This is based on the movie clover field I had the idea to use the plot for a csi ny story enjoy

Mac Stella and the team are in the lab going over some evidence when Mac looks over at Stella and sees her yawn "Stella this is your third double shift this week why don't you go home and get some sleep"

Stella looks at Mac and the team "well if you really don't need me she replies I will go thanks" she smiles to the rest of them and heads to the locker room to get changed and heads home.

Stella enters her apartment and decides to have a relaxing bath and head for bed she runs the bath and starts to get undressed when she hears a all mighty crash filled with fear she grabs her glock and heads to the sitting room.

Just then she sees some sort of monster pass the window its huge and she is frozen with fear just as she grabs her cell phone the apartment block starts to shake and debris falls all around her at that point Stella is knocked out.

Over on the other side of the city Danny comes running in to the lab "guys you had better take a look at this" all the team look at his with blank expressions what's going on Danny Mac asks Danny try's to reply while catching his breath.

He pants "the north side of the city is in ruins some sort of monster is running loose its all over the news"

Just then Mac decides to head to the roof to get a better look followed by his team when they get there what greets them is something they could never imagine half of the city is in flames buildings are collapsing and people are running around screaming just then they see something large fly threw the air.

"Wow get down Mac shouts to the rest of the team" as the flying object narrowly misses the team and the crime lab it lands on the building opposite.

"Was that the statue of liberty's head "Sheldon asks "I think it was" replies a stunned and scared Lindsay what the hell is happening she sobs, just then Danny wraps his arms around her "hey its ok we are safe here and we will find out soon what that thing is" he shouts over Lindsay's shoulder when the monster comes in to view.

Just then more objects fly towards the crime lab building, everyone off the roof now Mac shouts as the team make there way down stairs the roof starts to collapse………….

Well if you have watched clover field you will know the story but I'm changing it hope you like it and can read it ok RnR if you wish to thanks xxxxxxxx