A/n: Okay peeps, this is gonna be the last chapter because I can't drag it on much longer

A/n: Okay peeps, this is gonna be the last chapter because I can't drag it on much longer. I wanna thank all Kissy-chan1101, Silverspirit and Evil Blanket for the active review. You make me smile when I read them You're also making me guilty for finishing it as it is!

Chapter 7


I think I'm read to let go of Lucrecia.

All those years asleep, hiding in ShinRa manor, I was just trying to escape the pain but was doing nothing to stop it. Even after Shelke displayed all of her last thoughts I still clung to her memory like one would pick at a festering wound.

Yes, I did love her and I always will but I will live.

Sitting here with Yuffie has shown me there are better things than living in the past, something choco-boy and I have had to learn the hard way.

I think I'm ready to forgive myself for not stopping her and that wretched Hojo. There are lots of things I could have said and done, moments that could have been dealt with better, scenes that should be replayed…but it's all in the past. There is nothing I can do no matter how tightly I cling to those moments.

I'll never forgive Hojo though. It's like they say, like father, like son although in this case the son went first, father followed. Although to be honest, Hojo has always been a little bit funny.

While it's true the guilt will never completely dissolve, if I can make it each day without retreating in hibernation I will know I'm stronger for it and now I have a mako tinted wutain to help me if the going gets tough.

ShinRa is buried in the past and with it, the burden of my youth. I'm ready for a new start and I will never let Yuffie take the same path. Though Yuffie might not inject alien matter into her body the risk might still be there.

I must admit though, if I knew Yuffie and I could….well I most likely wouldn't have left my bed that morning.

I'll say it one last time.

Mondays and Ninjas do not mix.


It just felt right, you know? My Dad always said I'd end up with a nutjob! Or was it that I'd turn him nuts? Or was it that I am nuts? Where was I?

I don't know but I know Vinny will look after me and I just have to make sure he starts wearing brighter colours. He's making me depressed just looked at him. At least he has colourful lingerie, that pink outfit…yeah, that's the first thing to go.
You know…Cloud had cake! I hope it wasn't strawberry cake. They damn well better have left me a bit.

HEY! There's materia under the couch…no…wait...it's just a marble. Damn…Pretty big for a marble though.

"Hey Vince, you're coming to that party! I need strawberry cake."

"I'm not going to that Ifrit forsaken party."

"I'll steal your materia!"

"You were going to do that anyway."

"That's not the point!!"


N.B I apologise for the short ending . I feel so guilty! But I feel it more of less sums it all up. Please don't eat me and I might follow it up sometime or something. God I'm rambling…