Just some drabbles that take place after the end of Labyrinth. I don't think either of them involves the manga series as part of the plot (except that I stole Sarah's stepmom's name from the manga for the first drabble). Please review if you read, as I'd really like to improve my writing and constructive criticism would be very helpful.

So, without further ado...

Sarah stood outside the door, slowly gathering her courage for what she was about to do.

Right, that seemed about long enough. Sarah reached out, and gently pushed the door. It remained closed, in that smug way that doors do. Sarah gripped the handle and twisted, shoved the door open before her nerve failed her.

It was somewhat anticlimactic. There was nothing of interest behind the door. The crib had long ago been taken to the attic, the striped romper suit with the cute matching hat had been outgrown and lost to the mists of time. The room was barren and white, devoid of personality. It looked more like a movie set than a place where someone lived. Even here, where it had all begun, it was becoming harder and harder to remember.

Well, at least this means he ought not to ever bother me again, Sarah thought. And here, in this bare, benign room where it had all begun, she let herself break down and bawl.

She didn't know how long she sat there, but she gradually became aware of a light breeze ruffling her dark hair. Hardly daring to believe it, she looked up. The French window creaked quietly in the wind, as it swung lazily back and forth.

Sarah's heart jumped into her throat. It wasn't possible. A shift in the air pressure, that must have been all. A warped and ill-fitting window frame. That was all. That was all it could be.

But Sarah couldn't bring herself to believe it. Because she knew she'd heard the faint whisper that had drifted in on the wind.

"Should you need us..."

Sarah laughed once, a strangled, sobbing sound. "But I do need you," she whispered into open space. "Sometimes, when I start to forget..."

Bright blue eyes under a head of tousled blond hair peeked around the door at about waist height. "Sawah?" Toby asked hesitantly, in his ingratiatingly childish lisp. "Mommy found Wancewot, so you can stop wooking and come downstaiws now."

Sarah sniffled once, and brushed a tear from her eye. Great. Now she'd have puffy red eyes, and Irene would seriously wonder what Sarah'd actually been doing up in her parents' bedroom. "All right, Toby. Let's go." She stood up, shut the French window, and walked to the door without once looking back.

As they left the room, Sarah turned, and firmly shut the door.

Sarah married Jeremy in the first few drops of a rainstorm.

They'd met at a costume party. Sarah had worn a turn-of-the-century ballgown. The tight bodice and full skirts coupled with the low neckline had conspired to make her feel very uncomfortable. Her friend, however (Sarah didn't even remember the friend's name anymore), had insisted that they both go in similar costumes. So here she was, standing awkwardly on the edge of the dance floor, wearing a beautiful white gown while masked dancers flitted past her. Almost unconsciously, she'd looked through and past the crowd, finding herself searching for a face she knew she wouldn't see.

Jeremy had been with a friend as well. Jeremy had been dressed as Will Turner, and had looked bored and almost as uncomfortable as Sarah felt. His friend had been dressed as Jack Sparrow, complete with heavily smudged eyeliner. He'd tapped Sarah on the shoulder and, when she'd spun to face him, she had thought for a moment that she was looking into a mask.

"Care to dance?" he'd asked, arching his eyebrows. Sarah had looked straight into his crystal-blue eyes, and abruptly turned and grabbed Jeremy, dancing off with him.

They'd hit it off almost immediately. After two years, Jeremy had asked Sarah to marry him. She'd been only too happy to accept.

The wedding went off without a hitch. The actual ceremony took place in a park in the middle of July, when all the flowers were in full bloom. The reception was held inside a meeting hall, after many cautious glances at the sky. No one need have worried, however; the rain held up until Sarah and Jeremy ventured out of the hall to dash for the car that would take them away from the reception.

Jeremy's friend had been invited to the wedding, but left just after the cake was cut. Sarah learned that his name was Jacob. When he took his leave of them, he told Sarah, "It's nice to see that Jeremy finally found somebody he wants to spend his life with. I'm so happy for you both." Sarah looked straight into his eyes and saw two things; one, that he meant his words, and two, that his eyes were brown.

That night, as Sarah and Jeremy lay in bed together, sheltering from the fury of the storm outside, a white barn owl beat its wings furiously and futilely against their window.