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Flash and Atom came up for a hello hug and kiss on the cheek when she came in with Ollie, murmuring their usual uncle compliments while Bruce stood to receive her. Lara didn't acknowledge her at all except to meet her eyes and blink. It was as much a hello as she was capable. The others ignored her entrance but had the good grace not to look too annoyed at the interruption.

As always, she found herself smiling at Bruce as she walked up to him. She got his full eyesmile in return - a rare treat, and doubly so after being late. She squeezed his forearm hello and he even turned his head a bit to watch her duck under his cape. Thirty seconds later she was out, one hand shutting her briefcase on her blouse and pants and the other pulling on her own cowl. Carrie rubbed bridge of her nose under her mask and plucked away the long latex strip that concealed her scar during the day. Lara didn't wince, but her eyes tightened a bit - Lara maintained that it was the single most disgusting thing she'd ever seen. This basically proved that Lara needed to get out more. Carrie'd have to eat the latex strip in front of her if sometime, possibly today if these meeting dragged out too long.

They weren't the Justice League, not really, but they all watched over things, kept an eye on politicians, weapons, and the occasional super powered space monster. So they met up once a month, usually, and even at 19 Carrie was still doted upon - most of them were pretty short in the offspring department, so she tolerated it from anyone but Bruce, who didn't dare anyway. Lara's mom was present this time (she couldn't manage to think of her as either Wonder Woman or Diana - she was pregnant again, so the mom aspect just stuck), which could mean seriousness or nothing at all. Usually she stayed on her lady island raising the SuperWonderClan, but she'd been known to show up, apparently just to glare at her daughter's questionable choice of a friend. But really, saying "Man's World" all the time was inherently funny.

Bruce maintained that at least Supes seemed more stable with a family now. No more crazy ransoms. No more loving someone he couldn't dare actually love in the Biblical sense. It had to have been stressful - Carrie could relate. And Kandor was out there, too, floating near the Amazons' island, a source of frustration and fascination for Lara.

Poor girl was stuck between three worlds, really - after being disappointed by Kandor and her home, her dad had strongly suggested that she spend some time around the species that was still 99.99 of Earth's population. Which lead to Lara snagging Carrie off the street one day, which lead to Bruce freaking out and chasing them down in one of the fancier deadlier jets a few minutes later. Carrie called him off, of course - she didn't know what Lara was looking for exactly in time they had to talk, but the girl was angry and lost and frustrated and who couldn't relate to that?

They weren't exactly best friends now, but if Bruce hadn't made it clear that he wanted her with him after the meeting then she and Lara would have probably headed out somewhere. Probably to look at shoes. Or to annoy Ollie to escort them to Paris again for a few days. They maintained that the theatrics of crime fighting at a young age lead them to have the sole vice of loving very, very nice clothes. They had agreed that at some point in the future, they would wear their ridiculous platform thigh high stripper boots to a meeting just to see if anyone besides Ollie even commented. Or maybe they'd feel well-meaning and decent and go help sink a few more wells in Africa. They were young, super powered, or rich - the world was their fucking oyster.

Superman stood and the meeting was over. The Boss might berate her for drifting off, but she wasn't the one with the photographic memory, and he'd debrief her and the boys after the meeting anyway. Besides, she would have tuned in if anyone had even raised their voice, but this had possibly been their most sedate meeting ever. The part of her brain that was Bruce at this point said that in that case, they were probably missing something big. As friendly chitchat broke out amongst a few she caught Lara's eye again and jerked her head up once, knowing the message would be received, They would probably meet up tomorrow, if nothing catastrophic broke out.

She kissed Ollie and Wally and Hal goodbye before following Bruce out the roof door. The storm that had threatened to the south blew in while she was in the meeting, the dark signaling the streetlights prematurely. On top of the (significantly shorter and less ostentatious than the Wayne Building) Kayne building the wind had picked up significantly, but there were no drops in the sky. It was still rosy to the west but with the clouds, the lights Gotham had put on her full, weird splendor.

Bruce pulled out a grappling hook and she could tell his raised eyebrows even behind the mask. Excited, she said, "Boys, take the plane," into her wrist and vaulted herself onto his back just as he swung out into the night. Her in white over his cape probably ruined the full effect, but it felt good to be out in the night again. They rarely got the chance to do a patrol, so rarely that even almost four years after her debut in tights Bruce was still teaching her new things every time they went out. It was a relief, though, to swing around in the night, beating up muggers and pimps and generally letting Gotham know she was still looked after. At least two of the batboys went out every night, but no one could strike terror quite like the Boss.