A/N: I want to thank all of the amazing people that read my story, and a special shout out to all my faithful reviewers. Thank you so so much for accepting my first steps as a FanFic author.

I wanted to share some of the story stats with you all and also share a piece of news.

So on to the story stats:

Number of Chapters: 26

Number of Words (including author's notes and stuff): 80,341!

Number of Reviews: 253... YAY!!!

It was favorited 86 times and put on 96 alerts and had 24,483 hits! It was added on 3 C2's!

Again.... thanks so so much for welcoming me so warmly.

Now onto the news... I'm posting a new story. It's called Crossing Lines and it's a collaborative effort with my good friend Adria AKA Emmett's BaybyMomma. Check it out!!! It's going to be super fun!!!