Summery - Katie is 2nd in command of a newborn army in the south, and content. But then one of the army's members, Samantha, shows her the truth, and tells her of a different, better way of life, with no fighting. They leave the army and try to find this different way to live. Along the way, they meet newborn Sophia, who someone turned and then left before the transformation was complete. Together, can they start a new life?

She was beautiful. So beautiful. Her pale, pale skin seemed to glitter, reflecting the light of the street lamps. Her hair was long and black as a starless night, her dress the same shade. Her eyes were red as blood, and seemed to stare right into my soul. Run! the smarter part of my brain yelled at me. Go! But I couldn't. I was stuck here, wondering at her beauty, breathing in her wonderful scent. Then she spoke, her voice like bells and wind chimes. "What's your name?" "K-K- Katie" I stuttered. She came closer. Run away! I pushed the part of myself that was warning me to the back of my mind. Another graceful step towards me. I could see her sharp teeth glinting unnaturally. Maybe I should go... I began to turn to run, but suddenly she was right in front me, grabbing me, stopping my escape before it began. She brought her face towards me, her lips at my throat. What was she doing? I screamed. Help! I felt a sharp pain, like I had been bitten. Then the burning started. The world was on fire!! What had she done?! It was like I had suddenly been thrown into the hottest flames in the universe. I started to fall, but I didn't. Was she holding me up? I couldn't tell, the fire had blocked my vision. I felt myself moving, so fast it was flying. Then I was set down. Where was I? I didn't know, didn't care, didn't care about anything but finding a way to end the pain that was burning through me. Burning! Whenever I thought it couldn't get worse, couldn't possibly hurt anymore then it was, the fire doubled in strength and burned me more. I wished I could die, wished I had never been born, I would do anything to make the pain stop! This was past torture.

I don't know how much time passed. I could have been burning for minutes or days or years, I couldn't tell. I was past caring. The flames were definitely at their highest. Never before had I felt something near this hot! But of course, as always, as soon as I thought it was hot as it would ever be, it got hotter. Hotter! I changed my mind, I'm no longer going to compare this to a fire. A fire would feel cold next to this!

Then something changed. No way! I gasped in surprise as I realized that the pain was leaving my fingers and toes. But wait a minute... the flames were just retreating to my heart! They left my hands, feet, then arms and legs. But it was just hotter at my heart! I screamed again. Why couldn't I die?! The burning was now completely gone from the rest of my body and had raced its way back to my heart. It was so hot there that it had become almost cold!

Then suddenly, impossibly, it was gone. Just like that. My heart stopped beating, like it had left with the flames, yet I was still alive. The lack of burning was almost impossible to understand. I had thought it was going to go on forever. But it was gone. Almost. It seemed to be lingering at my throat. I slowly opened my eyes. The first thing I noticed was the clearness of the world. I could see every crack in the ceiling above me; I could even watch the individual dust motes swirling through the air. Then I saw the face in front of me, the face of the beautiful woman from earlier. With my new, improved vision, she was even more beautiful. "Who are you? What happened?" My voice sounded strange, not at all like me. It was too clear and beautiful. "My name is Rebecca. I'm a vampire. And now you're one too."