A Real Friend

You are always there for me. You always know when I am suffering, when I feel pain. Kuro thank you so much for being my friend. Even during my worst hour, even in my darkest moments you are a light for me. You find the good in me, you still believe in me even after I have given up. I have other friends, they are there for me when I come to them for help, but I never have to come to you. You already know when something is wrong you are always by my side.

These thoughts passed though Rin's mind as she walked along side the road. She looked up towards the school and there standing to meet her was Kuro. Kuro waving her hand shouted "Good morning Rin!" Then she ran to Rin and stood beside her waiting for her answer. Rin looked at her and smiled, "You are really always there for me aren't you?" Rin said as she hugged Kuro. Kuro smiled replying cheerfully "Of course I am." Rin let go of Kuro and started to walk to school, feeling a little down that Kuro didn't return her hug.

Rin turned away from Kuro and continued on the sidewalk to school, but before she took more than three steps arms wrapped around her from behind, Kuro asking her "What I don't get to hug you?" Rin felt tear fill her eyes, Kuro did know that Rin wanted her hug. Kuro was there for her. Rin turned around and was squeezed by Kuro. Rin wrapped her arms around Kuro and held her for what seemed forever. They let go and Rin told Kuro "You know, you cant really be called a friend, you mean so much more that than to me" Kuro frowned, the laughed "What does that make me then?" Rin replied happily "I don't know." "Come on Rin let's go." Kuro said as she grabbed Rin's hand. As they ran to school Rin thought to herself, as long as you are with me Kuro I will always be happy.


Anyone have any idea what you would call someone like Kuro, she is really more that a friend but I cant think of a good way to describe someone so important.