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Admittedly my other stories were bullshit. But this one will be okay. I've thought of everything: story, decks, names and the settings.

Now that that's done let us begin.


Eighteen years ago.

A young couple with two babies sat in a comfortable sitting room. The room was a bit broken looking and barely any furniture was in it. Like every thing in satellite it was a mess. After twenty minutes and old man walked in with three cups of tea.

"It's been so long I didn't even know I had grandchildren," the old man said sitting down on a chair opposite the couple.

"It has been a long time hasn't it dad," the young man said drinking some tea.

"What are there names?" asked the old man.

This time the young woman answered, " Sora is the boy and Sakura is the girl"

"Fitting names" replied the old man sipping his tea.

"I know, anyway to get to the point look at Sora's arm," the young man said handing Sora over to the old man.

After a while the old man smiled "He has come at last I never thought I'd live to see this day"

After along silence the young couple sighed. After two minutes the old man sighed.

"You want me to take care of them," said the old man sadly then added "Why?"

"We must venture into dark world," said the young man.

"He might try to escape again I hope you understand" the young woman added.

"Hiru, Azura please come back so they will grow up with their parents" the old man said standing up still holding Sora and took Sakura off the young woman.

"We will" the couple said departing.

"You two are the hopes of satellite" the old man said bringing the two into a spare room which already had a cot in it he then placed the two babies into the cot and went to bed.

Present day.

A young man with blue almost purple hair opened his eyes revealing two purple eyes. The young man of eighteen looked at his arm and saw a birthmark shaped like a mask which had two lines across one in the middle of the mark and the other centimetres below it the lower one had six lines going down which made it look like it was smiling. The one in the middle had to things that looked like eyes coming out of it.

"Sora, breakfast time" an old man shouted up at the boy.

"Coming" said Sora.


Okay if you saw any episodes of Yu-gi-oh 5ds from Eight (I think) to 28 you should know what Sora is. For those of you who don't know I won't tell you what he is.

Next time, Sora and his friends appear to be making things can Sora win a duel for the last pieces or will he and his friends lose everything.

Find out next time on Legacy of a signer.