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"Jasper," I said for the hundredth time today. "I'm going to be fine. You don't need to say goodbye a hundred times." I smiled; I stopped when he didn't smile back. "Jasper, Jazzy?" I said his nickname with worry. "Jasper? Is there anything going on?" It was highly unlikely that I didn't see if there was something that was planned, but, it was possible, which frightened me.

"Nothing's wrong, Alice. I'm just worried. Whenever I'm about to go away from you for certain amounts of time I get worried, you know that," he replied. His voice seemed… distant, but I couldn't be sure.

"Just, have fun, okay?" I made him promise. He nodded and I hugged him, kissing him lightly. "Have fun out there with Carlisle. Go and bag a mountain lion or a grizzly. Just to piss them off," I smiled again and this time, he smiled back, a sweet, crooked smile. When Jasper smiled, I knew everything was going to be alright. I watched him walk out of the room, missing him already.

I looked out the window, watching the two pull out in Carlisle's Mercedes. I looked back on that afternoon…

I was straddling him, my arms wrapped around his neck, his arms around my waist. Occasionally I would give him a soft kiss, and nothing more. These were the moments I cherished. Just sitting here, talking about nothing, and sometimes not talking at all. Today we were just staring at each other. He would be gone with Carlisle for a week. They were going hunting. I don't know why they hadn't gone with the rest of the family, but they were entitled to their reasons I suppose.

"Jasper, you seem troubled," I commented, looking at his face. The look in his eyes was distant, he didn't seem to be there in full. Like something was distracting him. He wasn't planning anything against me, or for me. At least that's what my visions had told me.

"I'm just thinking," he replied with a smile. My smile widened in return, and I gave him another kiss.

"It's times like these when I envy Edward's gift," I said absently. He chuckled in response. I resituated myself so that my back was against his chest, and his arms wrapped around my waist in a possessive manner. What would I have done without him? He was my life now. I couldn't imagine an existence without him. Yes, Edward said the same about Bella, but I loved Jasper before I saw him for the first time physically.

"I love you, Alice," he whispered in my ear. I smiled.

"I love you too," I replied.

"I will always find you, no matter what," he continued to say. This confused me, but I nodded in understanding nonetheless.

I came back to the present, only to have to close my eyes and let the familiar feeling of an oncoming vision overwhelm me.

It was crowded and bright. People talking, babies screaming, people arguing, all the noises were bellowing in my ears. A loudspeaker came on and a voice announced a departing flight to Paris, France. An airport...I realized. But why was I seeing an airport? A familiar face became clear in the crowd. He was still, his face pained and bothered. Jasper.

He looked back to the entrance of the gate, but turned back. He was standing in line, his hands in his pockets. My vision followed him outside, to the stairs leading up to a large commercial plane. He was getting on the flight just announced. He looked back once more before disappearing through the door.

"Jasper!" I called, knowing that it was just a vision and he couldn't hear me. How could I not have seen this? This...was insane! I forced my eyes open and looked around hastily. I located the keys to my Porsche.

"Alice?" I didn't look towards the door, but I knew that it was Edward. "Alice, what's wrong?" My mind was moving faster than it ever had before. I pushed past him, running like lightning to the garage.

Jasper...I kept thinking. I started the engine and gunned it down the road. I can't be late...no...I can't even be one minute too late. Or else I'll never see him again. Go faster, dammit. I pushed the gas petal to the floor. I can't lose him.

I saw his face looking through the crowd. I called his name, but the noise from the people surrounding us drowned me out, even for a vampire. He stayed there, looking for someone. Looking for me. I jumped up and down, waving my hands, hoping to get his attention, but he couldn't see me.

He turned around, his time had come to board the plane. "Jasper, wait!" I shouted. He turned his head slightly, as if he heard me, but shook his head. He smiled at the lady, gave her his ticket, and boarded the plane. I pushed through the people, not caring if I was exposed at this point. I got to the door, and not caring if it was shut or not, I had to call out to him.

"Jasper, it's me!" I yelled. I saw him nod his head again, and continue walking. The lady who had taken his ticket was holding me back. She might have been saying something, but I wasn't sure. I didn't care what she had to say. All I cared about was walking away from me.

"Jasper, please don't do this!" I yelled again as he rounded the corner, disappearing from my line of vision. "Please, come back to me," I said, my voice a whisper now. He wouldn't be able to look back and see me pleading for him to stay. His mind was set, he knew what he was doing, but I didn't. I wouldn't allow myself to see. How could I have been so blind earlier?

I was in his lap as he was planning this, and now he was gone.

"Please," my voice pleaded for the last time. "Don't do this."

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