"You can't kill her!"

"I wasn't planning on it. That's what I'm worrying about. Normally, I would have no problem going after her, but she's with child. Again, not a big issue. She's carrying someone who would be a lovely little science experiment."

"You plan on using that child as a science experiment?"

"No. It'd just be nice to have someone I can talk to about what it's like to have literally every cell in your body rejecting it's neighbors!"

"How can you think something like that? I'll always be here for you and you know it."

"But you'll never fully understand anything I might tell you," she said, starting to quiet down.

"And you think having someone like you is going to help? She'll be a newborn. She won't be able to talk to you about anything. And she'll only be part bloodsucker, not completely like you," I reminded her.

"I know that, Jake, but it's a hell of a lot better than nothing."

She turned away from me and stepped down the stairs. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair, leaning against the wall. Our first fight and it's only been a few days.

"Two, right?" a voice said. I glared back up the hallway. Rocco was standing at the end, both hands in his pockets. He looked absolutely smug about something. Instantly, I started thinking about how Stephanie felt when we were sitting on her bed.

Rocco growled at me and I stared, remaining calm. "I thought Stephanie got ride of you. I thought it was apparent that you aren't allowed here, nor wanted," I hissed.

"Well, there was never an official citation or conversation about it. Besides, only Stephanie can kick me out. It is her house, after all."

I glared at him. I didn't want him anywhere near her.

"Any why not? Afraid she'll leave you for me? I can't blame you, but you're really going to have to let that go. Gotta move on with your life," he said, smirking.

"And, pray tell, why would I choose your slimy guts over him?"

I turned to see Steph standing behind me on the landing, I hadn't even heard her. Neither had Rocco by the look on his face.

"You went from me to this ass? He thinks he owns the place simply because of you. That's not right."

"You did the same thing, remember? It doesn't matter what you think is right. It's my decision. I want you out now. Please don't make me say it again. As always, third time's the charm."

"I can't believe y—"

"Leave," she whispered, taking a small step toward him. Rocco walked past me to the doorway I assumed led to his 'old' room.

"Just be glad your girlfriend was here today, wolf boy," he growled. I bared my teeth and barely kept myself from tearing him to pieces. Stephanie glanced at me for a second before conducting a full search for his belongings.

In seconds, she had everything packed and at the bottom of the stairs, waiting to be taken out the door. I wondered if this meant that she had forgiven me for our slight disagreement earlier.

"Goodbye, Rocco," she said, sourly.

"Until next time, dog," he muttered.