Title: Tarnished Steel
Fandom: Astro City
Disclaimer: i own nothing Astro City related.

Summary: Astro City Vol.2 #14-20. Steeljack from different POV's.

1. Biro Island Warden.

He is sitting in front of me.

Carl Donewicz. Steeljack. Because Steel-Jacketed Man is a bit too long, don't you think? Technically he could be called The Man of Steel, but Donewicz has nothing of Superman's virtues.

Not exactly a big league player. He is just a thug with superpowers. Tough, but stupid. Cannon fodder for guys like Deacon.

Well, he wasn't so tough in 78', when Cleopatra struck him by lighting. Eventually Steeljack landed here. For twenty years. It could be longer, but the man was almost a model prisoner, so the parole board decided to give him a chance.

Just a waste of time, if somebody ask me. But the rules are rules.

So he is sitting in front of me. I'm giving him the usual speech about "won't be seeing you again". I think it's as boring as "you have the right to keep silence" for cops. His reply is as standard as my speech. "I'm gonna do my best to make sure I don't wind up here".

He sounds as he really believes in it. Maybe he really believes. Too bad his illusions are short-lived. The world isn't nice for ex-cons. Especially for surer-ex-cons. He's got no wife or kids to return to. No work – and he'll never find one, with his appearance and infamy. No home. No money.

Steeljack just has no choice. Crime is the only option left for the likes of him.

Robberies, assaults, – and the inevitable collision with superheroes. And he'll return to jail.

It's just a question of time.

Believe me, some things never change.