Sorry, I hate it when people do a whole chapter just for an author note, but…

Thank you SO MUCH to Annette Lee for being my first, and only, reviewer! Because of you, I have decided to continue this story! Once I get over my writer's block... xP

I know basically where I want this story to go, but I don't know how to get there. Lemme see if I can explain it:

I want A to happen, but first I need B to happen. But B is a gradual thing, so I need something, C, to happen while B happens. I cant just say, "Bam, B happens", 'cuz then it'd be too obvious which would make A easier to guess, and make it not have the right impact. Is that understandable?

So, basically, I need to come up with a mini-plot. Until then, this story is on hiatus. And maybe after then, too, because I have mucho homework and problems with procrastination. Dx I'll try. =P