Year 3020

Global warming has come to what seems a climax and the people of the earth have had to adapt. All cities are on lockdown, enclosed in air-tight steel domes surrounded by a layer of repulsive energy that acts as a shield from any external attack, whether natural or otherwise. Nobody lives outside of the protective domes. All farmers, residents of suburban or rural areas, and nomads have been forced to give up their homes and, in some cases, jobs to relocate to the closest city. Many tribes in places such as Africa, South America, and possibly Mexico have seemingly disappeared, most likely destroyed, because of their refusal to move to a safe zone.

The cities are entirely industrialized. Plant life is nonexistent and fresh air has to be created and pumped into the domes. Climate is regulated and there are no such things as seasons or precipitation anymore. No one knows what lays outside the dome except for a few government scientists who have special permission and the proper gear to handle the more violent atmosphere.

These scientists have recently discovered a new species that has the ability to survive on the "outside". The species appears in the form of a human most of the time, but also has the ability to shape-shift into the form of a larger-than-normal wolf. Scientists believe that they have this ability to deal with the extreme temperature fluctuations. They are hopeful that, with study, they will be able to isolate the chromosomes that give them this ability and create some sort of vaccine that will give the humans enough protection that they will be able to start living on the "outside" again. Two of these creatures have just recently been caught, a male and a female, and are awaiting testing in separate rooms in the main laboratory in Chicago.