Title: Singing Juices Two: The Sequel

Summary: Fuji and Tezuka are fighting, Momo and Echizen are just getting their relationship on its feet, and Inui still doesn't quite understand that Kaidoh was serious. All this can be helped when the Regulars get together to help Tezuka and Fuji out with a certain juice.

Warning: Yaoi, language, and singing.

Pairings: TezuFuji, MomoRyo, Golden Pair, and InuiKai

Disclaimer: I don't own Prince of Tennis or its characters. All songs belong to their respective owners.

AN: So this is the Sequel to my other story Singing Juices: A Tenipuri Musical for those of you who were frustrated by the ending. You don't have to read that first but it would be recommended. And I'm not exactly a TezuFuji writer so I hope this is okay. The other couples will be in there too, of course.



Chapter #1: Once More Again


Two weeks had passed since the situation with the juice and Tezuka and Fuji's fight and nothing had changed. Tezuka and Fuji still wouldn't even stand in the same room as the other if they didn't have to and both were waiting for the other to apologize first. Practices were tense and everyone could feel the strain that the fight was putting on the team, but it didn't seem like it would be getting resolved anytime soon. Eiji and Oishi, who had been trying to get Tezuka and Fuji to just talk to each other ever since the fight began, eventually just got sick of it and decided to call a team meeting (excluding the fighting party) at Eiji's house to see what they could do to get Tezuka and Fuji back together.

"It has to be something drastic," Eiji was saying to the others seated in various positions around his living room. "I don't think anything else would work."

"But it can't be too drastic," Oishi said from his spot on the couch (Eiji was seated on the floor below him using his legs as a back rest). "Because then that'll just disrupt practice and Tezuka would just get even angrier."

"Have you tried just locking them in a room together?" Momo asked from his spot on the floor. "Like maybe a really small room? Like a closet?"

Seated next to him on the floor, Ryoma gave Momo a very unimpressed, though very unsurprised, look.

Eiji looked like he thought that this plan just might work and he twisted around to see what Oishi thought.

Oishi shook his head. "That won't work. Tezuka and Fuji are stubborn enough that they could wait out however many hours they'd be stuck in there and then they'd just be even angrier at each other. It would completely undermine what we were trying to accomplish."

"Yes," Inui said musingly from his spot on the couch as he looked through the notes he had taken over the past couple of weeks. "Being locked in a closet would work on anyone else, but with these two there is only a 37 percent chance of success. Ideally, we would need to put them in a situation where they would be forced to talk to each other and a closet is not suitable to that goal.

Momo frowned at his idea being shot down. "Then do you have a better plan?"

Inui adjusted his glasses and got a small smile on his face that looked almost evil. "Yes. I do."

Kaidoh, seated next to Inui on the couch, looked a little worried that whatever evil thing Inui was thinking up would affect him too somehow and tried to inch away from his boyfriend just the tiniest bit.

Eiji just looked curious. "What is it?"

"Well, I was looking over the contents of my laboratory the other night," Inui started to explain, "and I happened across a vial of one of my past experiments." Here, Inui raised a brow, looking at the rest of the team as he waited for them to understand what he was getting at. "A very interesting past experiment."

Oishi stared at the other boy. "You don't mean . . ."

Inui only nodded calmly. "Yes."

"You want to make Tezuka-buchou and Fuji-senpai sing?" Momo burst out in surprise.

Again, Inui nodded. "Precisely."

"But isn't that a little bit on the too drastic scale?" Oishi asked, looking a little worried.

"No," Eiji said slowly as he seemed to think about this. "I think it's just drastic enough to work!"

"But Tezuka-buchou will know that you made him sing on purpose," Ryoma said, pointing out the plan's major flaw. "You'll get maybe one song out of him and then he'll make you run laps and order you to give him the antidote right away. He won't be affected long enough to feel the juice's full effects."

"And that is why I am going to say that I lost the recipe to the antidote," Inui said calmly. "That will give us at least three days for the juice to work properly."

"But then you'll have to run even more laps," Kaidoh pointed out.

Inui nodded yet again. "Yes, but I am wholly confident that any plan we decide on will end in at least one of us running laps and I am fully prepared for that person to be me."

There was a pause as everyone thought about this plan.

Eventually Eiji nodded, looking satisfied. "Well it's crazy, but I think it just might work."

Oishi slowly nodded as well, looking a little unsure but as if he was coming around to the idea gradually. "It certainly helped the rest of us."

"And as a plus, we get to see Buchou and Fuji-senpai sing!" Momo said brightly, clearly looking forward to the surreal experience.

"Hey. Yeah!" Eiji said, looking as if he was just then realizing the greatness of this fact. "Ooh," he said, rubbing his hands together gleefully. "This is gonna be fun! Do you think they'll sing in the middle of practice like I did?"

Oishi smiled down at his excited boyfriend. "We can only hope."

Kaidoh was clearly trying to imagine his senpai and captain singing in the middle of practice and, going by the weird expression on his face, he was obviously being rather successful at it and noticeably regretting the decision to try.

But, feeling like they were getting a little bit ahead of themselves, Ryoma then asked the all important question. "But how are we going to get them to drink the juice?"

Everyone stopped.

Momo blinked. "Hey, yeah. How are we?"

Eiji looked stumped. "I don't know." He looked to Inui again. "Inui?"

Inui frowned, but then put out his suggestion. "I suppose we could switch their water bottles."

Ryoma looked skeptical of this idea. "I dunno. Wouldn't they notice something like that?"

"I certainly would," Momo said.

Kaidoh and Eiji nodded their heads in agreement.

"How much do they have to drink for the juice to actually effect them?" Oishi asked, trying to come at the problem logically.

Inui thought about this. "I assume as much as one would normally serve as a punishment."

"So maybe a cupful?" Oishi said then looked to Inui, "And that's what—three gulps?"

Inui did some mental measuring then nodded. "Approximately."

"Can we mix the juice with something else?" Eiji asked. "You know, to maybe disguise the taste?"

Inui shook his head. "I cannot know without a number of experiments but I would assume not. It would dilute the juice's hallucinogenic qualities."

"Then we'll just have to switch their drinks with the juice when we can and hope that they swallow enough for it to work," Oishi said.

"And that's our plan?" Ryoma asked, looking like he couldn't quite believe they were trying something so iffy.

"Unless you can think of something better," Oishi said.

Ryoma clearly couldn't and so that was their plan. Eiji nodded and clapped his hands together to signal the end of the serious part of their meeting then he went to go get his Nintendo Wii. Now they could play video games and goof off all they wanted.


"Alright. That's it! Take ten!" Tezuka called, stopping morning practice for a ten-minute break. This was exactly the moment Inui had been waiting for.

Quickly putting down his tennis racket on the bench, he dug around in his bag (which he had taken out to the bench near the courts for just this reason) and took out the vial of Singing Juice he had carried to school that morning in his backpack. Then, as casually and quickly as he could, he took Tezuka's water bottle (which, as planned, had been sitting right there next to his bag) and poured all of the water out before pouring at least half of the vial into the bottle. Thankfully it was one of those colorful, non-disposable water bottles so this switch couldn't easily be seen. And, twisting the cap of the bottle back on, he set it back on the bench exactly where it had been before and put the vial of Singing Juice back in his bag. Looking around, he noticed that Fuji was already drinking from his water bottle and decided that he would get him later.

Having stopped to talk to Nakayama-sensei, the high school tennis coach, Tezuka finally made his way to the bench and picked up his water bottle as Inui quickly vacated the area. Inui watched him out of the corner of his eye as he pretended to have a conversation with Kaidoh.

Kaidoh couldn't help but look in Tezuka's direction as the captain raised the bottle to his lips. "He's actually drinking it."

"Not yet. But if all goes according to plan . . ." Inui muttered then frowned as Tezuka lowered the bottle without taking a drink. The coach had called Tezuka over to look at something. Putting down the bottle, Tezuka went over to see what the coach wanted. They spent a few long moments discussing whatever it was the coach was showing Tezuka on the clipboard and then Tezuka went to retrieve his water bottle for a second attempt at a drink.

Lifting the bottle to his lips, Tezuka finally took a drink and immediately choked as the nasty taste of the juice hit his taste buds. Holding a hand to his mouth, he had noticeable trouble trying to swallow, but then he did and was looking at Inui with a glare.


Inui turned and tried to look as if he hadn't been watching the whole thing. "Yes?" he asked calmly.

"Twenty laps," Tezuka ordered.

Inui inclined his head in deferral to this order, a small smirk tugging at the corner of his lips. "Very well."

Hopefully he had swallowed enough for the juice to work, but maybe they needed to give him a second helping.


Later, Fuji cornered him in the hallway, obviously trying to figure out what he was up to.

"That was very interesting what you did to Tezuka today during practice," Fuji said, seemingly deceptively mild.

"Yes," Inui replied calmly, "I was interested to see what his reaction would be to my newest creation as he is not one of my usual subjects."

"And so I assume you got all of the data you needed?" Fuji asked, looking only curious.

Inui nodded but then decided to try something somewhat daring. "Yes, but I was wondering if you would be interested in partaking in it as well." He held out a vial of the juice to Fuji as if showcasing it. "You are subjected to it nearly as often as he is and I am interested to see how it would affect you."

Fuji smiled mildly, but turned the offer down. "Ah, thank you, but no. I'm afraid I have to decline. As much as I would love to try out your newest creation I have to get to class."

Inui understood. "Very well. Perhaps another time?"

Fuji smiled again. "Yes. Perhaps another time."


That wasn't the last of his efforts to get Tezuka and Fuji to drink the juice though. In passing each other in the hall before lunch, Inui had passed along another vial of the juice to both Oishi and Eiji, who in turn carried their respective vials with them out to where they sat with their respective best friends.

Oishi waited until Tezuka's back was turned and then quickly switched Tezuka's covered Styrofoam cup of water with a similar Styrofoam cup of the Singing Juice. Then he sat back and waited for Tezuka to get thirsty.

Eiji had Fuji go back into the cafeteria to get them both extra chopsticks and switched Fuji's drink with the juice by pouring Fuji's Ponta into the grass and refilling the aluminum can. He made sure that he was extra careful to put the drink right back exactly where Fuji had placed it so that when Fuji came back with the two sets of chopsticks he didn't seem to notice the switch.

That is, Fuji didn't notice the switch until he took a long drink of his supposed Ponta. Putting the can down calmly and not looking even slightly disgusted by the taste of the switched juice, he raised a brow at Eiji, who sat there and tried to pretend to be oblivious.

Finally, Eiji pretended to notice Fuji looking at him. "What?"

"Did you switch my drink?" Fuji asked, but he sounded almost amused so it was okay.

Still, Eiji tried to pretend innocence. "Um . . . no?"

Fuji wasn't fooled. Of course he wasn't fooled. He knew Eiji too well. "Did Inui put you up to this?"

Eiji noticeably winced. "Yes," he admitted shamefacedly.

Now Fuji was definitely looking amused and he turned to look around their surroundings. "Is he watching us right now?"

Eiji nodded again, still looking shamefaced. "Yeah, he's right behind that tree," Eiji said, pointing at the tree about five feet away.

Hearing his name and knowing he was found out, Inui peeked his head out from behind the tree.

Fuji waved and pointedly took another drink of his supposed Ponta.

Meanwhile, on the other side of campus, Tezuka had finally gotten thirsty and he reached out for his drink. Taking a long gulp of what was supposed to be water, the nasty taste of Inui's juice hit his taste buds for a second time that day and Tezuka choked, his face screwing up in disgust.

"Mrh!" he said, or at least something close to that, and then he tried to quickly choke down what was in his mouth.

Oishi quickly handed Tezuka his own drink to wash down the nasty taste. Tezuka sipped this almost desperately, trying to get rid of the taste in his mouth.

"Inui," Tezuka growled angrily as he put aside Oishi's drink before he could drain the whole thing.

Oishi looked concerned, but pretended he didn't know what was going on. "What happened?"

"Inui switched my drink," Tezuka explained shortly and Oishi did his best to not look guilty. Tezuka wasn't paying him any attention though so he was safe. Still, looking murderous, Tezuka took a bite of his cafeteria rice ball, chewed, swallowed, and said, "Remind me to make him run laps."

"How many?"

"Fifty." The number was firm and resolute, Tezuka not even needing to think about this.

"Well, okay . . ." Oishi agreed, trying not to sound like he was less than happy with the amount. Tezuka still wasn't paying him any attention though, too caught up in his angry thoughts, so he was, again, safe.


"So did you do it?" Eiji asked Oishi later after school.

Oishi nodded. "Yeah. You?"

"Yeah. He found me out but then he just thought it was Inui being Inui. He doesn't expect the singing."

"Right. Tezuka doesn't either. He thought it was just Inui being Inui too."

Eiji smiled. "Good thing, Inui has a reputation for this or else we'd be screwed."

Oishi smiled back somewhat weakly. "Yeah."