A/N: Alright, people. This is just a teensy weensy little taste of the sequel, to wet your appetites. First chapter COULD be out earlier than December. Maybe. Depends on Ms. Muse's schedule. I'm really having trouble tying down my inspiration to one project at the moment, including my own originals. But, Bon appetite!




The Spanish came to the New World searching for it, seeking the Fountain of Youth. It is the prize of all worshipers of the major religions. Alchemists wasted their lives attempting to solve it. Middle-aged women buy little white tubes of chemicals to preserve their skin in its pursuit.

And all because of a simple little fear of death, instilled into us as babies and nurtured through horror films and fire-escape plans, until we fruitlessly strive in all the wrong ways to avoid its clutches.

What the Spanish and the gods and the alchemists didn't know however, was that infinity wasn't all it was cracked up to be.