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Spencer is going crazy, and keeps asking Socko, annoyed, why he agreed to do this. Every time, Socko sighs and reminds him he did it because he loves his sister. At this, he simply grumbles to himself because it's not really what he was talking about.

There are over a dozen kids here and all of the little boys are fawning over Sam, and he thinks she's done it on purpose. He's never seen her wear anything like what she has on now, and she's flirting with all of the guys.

Before he realizes it, he rushes over and grabs her by the arm, explaining, "I need to talk to you."

She lets herself be led away, looking back at the guys, letting her smile linger. It fades from her face before Spencer spins her around to face him in the back hallway.

Before she can ask, 'What do you want?' Spencer blurts out, "I wasn't drunk!"

It takes a second for Sam's face to fall in shock, and she barely get out a faint, "What?" before Spencer goes on distractedly.

"I mean – I was drunk, and that was not a fake hangover – but I wasn't drunk. I mean – I wasn't drunk drunk, y'know?" She shakes her head vaguely as the shock melts from her face, allowing a giddy smile to grow. "So I – I mean I didn't – " he takes a deep breath, looking at her, "You're driving me crazy – flirting with all these guys and…" he looks downtrodden. "I – I meant it."

Sam just stares at him for a second. He ignores her smile, taking a deep breath to go on, but she doesn't let him get to it. She launches herself towards him, kissing him excitedly. Spencer actually picks her up, and they kiss heatedly for a minute or two until he pulls back, "Just don't tease me."

A few minutes later, they go back to the party, and neither is worried anymore. None of it matters, because even though they don't have each other, they still have each other. For a day, a week, six months, forever? Now.




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