Kodomo no Jikan is an Anime/Manga not a X-over. There is not a Kodomo no Jikan category, so it resides here, but I will move it once there is one. I want a Kodomo no Jikan Category!!



Her body's frame just visible, even though the glass that separates us. Her eyes closed as she washes her hair, this may be my only chance. She moves her hands through her beautiful hair shaking out the soap. Her hands so small and fragile, her arms of similar size, like the rest of her body so small so cute. With such a fragile body one would never think of the big personality she hold with in her. So brave, willing to protect her friends, so courageous she never backs down from a threat.

She is so wonderful, how could I feel anything other than love. As she faces towards me I can see so much better the figure of her beautiful face. The steam from the shower hides me; I can still stay here, next to her. Looking again at her face I am filled with memories. So many happy memories of her, with that ever-smiling face. If there were anything most beautiful about her it would her smile. What are you thinking about now, are you thinking of your friends as your humming echoes through the room? Do you think of me often? Do you share the same feelings that I have for you? As long as we are together it doesn't matter. As long as we can stay side by side. Even if you don't know, even if the love we have is just the love of friends, as long as you are still smiling.


yay my first fanfic!!

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