It's been asked for. Here it is! Hot smex!!!

Chapter 3


We both somehow miraculously fell to the ground, my head on his chest. "God, that was amazing," he said.

My finger circling around his hard nipple, I agreed, "Goddamn right it was."

"You're still dressed."

"So? I like the feel of your cock in my mouth."


"I like the taste of it and its texture and it's amazingness."


"And I like it when it comes in my mouth and I get to eat it all up."

Emmett looked down. "It heard us talk about it, now it's wide awake again." I looked down and saw his cock stiff again and twitch. "It wants you."

"Well my cock is yearning in my pants for you too."

"Wanna fuck?"

"We just did."

"That was a blowjob. Let's fuck."

I was about to say OK, but suddenly he threw me off and straddled me. His lips smacked into mine as he kissed me hard. His hand went up my shirt and I moaned. He pulled the shirt off over my head as he began attacking my body. I moaned again as his lips encircled my nipples. I had no idea why he liked my body, but he did. His hand moved over my crotch as he played with it and I gasped. The mix of his tongue caressing my body, his hand groping my hard on, and his overall sexiness took my breath away.

"Damn you gotta nice body," he said.

"Yours is so much better."

"Not really."

"Well I disagree. Your body is much more muscly and big." He didn't decide to say anything back. He took my jeans and ripped them off. My cock stood tall and proud. "And your cock is amazing."

"No," I disagreed. "Your's is definitely better. I actually want to suck your cock."

"Ready to start?" he asked, trying to stop the conversation.

"Where's the condom?" I asked.

"My cock is slick as a bitch. You'll be fine." He sucked on his finger and then slowly began to probe me. It hurt a little, but in a slightly good way. A second finger entered me, and it hurt a little more. He moved his fingers apart, and I could feel the muscles stretch. He stuck in that final third finger and I could tell he strained to pull them apart. I just groaned in slight pain.

He pulled his fingers out and without warning, thrusted himself inside of me all the way in. I screamed, shivered, and my cock jolted. His hands gripped my waist for leverage to get it in as fast as possible. He laughed and I felt this horrid pain. It was like I was being ripped apart. "What's the matter?" he asked.

"FUCK!" I yelled.

"I'll be more careful. Jeez. Don't let other people hear you." He slowly pulled out and I felt like I could breathe again. Suddenly, he pushed in deep again abruptly. My breathing hitched.

"What happened to being careful?"

"Sorry, I couldn't control myself. You're just so sexy." He started slowly again. This time, I anticipated him pushing in hard and fast, so I squeezed tight. He went slowly, moaning loudly. He continued a steady pace, slowly going faster and faster.

Eventually I got bored and more horny. I began bucking my hips to increas impact. I felt that large cock hit that spot over and over again, sending my further towards climax. He got the hint and went faster. I felt his cock get bigger as it pushed my ass out more.

He held me close. He held my waist as his body moved into me rapidly. It was absolutely fantastic. His body glistened from the sweat he had accumulated. The sweat dripped down onto my body as he moaned so very loudly. His face was gorgeous all contorted in pleasure. His muscles looked so big as they flexed, trying to go faster and harder and trying to keep him from coming. He looked down at me, the sweat falling onto me. We were both very close.

He pushed harder and faster until...he stopped. He pushed in the farthest, and suddenly erupted. His come shot onto that spot extra hard. I let loose and let go of control. Without being jerked, my cock spewed come all over my body. We both moaned loudly as we both looked down to see my cock move rapidly, shooting come everywhere without being touched. It was handsfree. I grasped his ass as both of us released our seed everywhere. The feeling was just so fantastic.

He pulled out and tickled me by licking off all of my come. "And how was that?" he asked.

"I came without you touching me, how awesome do you think it was?"

"We really need to do this more often."

"Of course."

Short and terrible, but like all the complaints I get, the horny teenagers don't care one smidge!