Kodomo no Jikan is an Anime/Manga not a X-over. There is not a Kodomo no Jikan category, so it resides here, but I will move it once there is one. I want a Kodomo no Jikan Category!!


Black Dress

"Rinnn! You're so cute! Here, here, here try this one on next." Kuro said as she held out a dress and cat ears. Rin began to undress taking off the last dress Kuro forced her to try on. Kuro watched her impatiently looking ar the top of her dress as it dropped down to her waist. She looked up slowly from the dress, starring a few moments as Rin's chest then continuing to her face. Rin was staring at her with wide eyes and a bright red face. Kuro returned the cute face with one equally as red. "Kuro, why do you always make me try on clothes for you" Rin asked looking down trying to avoid Kuro's stare. Kuro looked at her longing to see Rin's face, as Rin let go of the dress she was changing out of letting fall to the floor. Kuro automatically, almost mechanically, looked down just below Rin's waist the last part of her body that she didn't get to see before. " So cute" Kuro said as she stared at Rin's underwear. Rin covered herself and looked straight into Kuro's eyes. Kuro wander why Rin was acting so shy, she wasn't normally like this, she usually was carefree and never embarrassed. "Kuro" Rin said in a soft voice, as she paused Kuro wrapped her arms around her and asked, "what is it?" Rin answered "never mind" as she returned Kuro's hug and laid her head on Kuro. Kuro smiled and laid her head on Rin.