Chapter Five

"I just met with the Jeffersonian team," Fuller said when everyone had gathered back together at the chapel. Currently, they were all in his office going over one of their biggest cases yet. Judy was yanking her necklace around like crazy and Tom wanted desperately to go to her and put his arm around her but this was work and they were on a case. Comfort would have to wait.

"What did they say?" Ioki pressed.

"They said that they've never seen anything like that and we should be on our toes for any leads. How was it talking with the family?"

"Difficult. Our guy left behind a wife and a son. Sixteen years old. There was this one guy that the kid mentioned – a Mr. Foreman. The kid, Luke, said that his dad fired Mr. Foreman and he came to the house drunk one night and started beating up their house and screaming. The weird this is, the wife never called the police. She said that Foreman got bored and left."

"Strange," Fuller agreed, "Hanson, Hoffs, check out this Foreman guy's alibi. Ioki and Penhall will stay here and we'll go over past cases and see if we can knock out the possibility of a serial or a copycat."

"Right on it, Boss!" Doug saluted before he and Ioki scurried out of the office to begin their task.

"Captain…" Judy approached the desk, biting her lip. Something was up, Tom could tell.

"What is it, Jude?" Fuller asked.

"I-I just want to warn you that I might not be able to be much of a help with this case. It's…it's nothing like I've ever seen before. What happened to that man was just…cruel. It's barbaric!"

"I know, Hoffs," Fuller nodded, "But we have to not let this get to us. We need to solve this case and put this monster behind bars, no matter our feelings or emotions. All of that must be put aside in order for us to book this creep. Keep in mind, Jude, none of us have ever seen anything like this before. You are not alone with your feelings towards this case – remember that."

"Yes sir," Judy nodded before following Tom out of the office. She had never been so affected by a case before and felt a sudden wave of vulnerability come over her. She had to get control of her emotions. She couldn't suddenly go weak – especially on a case with this high a priority, she just couldn't.

"Hey," Tom said as he swung his arm around her, "You're gonna be okay. We'll get this guy, got me?"

"I hope," Judy nodded, "We have to."

The twosome made their way to Tom's Mustang and Judy tired hard to shake the emotional thoughts from her head as he opened the passenger door open for her. He might be a pain in the butt, but Tom Hanson did have manners – sometimes…when he wanted to. It wasn't long before they backed out of the parking lot and headed to the office building where Mr. Foreman used to be employed. It was the only lead they had and both officers were keeping their fingers crossed that someone could provide them with a current address for Mr. Foreman. It was vital that they talked to him. He was their only suspect and their only lead thus far.

The Mustang zipped angrily into the parking lot of Jet Mobil – the company where both Mr. Foreman and Mr. Davidson had worked. After shifting his beloved into park, Tom climbed out of the vehicle and followed Judy up the walk leading to the front entrance. The building was a pleasant looking structure with trees and flowers dotting the sidewalk pavement. It hardly seemed like a connection between a murder victim and his suspect but both Tom and Judy knew that looks were deceiving. As they walked through the front door, they were stopped by a security guard was twirling his baton around as if he was leading a marching band. Tom noticed the tazer gun at the holster and the badge of authority pinned neatly against the guard's navy uniform. He fought the urge to scoff at this "wannabe-cop" and marched up to the desk with nobility.

"Yes?" Tom inquired, as if having no clue as to why he was being inconvenience by this stop. After all, he had a murder case to solve. The most action this guy had ever seen was a guy probably slip and fall on a newly waxed floor. Hanson almost felt bad for the guy. He might have wanted to be a cop but couldn't pass the academy. Instantly, his attitude towards this man, as pathetic as he was, changed.

"You can't pass through here without an ID, sir."

"Does this work as an ID for you?" Tom asked as he flashed his badge.

"Yes sir," the guard nodded with instant respect, "Is there something the matter? I was not informed of any disturbances and if there were disturbances in this building, I would know about it. I can assure you of that, officer. After all, I was elected Security Guard of the Month, you know. Big honor. I get a picture on a wall and everything!"

"Congratulations," Tom replied blankly.

"Thank you, officer. But I don't quite understand what you two were called in for. I mean, I am always one-hundred percent on top of things. No one would dare pull any monkey business with me on the lookout. I have eyes in the back of my head, you see. I can see things no one else can. That's what makes me so great at what I do and I would be happy if you would let me in on whatever has happened and I can assure you I would be honored if you help me on this. We could be like the three musketeers! Wait until I tell Mother that I got to work with real cops!"
"Okay!" Tom held up a hand, "Judy?" He glanced to her for help. So much for being nice to this kid.

"Look," Judy bit her lower lip, trying hard to come up with something kind to say to their current annoyance, "I am sure you are a fine security guard and I congratulate you on your accomplishment of making Guard of the Month but we are on an importance case right now. You see, someone who used to work in this office is in a little bit of trouble. It's more of a misunderstanding and we are hoping his side of the story will clear things up for us. Anyway, we just need to talk to the corporation's head to see if we can get any information that would help us better understand what is happening. But I can assure you, if we need any help at all, you will be the first person we will go to."

The guard's eyes opened wide and a blush began to stain at his cheeks.

"Yes ma'am," he nodded, "thank you, ma'am. Just head right up the elevators. Third floor."

"Thank you," Judy smiled as she and Tom made their way to the elevators. Once they were safe inside the steel box, Tom smirked.

"What?" Judy demanded.

"Someone has a crush on you," Tom sang.

"How old are you, ten? Besides, I noticed he was shooting you looks too, Officer," Judy grinned.

"Hey, I saw what I saw. He was practically drooling over you…like a dog!"

"You are such a pig," Judy rolled her eyes as the elevator doors groaned open.

"Which office?" Tom asked, upon seeing the many doors lining the halls.

"I am guessing that one," Judy pointed.

"How do you know?" Tom demanded.

"Because," Judy smirked, "It has Mr. Davidson's name on the door," Judy smiled at Tom and made her way through the doors and up to the desk where a woman in the most atrocious color of orange greeted them. Her hair was pinned up with orange clips and she was adorned in a bright orange pantsuit. It was enough to make anyone – fashion expert or not – gag.

"Hi," Judy smiled pleasantly, "I am Detective Judy Hoffs and this is Officer Tom Hanson. We need to speak to a Mr. Foreman. It has come to our knowledge that he used to work here before Mr. Davidson fired him."

"Oh," the woman's eyes widened, "Oh-oh my! Mr. Foreman, you say? Is he in some kind of trouble? He…he just can't be. Mr. Foreman was one of the kindest men that worked here. He'd always bring us coffee in the mornings and had a smile on his face. Much more pleasant that Mr. Davidson, I might add. That man never had a kind bone in his body. Always leavin' that wife and kid of his at home alone while he worked all hours of the night. It was just down right sad. Especially for that young boy, Noah I believe his name was, having to grow up without a dad around. Poor thing. I have Mr. Foreman's address, his current one anyways, but I am not sure I am supposed to give that out…"

"Ma'am, you said it was very hard on Noah, living without a dad around," Judy pried.

"Yes but…"

"If you provide us with an address or even a phone number, you will be helping Noah Davidson out a great deal."

"Alright," she nodded, "I-I can give you his number. I have it on file but I must ask, is something the matter with Mr. Davidson? He hasn't been into work yet and it is very unlike him to miss a day. He was even here working away on the day Noah won his baseball trophy. Poor kid."

"Mr. Davidson," Tom began, "Is dead. He was killed the other night and we just need to get statements from everyone that knew him."

"But why Mr. Foreman?" The woman blinked, confused, "He would never hurt a fly and it wasn't as if he and Mr. Davidson were real close or anything. In fact, they never got along. Like cats and dogs they were. Mr. Foreman worked in the office next to Mr. Davidson's and he drove the man nearly mad. Mr. Foreman would always go in and ask Mr. Davidson questions – he looked up to him, you see – and Mr. Davidson nearly had a conniption each time Mr. Foreman walked through that door. It was very odd. You see, Mr. Foreman had gone to Mr. Davidson a few weeks ago and wanted to organize a Halloween party. Mr. Davidson started yelling and saying things like how Mr. Foreman was incompetent and needed to learn how to grow up. He said that he would never make it in this world if he stayed stuck in whatever fantasy he was living in. If you ask me, the only fantasy he was in was kindness. Mr. Forman loved doing things for other people but Mr. Davidson fired him for his suggestion of a Halloween party. it was very odd. I had never seen Mr. Davidson that angry before."

"So you are saying it was Mr. Davidson who had the temper?" Judy asked, trying to clarify all information.

"Yes. It was constantly on spark. No one could do anything right in his mind. But I guess you aren't interested in that. I'll go get you that phone number, okay?"

She scurried into the back room behind the desk, leaving Judy and Tom standing there.

"That is odd," Judy bit her lower lip, "It seems as if everyone loved Mr. Foreman despite his drunken rage against the Davidson's."

"It sounds to me that Mr. Davidson was living a life his wife didn't want us to find out about. She seemed to act as if her husband was a saint, even if he was a workaholic. I do feel bad for the kid though. No kid should ever have to live through an uninvolved parent," Tom said before the woman interrupted.

"Here is the number. If you need anything else at all, please let me know. I would be happy to help for the sake of Noah and for the sake of Mr. Foreman of course."

"If we need anything else," Judy nodded, "We'll let you know right away."

"Let's head back to the chapel," Tom said once they were in the Mustang, "And we can call this Foreman guy. Hopefully he can give us some answers."

"Something tells me that this case is going to get a lot more interesting," Judy sighed.

"You know something, Jude, I was just thinking the same thing."