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Many years have passed since A.X.'s death and much has happened . . .

Jeremy and Aelita got married and moved to America where they got jobs with the FBI in computer hacking. A couple years later Aelita gave birth to twins, Lita and Adrian. Friends said that Lita was born as smart as her parents, but as smart as Lita was she never spoke to anyone. Lita became great at hand signals and writing by the time she was two. Adrian also had a knack for knowing what Lita was trying to say and became a kind of spokesperson for her. While Lita was more shy and reserved Adrian had a little more of a bubbly personality. He loved to be around others and to know what was going on. Lita and Adrian were the best of friends and never seperated for long.

Ulrich joined a prominent soccer team and traveled the country. Yumi and Ulrich later got married and had a little boy named Kaito. Kaito was an athletic boy like his father, but he was also fairly hard headed. It took a lot to convince him that he was wrong. He also liked to pick a fight to keep things "entertaining".

Sapphire and William got married and had a little girl name Simone. Simone pretended to be a preppy girl to hide how she really felt. Simone was easily scared, but she hid it well behind a mask of uncaringness and popularity. She loved to be in fashion and was always the most popular of the girls. (she drove Sapphire insane)

Burgessa went to college and got her teaching credential. She later became one of the english teachers at Kadic. She said she was always drawn to Kadic, but she never knew why. Burgessa did do research to look for her missing big sister Sandra and it took years to find information. Burgessa later found out that her sister had been murdered somewhere in China and there were no leads to her murderer.

Olivia grew up and went to college. She graduated with a high degree in computer skills and then disappeared. Some people said she was working on a top secret project for the government and others said she worked in a computer lab at a local elementary school. Either way, no one was sure where she went or what she was doing. She just seemed to disappear.

Xana also "disappeared". Xana finished school at Kadic and then holed herself up in the lab watching scans and graphs. She became an infamous hacker through out the internet and helped companies improve their security and occasionaly helped Jeremy and Aelita with their work. She also helped the gang keep in contact with each other.

Odd became a stand up comedian. He and Charlotte went around the country doing performances here and there.

Charlotte never aged. About 10 years after defeating A.X. she "disappeared" because it was to confusing trying to convince people that she was 18 not 7.

The gang thought it would be great to send their kids to Kadic just like in the old days. They ran the programs and created new characters for each of the kids before letting them roam around the land of Lyoddstal.

Simone had a long beautiful red prom dress and maroon jacket on. On her left hand was a glove made of red metal that allowed her to play with her long whip of fire without getting burned. She had wings of fire on her back and a fire flower in her hair over her right ear and above a gold pheonix circlet. Simone found overtime that her powers were greater in the fire sector and that at times when her life points were high she could control some of the fire that gave the sector its name.
Kaito's skin was dyed green and he looked a little like an ogre. He was shirtless, but he had two cross belts across his chest and a big studded one across his waist. Around his neck he had a spiked collar. His baggy pants had lots of buckles and pockets. He didn't wear shoes and he had black leather gloves on. In his right hand he carried an enormous spiked club. He found that he was stronger in the garden sector and like to hang out there often.
Adrian looked like a wizard. He had the pointy hat and cape to top it all off. His pointy hat covered most of his spiked red hair and rested on his long elven ears. Adrian also had an elven tail. In his right hand he held a staff with what looked like half a snowflake on top. Adrain also had a necklace where the pendant constantly shone with a light blue light. Adrian found his power was strongest in the ocean sector where he was able to freeze everything around him with the wave of his hand.
Lita was an asassian. Her red hair was up in a bun and she had a crown of thorns on her head. She wore a long black scarf that covered her mouth and whipped in a wind that didn't exist. Her dress was belted at the top and the slit came up almost to her waist to give her freedom of movement. She had black pants and shoes on underneath. On her left arm was a long chain that wound around her arm. In each hand she held a big knife-like weapon. She found her speed was best in the dark sector where the only thing any one ever really saw was the glow of her pendant. Lita's pendant was similar to Adrian's, but her's shown with a redish pink glow.

So the introduction has been set up and the story can now continue . . .

It was a typical Saturday morning. Everyone was done with homework and were now on Lyoddstal goofing off as usual. Charlotte, Simone, Adrian, Lita, and Kaito were flying around the wind sector playing a deadly game of tag. Simone laughed at Kaito as she barely dodged the deadly swing of his club and hit him with her whip.
"What was the data you wanted Xana?" Charlotte asked landing at a nearby tower.
"Just if you have time before you get tagged could you pull up the HVIW024NT.htm file?"
"Yeah I can do . . . that," Charlotte said entering the tower. Charlotte stood frozen to the spot where she stood staring at the middle of Xana's symbol. "Mom?" Charlotte asked. Crystal lips moved, but Charlotte couldn't hear anything. "Mom!" Charlotte excliamed runing over as her mom started devirtualizing.
"Beware . . . S.A.D.A.I.. . ." Crystal whispered barely loud enough before devirtualizing again.
"No mom! Don't leave me alone again," Charlotte called reaching for the disappearing data as a tear fell down her cheek. Charlotte's tear hit the floor as a grey return to the past covered the Earth.

Charlotte sat up in her bed roll and looked around frantically. She was on the floor of the labratory where she was last night, but Xana was no where to be seen.
"Xana?" Charlotte called only to hear the sound of her voice echo.

Simone sat up in her bed in the house that her parents had bought. "Mom?" she called, but no one answered. She couldn't even hear the sound of her dad snoring. "Mom?" she asked again as she walked around the empty house. "Mom?" she called a little louder. She quickly ran to her room and texted Lita. Simone liked to talk to Lita cause she knew that Lita would never tell another soul how she felt.

The others too sat up in their beds and looked around.
"I remember our parents talking about a return to the past program," Adrain said as he raced to the lab with his sister. "but I thought they said it was white light." Lita nodded as they entered the code for the elevator. Kaito tucked into a roll and rolled under the door as it closed.
Lita picked up her cell phone as it started vibrating. She scanned the message and quickly texted back before closing her flip phone.
"Who was that?" Kaito asked. Lita stared back. Kaito did a palm plant. He growled, "I forgot you don't talk."
Lita picked up her vibrating phone again and sent another text message as they entered the factory. Charlotte sat typing away at the computer.
Charlotte glanced over her shoulder. "Lita and Adrian I need your guy's help," she said pointing to the two laptops hooked up to the computer. They nodded and rushed over.
"What about me?" Kaito asked.
"Call Simone and see if she's all right," Adrian suggested. Lita threw him a dark glance, but Adrian missed the hint.
Kaito called, but Simone didn't pick up. She was afraid that her mask of superiority would crack if she picked up. She threw the phone into her bag and rushed to the factory.
"She's not answering," Kaito said hanging up after the third try.
"I hope she's all right," Charlotte said. Lita nodded.
"She's fine," Adrian replied.
"How would you know?" Kaito sneered.
"That's who Lita's been texting," Adrian replied in a matter-of-factly sort of tone.
"So what is really going on?" Kaito asked.

-in the dorms-
Jeremy, Aelita, Ulrich, Yumi, Odd, Burgessa, Sapphire, and William stood in the dorms of their old school. They looked at each other and saw that they were all young again.
"What was that return to the past?" Odd asked.
"I have no idea. We better ask Xana," Jeremy said turning around and racing to the factory.
Aelita pulled out her cell phone. "No service," she said.
"If we've returned this far into the past it means our kids don't exist yet. Right?" Yumi asked. The others shrugged as they reached the factory.
Down in the lab the gang spread out. "Xana!?" Aelita asked putting a hand against Xana's pale skin. Her skin seemed paler then normal. Xana had no pulse and wasn't breathing. "Xana?!" Aelita asked giving her a shake.
"Crystal?!" Odd asked from the other side of the room. Crystal was curled in a ball in a corner of the room. "Crystal?!" Odd asked again giving her a shake.
"Something must have happened," Jeremy said typing on the computer. Jeremy brought the computer to life and a clock was displayed. It read 99:23:59. As Jeremy watched the clock the 59 changed to a 58.
"It's a clock," Yumi said looking over Jeremy's shoulder.
"Yeah, but for what?" Jeremy asked.
"It looks like a countdown," William said as the 58 changed to a 57.
"A countdown to what?" Burgessa asked.
"Crystal?!" Sapphire asked joining Odd in trying to revive Crystal, but nothing happened.
"Who knows?" Aelita replied.

-back to the children in the factory-
Simone came in her mask up and ready. She tried to keep her cool as she looked around. "What's going on?" she asked.
"We have no idea," Kaito replied staring at her darkly.
"I do," a voice replied from the computer.
Everyone's attention snapped to the computer as an almost fairy like creature appeared in the right corner of the screen over the scan window.
"Xana?!" Charlotte asked. Xana nodded. "What happened?"
"Your mother warned you of S.A.D.A.I. the Search And Destroy Artificial Intelligence. Sadai has taken your parents and put them in an alternate reality. Sadai wants to see if you can rescue them before he destroys the alternate reality and them in the process. In the mean time it will analyze your every move and wait for its chance to take you each out individually," Xana replied in an almost monotone voice.
"But how did you escape?" Kaito asked.
"I'm nothing, but a program. Franz gave me one chance to be human for a time. It meant that I could never be devirtualized. I got rid of the human program and have now revirted to my original form."
"A program devoid of emotions," Simone whispered.
Lita nodded. "What can we do to help?" Adrian asked.
"I think that you'll need a little more help then you have. I still have data from Alex and I think we can find some of Burgessa somewhere. I think that I can now create another character out of a combination of the two."
"I'll go look for some of the DNA," Kaito volunteered.
"I'll go with you," Simone volunteered running to catch up.
"They like each other don't they?" Adrian asked as the elevator door closed. Lita shot him a look and Adrian smiled.

-in the school-
"Getting in the room shouldn't be a problem," Kaito whispered looking around the corner for teachers.
"But what are we looking for?" Simone asked running to catch up with Kaito.
Kaito shrugged. Simone muttered something as she quickly texted Lita. Her phone vibrated as they entered the class room. "Lita says anything she might have touched."
"Then let's just grab a bunch of stuff and head back." Simone nodded.

Kaito and Simone carted pencils, papers and a few other odds and ends off to the factory and put them in the scanners.
"Find anything?" Charlotte asked watching the scans. Lita, Adrian and Xana shook their heads.
"There must be something of hers that has a DNA signature or something," Adrian said.
"Signature?" Charlotte asked.
"We might not need literal DNA, but a copy of it may do. A DNA signature," Xana replied.
"Oh. That's easy," Charlotte said pulling a CD out of her pocket.
"What's that?" Simone asked as Charlotte put it in the computer.
"It's Burgessa's missing memory. I felt so bad that I just couldn't delete it."
Xana looked at the information as it swirled around her in a cyclone, she reached a hand out and grab a single strand of random numbers. The rest of the cyclone disappeared.
"Where the data go?" Adrian asked.
"Probably back to its owner," Xana replied monotone as she pulled up another string of black DNA. She twisted the two together and a card appeared in her hands. "Here is the digital offspring. It can only devirtualize a few times. This has never been done before so no one has any idea how many times a few times is."
The others nodded. "Lets call her suzzi!" Charlotte said.
"How do you even know if it is a girl?" Kaito asked.
"It's female," Xana confirmed. Kaito muttered under his breath.
A debate soon insued over what to call the girl. Lita rolled her eyes as the debate got louder and on the verge of violence.
Lita sent Adrian an email. Adrian opened it. "How about Margret?" he asked reading the email.
The debate got quiet. "I like it," Charlotte said with a shrug.
"It's better then suzzi," Kaito muttered.
"Shouldn't we ask her if she likes it?" Simone asked pointing to the screen.
The girl on the screen had chocolate brown skine and icy blue hair that went everywhere. On her head she had a pair of goggles and a gold hoop earing on her right ear. She wore a wrap around green shirt and jeans with a blue necklace and a silver belt. She also had green eagle like wings. The girl blew a bubble from her green bubblegum as she sat and waited for the fighting to calm down. Her bubble popped. "Margret's fine," she said kind of bored.