked through the lofty, magnificent gate. He stopped for a moment as he entered; his eyes were closed with his hands casually in his pockets. He stood there, relishing the clear air and the gentles breezes that swept around him. The glorious rays were streaming down on him. This was where he felt most comfortable, his haven, his sanctuary. His mystic dark eyes opened just in time to catch the sight of a single pink petal flying, slowing, swiveling across him.

5 centimeters per second.

He looked up to the sky nonchalantly, it was a good day.

Known to him many eyes stared at him. The female population was looking at him in absolute awe and admiration, and the guys were wondering why they couldn't effortlessly look as cool as him. Uchiha Sasuke himself was very impassive but he stirred many different compelling emotions from many different people.

He continued walking through the grounds, as he passed, students slightly bowed their heads or gave him small nods of acknowledgement and respect, to which he would always inwardly smirk. He loved his authority and power being affirmed. To him that's the way it was, and the way it'll always be.

Karin had caught up with him. She rushed to his side slipping her arm around his. If he was annoyed he didn't show it.




"Oi Sasuke," A fox-like blonde began, throwing a small towel at where his friend was resting, "I heard you were wandering around commons again."

"Hn," Sasuke chose not to comment. He laid there on the bench, taking a break from their strenuous workout, and placed the towel Naruto had thrown at him over his face, blocking the sun's harsh rays.

"Nah man I don't care or anything," Naruto said with a grin, "I just wanted to know why."

"It's quiet." Was his clip answer.

"Heh. There's many quiet corners at this school." The grin never left the blonde's face.

"Why does it matter anyway." Sasuke questioned composedly.

"Well, it doesn't really, does it? I was just wandering."


"It was full moon last night," Naruto stated the obvious.

"I know."

"So..." He carried on.

"So what?" Sasuke said under the towel draped over his face.

"Did you two have fun?" Sasuke knew if had looked at Naruto then, white teeth would be flashing at him.

"Full moon or not, it's the same." He said in a frown.

Naruto knew that was true, but he always asked anyway. He laughed. "That's cause she's not the one."

"Better than wanking myself," he smirked under his towel.

"I do not wank myself." Naruto said, completely scandalized. "Sheesh… I just don't see why you're sticking to one person these days," he teased, "Well unless she was the one of course, buuuuut… she's not." He said like it was the funniest thing he's heard.

"Hn.." and the Uchiha said, "She could be.." but Naruto knew there was no real conviction behind his words.

"Maaan our lives are too chill these days," Naruto complain like a little kid. "Soo boring, so so soo boring!" he even waved his arms for the effect.

Right then, to Sasuke's own dismay, pink hair and green eyes flashed in his mind. This time he moved, sitting upright on the bench, smirking openly at Naruto.

"Maybe yours is.."

Naruto raised his eyebrows. Now what did he mean by that?




When she arrived home, she saw that Tsunade was already there.

"Hey mom, Hey Aunt Tsunade," she walked up to them both and tiredly slumped down on the couch next to her aunt.

"Did you end up finding that bag Sakura?" He mom asked her. The young girl sighed in defeat and shook her head sadly. Her mom gave her a reassuring look as if saying 'Don't worry you'll find it.' But when she looked up at Tsunade, she had a whole different look contorted on her face. Tsunade's lips were pressed in a tight line, she looked at Sakura seriously and quite sternly. The look made the girl nervous, and she couldn't break contact with Tsunade's hazel eyes until her mom stood up suddenly, distracting them both.

"Would you like some tea, Sakura?" She said on her way to the kitchen.

"No…" She answered softly as she stood up, not wanting to sit there in awkwardness with Tsunade.

"Sakura…" Her aunt called out to her. "You have to be careful, I heard from someone they saw a pink haired girl in common grounds yesterday…"

Sakura stopped in her tracks and turned to her astonished.

"Wha-what?" She feigned.

Tsunade's eyesbrows furrowed in annoyance. "You know exactly what I'm talking about."

"I.. I.." She didn't know what to say.

"And I know who has your bag too." Tsunade told her.

Right then, an attractive pale face and dark eyes flashed in her mind. And she realized. I have no idea who he is. I don't even know his name!

"And by the looks of it, you won't be getting it back anytime soon." She sighed. But then, in a heartbeat, a moment, everything turned serious again. Light brown eyes bore into her, searching deep through her soul. Tsunade sat there with her arms crossed, gazing at her with the most nerve wrecking stare she'd ever seen on her old aunt.

"How could you forget it like that?" she was pissed off, Sakura could tell. "Did you forget what's in there?"

That's when green eyes widened with realization.

Her black book! It was in her bag.

Wait a minute… something wasn't right… something was off… she could feel it crawling under her skin. It gave her goose bumps, suddenly, she felt edgy as anxiety trickled through her.

How does she know!? How does Tsunade know any of this?!

It just didn't make sense!

Sakura's eyes were wide in astonishment as she swiftly turned to her aunt.

"How do you know about the book?" She asked, detachedly, slowly.

Tsunade heaved out a low sigh.

"That's another story for another time…"

That's another story for another time…

Another story for another time…

Where had she heard that before?

With jaded eyes, she had a unique black spiral of lines fanning out in her green iris, for a moment they contracted and the black ring that surrounded her iris thickened immensely, the green in her eyes faded to pale. But as soon as everything happened it ended, without Sakura herself, even realizing.

But Tsunade's golden eyes notice straight away. She bit her lip in worry.

The two stood there, wordlessly examining each other. There were so many things Sakura didn't understand. She many unasked and unanswered questions she wanted to ask Tsunade. But before she could the instant was interrupted by Tsuyako, a tray of steaming green tea in her hands. As her mom reentered the room, the slight tension in the air drained away, the two Haruno woman sat down again while Sakura excused herself to her room, fully aware she definitely needed to talk to Tsunade again soon.

The moment with that hot guy, her leaving her bag, and the moment with Tsunade replayed itself over her head. More and more questions were swarming her head, sending her mind into a twisted whirlwind. The day had been draining and before she knew it fatigue consumed her…



Mizube ni mau shiroi niwa no mizutori…

A softly melodious, yet haunting female voice beckoned her…

Mawata no you na hane wo karameau

Her hand reached over to her slim phone.

Koko wa mamorareta—

"Hello," She said feebly, having just been woken up from her nap.

"Sakura! Sorry I didn't know you would be asleep. I forgot to mention today…" it was Tsunade.

Sakura tiredly rubbed her eyes. "Yeah?"

"I heard from your mom that you're looking for a job right?" She heard her say eagerly.

"Ah yeah.. I guess so…" She said unsurely. She knew that anything with Tsunade in the middle of it ended in bad news.

"Well I have a perfect one for you!" She offered enthusiastically, "How does working in a famous café sound?"

Inner: Not too bad actually.

"Umm, yeah that sounds fine." She was still quite sleepy.

"Well great! I'll let you get some sleep then. I'll leave the details with your mother. You start tomorrow afternoon" She said cheerfully.


"Oh. And one last thing," Sakura was conscious enough to hear the change of tone in her aunt's voice, "I wouldn't wear your uniform to work if I were you…" She said deadly seriously, before hanging up.

Sakura couldn't register anything else before falling back asleep.


In the resonance of trepidation, there were echoes of wild beasts.

Swift tramples on the hazardous ground was heard as a pair of bare, wounded feet moved, inhumanly fast through the dark of night. She was followed by two other, just as fast as her. Her breathing was heavy and desperate. She was exhausted. Ripped shreds covered her cuts and the red and purple stains that painted her pale skin. She was slowing down. They caught up. And she finally turned.

"What do you want with me?"

A dead whisper. Tear streaked face. Familiar eyes.

Her two pursuers, they looked at her. Their faces void of any emotion. Void of life.

"Atonement." They said. All she could do was unsurely nod and wait for the inevitable. Slowly, heaven rained down on them. Salty tears overflowed her eyes.

Her two pursuers, they transformed. Those eyes. They were familiar. Red eyes. White eyes. They stole her soul. Her body ripped limb from limb and they just grinned. There was no screamed, no sounds, only rusty stench of death.

This bloodthirsty justice—

The bloody red that sprayed over the soiled ground and dripped from the tree leaves was the masterpiece they made.

was not justice..

Heaven poured down on her.

She fell with an echoing thud. Her face was still pale, but this time it was void of existence. Her heart ceased beating. She had become like them. The holy rain cleansed the dirty body. Death fell upon the ones scarred by many mistakes.

She was a walking sin after all.

Her head was turned to one side. Silver strands fell over her face. The woman's familiar eyes were wide open and even though lifeless, bore into your soul.


Sakura abruptly jolted up from her sleep. She woke up in a cold sweat, breathing heavily. Her knuckles were white from gripping her sheets too hard. She could feel and hear her heart pounding brashly within its cage. Not those dreams again…

She closed her eyes trying to ease herself back into reality. She had been used to those dreams, but hadn't had one for a long time. An eerie, terrifying feeling crept through her. And what scared her most was…

That the woman in her nightmare, who most certainly wasn't her.. She had the same jaded eyes.




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