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Chapter 28: Demon Battle

"I guess this is a good start." Auroramon said nervously as she gazed at everyone's current position. Tommy and JP were scattered on the ground, Zoe was dangling in the tree up above and Koichi was the only one who was able to keep his Fusion form. Not that it was a surprise to any of them.

"Great job Koichi." Koji said to his brother and Raihimon gave him a grateful look.

"So maybe we should just call it a day?" Bokomon asked Takuya who nodded in agreement. He told them that they'll have to take shifts to make sure that they don't get attacked while they're asleep. Koji decided to take the first shift with Koichi then JP and Tommy and Zoe and Takuya afterwards.

Just as everyone was about to go to sleep, Koji went over to his brother who rested by a tree at the edge of the clearing. "Hey bro, how did it feel to be in fusion form?" Koji smiled at him receiving a smile back from Koichi.

"It was amazing, the power that you have at your fingertips and I feel like I'm a bigger part of the team now and that you and Takuya aren't doing everything by yourselves anymore." He said thoughtfully while Koji took a moment and let what Koichi said sink into his mind.

"You're still an important part of the team Koichi, don't you ever forget that." He put his arm around him but suddenly, there was a noise in the bushes behind them, they couldn't really identify what that noise was but they knew for sure that it wasn't good. Auroramon twitched slightly then woke up suddenly and glared at that current spot.

"Auroramon? What's up?" Takuya said half asleep and still had his eyes closed.

"There's something out there." She said not taking her eyes off of that spot. They then started to rustle and quiver as the twins started to shuffle back slightly. "You guys had better wake up Zoe and the guys." Auroramon said as she stood her ground. Koichi and Takuya did what she said and woke up the others.

"What is it, Takuya? I was sleeping and not everyone can wake up as early as you can." Zoe said grouchily and turned away from him. Takuya rolled his eyes and shook her again.

"Come on Z, there's something out there and we have no idea who or what." He explained this time and she got up instantly, knocking heads with Takuya in the process. He pulled back rubbing his head and giving her a pained look.

"Sorry." She mumbled and he let it go instantly. JP and Tommy took a bit longer but it couldn't be helped, as long as they woke up in 5 minutes, it was fine. "What's going on Takuya?" Tommy rubbed his eyes and JP stretched his arms.

"Yah Taky, I was having a great dream about Z... Z... something..." JP looked away innocently and tried to avoid the look that Zoe gave him.

"Well Auroramon heard something in the distance out there." Koji said getting their attention.

"Aw man, when Auroramon hears something, one out of a million times, she's wrong." JP moaned as they all stood up. He yawned again then joined his friends.

"So do you have any idea who that is out there?" Asked Koichi while walking over to Takuya. He shook his head but took a chance and stalked over towards the bushes, he turned and looked at the group then back at the bushes. He took a deep breath, and pushed the branches out of the way to see what was there, at first, there was nothing but an empty spot but then something jumped him which caused him to fall backward. Auroramon roushed over to him to see a small white dog like digimon with pink ears and tail on top of him.

"There, there, don't be scared." Auroramon tried to calm the digimon down but she just looked up helplessly.

"Y-your..." She seemed surprised to see her then she looked at the kids.

"Auroramon, and the Legendary Warriors." Auroramon smiled as she introduced each of them and introduced the small digimon to the boy underneath her.

"Pleased t-to meet you, I'm Labramon." She said timidly as she backed off of Takuya who smiled at her.

"Nice to meet you, so what's got you so shaken up?" Takuya asked her. Labramon's warm smile turned back into the fear filled one as she remembered what had happened before.

"T-the D-D-Demon L-Lords." She whispered shocking the kids.

"What! Where are they?!?" Koji demanded upon hearing their name.

"Right here, hun." They heard a sly voice coming from behind the bushes, where they found Labramon and there they saw Lilithmon and another digimon who they don't recognise. He was a tall digimon with two large wings and two horns on his head. The warriors didn't know him very well but they knew that he was bad news just by looking at him.

"Sorry, I'm pretty sure that we haven't been properly introduced." The new Demon Lord said. "I'm Daemon." She smirked at the kids who all gave him glares. Auroramon had a funny feeling that Takuya was about to jump into something in 3, 2, ...1.

"Hey buddy, I challenge you!" Takuya said quite rashly pointing his at the fallen digimon. Daemon just looked at him curiously then laughed.

"I like your spunk kid but I think you should meet the rest of our squad." He said as he snapped his fingers and the kids and the digimon all fell in a hole and when they looked around, they found themselves in complete darkness.

"What's going on?" Takuya heard Zoe somewhere on his left. He was about to answer when he felt something brush against his leg but he guessed that that was Auroramon. Then a small light lit up the room and the saw that it was a really small room too. "Welcome Warriors." They all turned and saw Daemon along with Lilithmon and others.

"Allow me to introduce my comrads. Barbamon, Beelzemon, Belphemon Rage Mode, you already know Leviamon and Lilithmon and of course Lucemon who is out right now." Daemon gestured.

"So why did you bring us here?" Koji huffed.

"Why? Because we're gonna destroy you punks!" Beelzemon got up and was going to make his way over to Koji when Lilithmon stopped him with a death glare. He caught sight of that and was forced to take his seat again with an annoyed expression. He started to mumble his thoughts and growled.

"We're just here to chat." Daemon grinned which made the kids uneasy.

"How do we know this isn't a trap?" Bokomon raised an eyebrow at them while hiding behind Auroramon. Labramon was also hiding and quivering like a little puppy, she couldn't bear to even glance at them let alone speak up to them. She was only a rookie, just like Auroramon but she was fearless compared to Labramon.

"Yah, what if we turn our backs and then you take a weapon and..." JP was then silenced by Zoe who looked at him angrily. Tommy was a bit shaky but he didn't show much fear.

"So why have you brought us?" Koichi said quietly.

"That's easy, to challenge one of you twerps." Leviamon chuckled. "So who's first?" Beelzemon shot up instantly but the one who stood up was Daemon. He stood up and focused on one Warrior only, he lifted his arm and pointed at his victim.

"Warrior of Flame, I challenge you to a duel." He grinned from ear to ear. Takuya just glared at him and crossed him arms but he didn't respond in any way. Auroramon was nervous since they've already seen Lilithmon in battle and for all they know, she could be the weakest of the group. Zoe was also uneasy about the situation and was hoping that Takuya knew what he was doing but if she knew him as well as she did, then she knew that Takuya wasn't thinking about what was going to happen but defeat his enemy. If only he would say something and not bring out the tension so much.

"Fine." Takuya finally said. "I accept."

"Just be careful Taky." JP said with a small uneasy smile, he received another one plus a hug from Tommy. Koji gave his best friend a reassuring smile. "Don't be stupid Takuya." He said and with a nod, Takuya agreed.

"Good luck," The older twin said. Takuya gave all of his friends a thankful look then he looked at Zoe. She was just rubbing her arm and didn't even bother to make eye contact. Her eyes made her look like she was about to cry and when she finally tilted her head up, she hugged him tightly. "Be careful Takuya." She whispered and Takuya hugged her back. "I will, I promise." He whispered back. JP felt like crying, he still had his crush on Zoe since he first glanced at her on that day when he, Tommy, Takuya and Zoe met on the Trailmon. He pushed that feeling away and tried to look strong, he didn't want to break down and cry, at least, not in front of the Demon Lords.

"All right, let's get this over with." Takuya stood tall.

"Gladly." Daemon said as he signalled for Barbamon to prepare something... With the pull of a lever, the area started to shake and quiver. The ceiling started to split apart and the ground started to lift up. They all were bouncing around, trying to keep their balance while the Demon Lords were just standing there like stones.

"What's happening?" Zoe almost fell over.

"The stadium is forming." Belphemon said with a deep low voice. Suddenly, a fence came between Takuya and Auroramon and the others. It also formed between Daemon and the other Demon Lords but they seem like they've been expecting this to happen. The area was high above ground when it stopped moving and there was no way of escaping, not even for Takuya or Daemon who were trapped in what looked like a huge cage and it was the shape of a large dome.

"I hope he'll be ok." Tommy said going closer to Zoe.

"No worries Tommy, he'll be alright." Auroramon said jumping on his shoulder although she didn't look so sure either. Her eyes were filled with worry and guilt that she wasn't in there with him but she knew deep down that he'll be alright.

Takuya and Daemon were just standing there, staring. Not making a single move as the wind blew. "This isn't a staring contest kid, if you don't prepare yourself, I'll be forced to start with or without your spirit. Takuya gave one last look then pulled out his D-tector.

Execute, Spirit Evolution


He shot out in flames as Agunimon appeared and stood in his battle position. "I won't take this so lightly buddy." Takuya warned as Daemon smiled again.

"That's how I expect it kid." Daemon then ran forward as did Takuya and their combat begun.

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