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Hold Me Close

12 years ago

It was a normal day for poor little Edward. He had to walk himself to daycare again because his mom didn't feel like bothering with him. At least it wasn't raining today. He pushed the heavy doors open as hard as his little four year body would allow, and made his way into sanctuary.

"Hey there, Edward. Did Mommy drop you off at the corner again?" Asked one of daycare attendants.

"Yes ma'am." He lied politely.

"You are just the sweetest boy ever, honey." She smiled brightly at him and lovingly ruffled his already sloppy hair. He smiled back. He wasn't used to being told that he was sweet… nor was ever called honey at home.

"Thank you, Mrs. Cullen."

"So polite. How many times have I told you to call me Esme?" She knelt down to be eye level with him.

"A lot a times…" he paused, "Can I call you Mommy Esme?" He asked hopefully. She smiled sweetly at him and held back tears.

"You know, Edward. I would like that very much. I don't have any babies of my own. But I'm not sure if you're mommy would like that."

"I don't think she would care very much. Please can I call you Mommy Esme? I could be your baby!" He said as he hugged her. She hugged him back.

"Okay, honey. You can call me Mommy Esme."

"YAY!" He jumped up and down happily. She giggled at how adorable his joy was.

"You know, Edward… someone knew came in today. Her name is Bella and she seems really shy."

"Oh! Can she be my new sister?" Edward asked, his bright green eyes sparkling.

"Sure, honey. Now let's go inside so you can meet her. And your other friends are here too." She took Edward's hand and led him inside the overly small classroom. Edward looked up at his Mommy Esme and smiled. He loved his new Mommy Esme more than his own mommy. Mommy Esme was sweet and kind. She loved him, he knew she did. She would never make him walk to daycare alone. He knew too much for an average four year old, but that was because he was forced to learn things the hard way. His mommy hated him… and she was sure to remind him of it everyday. He didn't know a real mother's love but knew that now in some fashion, however indirect, he would get it. But he never told anyone about all the mean things his mom did to him. They would take her away, and even though she hated him, he loved her. He had too. It was Mommy…

But Edward's real family was at the daycare. He sat over by Alice, who had to be the smallest four-year-old in existence. She was tiny and had more energy than her itsy bitsy body seemed able to hold.

"HI EDWARD!!" She bounced in her seat.

"Hi Alice. Mommy Esme told me about the new girl. Where is she? She's supposed to be my new sister."

"Mommy Esme? I want Esme to be my Mommy too!" Alice squealed happily. That made Edward mad. Alice's mommy loved her very much. Why should Alice have two mommies that loved her? But he didn't say anything.

"Well then ask her. She says that she doesn't have any babies."

"Who doesn't have babies?" Came another voice. It was Emmett's, the largest four-year-old in existence. No one believed he was four, but he was and was ridiculously intelligent and just as silly.

"Mommy Esme. So she said I could be her baby." Edward said possessively.

"Okay," Emmett shrugged, "Hey! Rosie is talking to the new girl. Wanna go meet her? She's really nice and she brought a cake to share with us!"

"YAY!! CAKE!! I like her already! She's my new bestest friend!" Alice chirped.

"That's what Rosie said." The three went over to meet with the new girl where Rosie and her twin brother, Jasper, were already talking to her.

"WOW!! Your daddy is a cop?? Does he have a gun?" Jasper was saying as they came up.

"Uh huh… but he doesn't let me see it." Bella was quite the adorable pre-schooler. She has big brown puppy eyes that had that constant pleading look and her hair was done up in two pony tails tied with pompom like scrunchies… perfect first day of daycare attire. She was shy, but liked meeting so many new friends. Edward got to the front of the group.

"HI!" He greeted cheerfully. Bella looked up at him.

"Hi, I'm Bella." She greeted shyly.

"Bella's daddy is a cop!" Jasper said excitedly.

"WOW!! My name is Emmett."

"My name is Alice and I'm going to be your OTHER bestest friend!" Alice jumped up and hugged her.

"I'm really lucky. I've never had two bestest friends before." Bella giggled.

"Alice can see the footure! She told me that you were coming before you even came. She was the one I was telling you about," Rosie said. Bella nodded.

"And I'm Edward, your new brother!" Edward hugged her.

"I like it here! I get a buncha friends, two bestest ones, and a brother!" She clapped her hands and jumped up and down. Edward smiled and grabbed her hand.

"Come on sister. Let's go play over here."

"We wanna play too!" Emmett said as the whole group followed them. Edward smiled happily. This was why he never minded having to walk through the rain alone to daycare. He was loved here. He had family and now he had a loving mommy and a new sister.

Esme watched as her "kids" played together. She did love all the children, but Edward and his friends were her favorite. And she loved to see how easily the new girl, Bella, fit in with the group. She hoped this was the start of something beautiful.

That was 12 years ago.

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