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Don't worry. This will only be one chapter and I will go back to my original stories. This is totally OOC but I don't care. It's good. So enjoy this story, and please review. Totally human and pretty much has nothing to do with anything. Just pure smut. Enjoy. In the perspective of Edward.

Helping Out

I walked right into the locker room. It still smelled like a bunch of sweaty guys. But I could just see these terrible smelling pretentious hot guys completely naked, taking their towels and slapping each other's asses. I could see one couple grab each other completely naked, their cocks getting hard.

No, I can't be gay. I've been having these feelings for a while now, and I just wanted them to stop. It was so weird and different. I found men so attractive, but I didn't used to. It just creeped up on me. I think it happened when I first saw Emmett with his shirt off. You know the quarterback of the football team. I was walking by during a practice and I saw him tackling a guy with his shirt off. He just looked so beautiful, his large muscles contorting as he used every ounce of his power. I tried to hide my arousal until I realized I had been staring at him for about ten minutes.

Once I had broken out of my reverie, I started to become disgusted with myself. How could I find Emmett so attractive? He was a man and I thought I liked women. After that situation my infatuation with women weakened. I had started becoming more and more attracted to men. I had started to go see movies just because I overheard some hot guy took his shirt off. Why was I disgusted with myself though? It's normal. Completely normal. Although it wasn't. It was a mutation in my mind that caused me to like my own sex. A mutation. But without mutation, there would be no evolution. But still, I was different and I felt I was destroying the human race.

I turned the corner to where my locker was to get my iPod. How could I have forgotten that in my gym locker? It was my life, and I forgot it in my least favorite class.

I quickly walked out of there because I was becoming afraid that I had started to like the disgusting smell. It was just so musk. But I was stopped to see Emmett in the row next to mine. I wondered why he was there since the football game had ended half an hour ago. I was only still here because I had to wait to get my iPod until the rest of the football team was gone. I didn't want to stare.

But he was there in his football uniform contemplating something. I don't know what, but something. He looked over at me and a smile erupted from his face. I couldn't help but smile back. We stared at each other for a very long moment. His eyes looked deep into mine. His face looked so beautiful with his straight nose and high cheek bones.

"Hey, can you help me take my jersey off?" he asked, his voice broken. "It's hard to take off with my shoulder pads on."

I gulped. "Ummm…OK." I slowly walked over to him, the tension rising. I wanted to run out of this locker room, run away from my feelings, but I wanted more to get closer to the beautiful quarterback.

I slowly took off his shirt to reveal his large muscles just begging for me to touch them. I could have left now, but my mind and body made me go further. Damn libido.

I took off his shoulder pads to see his broad, glorious shoulders. They looked so magnificent. I said, "Ooo, you look so tense. Let me help you with that." I grabbed his shoulders and started rubbing, making him moan. I imagined him moaning as I lay underneath him, his sweat pouring onto me.

My hands unknowingly slid down his bare, heaving chest. He did look really stressed, but all I really cared about were his beauteous muscles. I heard him shiver, and I liked it. I could feel he love/hated my touch, as did I. What was I doing? I was groping Emmett and I just realized that. I'm such an…

"What are you doing?" Emmett asked, breathing staggered. Oh crap, he's caught me. But I couldn't control myself.

I whispered in his ear, "Massaging your muscles."

He whispered back, "I'm not an idiot. You're copping a feel. Are you gay?"

"No!" I was caught and would now be the laughing stock of the school, if not arrested.

"That's too bad. Because you just made me realize that I am." I was overwhelmed with passion. I jumped over the bench and landed in his lap. We kissed passionately. I could feel the bulge in his pants start to rise and I wanted it.

I pushed him onto his back and started kissing my way down. I kissed his hard nipples and his beautiful abs. I groped his crotch, making him squeal. I could see how big it was through his tight, tight pants. I pulled his pants and underwear down to reveal it. It was enormous and amazing. It fit nicely with the rest of his large body. I couldn't believe that I knew someone who looked so godlike.

I grabbed it and rubbed up and down. The texture mixed with the gasps coming from Emmett was just overwhelming. It was so soft yet rock hard. I kissed it and it tasted good. I licked it and it tasted really good. I kissed his balls and they were amazing. I finally pulled it into my mouth and both of us were in ecstasy.

I just bobbed up and down for several minutes, not knowing what to do, when Emmett said, "Why aren't you naked?" He got up and pushed me onto my back. I just yelped because nothing else would escape my mouth. He pulled my shirt off in one swift moment. "Wow, you have quite the muscle tone." I yelped again. He started massaging my muscles as well. I really liked it. I moaned back.

He took off my pants to reveal my cock. "Wow, almost as big as mine," he said as he started rubbing. "I have to say, Edward, you're pretty perfect." We smiled at each other. He grabbed his pants (which were on the ground) and from his pocket a condom appeared.

"Want to go further?" he asked.

I was incredibly frightened, but out of my mouth, I blurted, "Oh God, Emmett, fuck me hard!"

I was really embarrassed, but then he said, "Well alright then. I wanted to try taking it up the ass, but if you're willing."

"Oh my God, I want it so bad." He tore the condom wrapper, but I stopped him before he put it on. "Let me put it on."

He allowed it. I grabbed the condom and his cock and started unraveling it. I saw as it contorted to his shape. It looked so amazing though. Much wider than anything I've ever seen.

I lay back down and he placed his cock to my entrance. He gently nudged me and I jumped. It felt awkward, although I wanted more. He then took a finger, rubbed it against the condom to get some lubrication; he slowly inserted himself into me. It felt like pure bliss. It stung a little bit, but it was worth it as my nerve endings went ballistic. He stuck his finger farther in and it just got better. He took another finger and started stretching me until finally I just gave up.

He quickly pulled his fingers out and placed his cock there again. He grabbed my waist and stared into my eyes as he slowly pushed himself closer to me. I shrieked as he entered. It felt so good. So amazing. So cosmic. So different than any other sexual feeling I had had before. And he just kept going farther and farther in.

He went slowly because it was our first time for both of us. But he quickly went faster after his third time all the way in. It felt so good, him plowing into me. So different from what I expected. No wonder people like this so much.

He moved a portion of an inch so that he could get full range of me. He plowed deeper and deeper. But this one small movement caused him to graze over my prostate. Things somehow got even better. It was much more intense and my hard on got harder.

He increased tempo and strength. I could tell that he was going to come though. It was ending early. I looked at the clock behind us to see that the time was half an hour after we started. Oh my God, time had somehow sped up. Things were going so quickly, although in reality they were taking quite awhile.

He grabbed my penis and started rubbing. My moans somehow got louder. I stared at his large muscles flexed in pleasure. He looked so beautiful, his eyes glaring at me, his brow furrowed, his muscles clenched tight, his sweat dripping onto me.

Finally, it happened simultaneously. He rode his orgasm out. I could feel his cock suddenly burst with come and get much harder. I felt as his cock almost flexed as it spewed semen. I imagined if he didn't have a condom and his semen spewing into me instead of his condom.

I gasped as I came. My semen flew onto my body. After I retained my breath, I screamed. My body quivered around Emmett. My ass clenched and I loved it.

We sat there, trying to retain our breath. Emmett stared at the come pooling on my abs. "I wonder…" he said. He took a finger and swabbed some of my come. He took it into his mouth and swallowed. "More delicious than I expected."

"Well, it makes you sexier when you do that," I said. He pulled himself out of me and I moaned. He licked my abdomen, trying to get as much come as possible. He took the condom off and threw it away. He came back with some towels to clean ourselves off with.

"I want to do that again," he said. "Edward, will you secretly be my boyfriend?"

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