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This is my first FF. I might go slightly off-topic on characters, but I'll try to keep it as real as possible :).

It is going to be emo, so if you don't like such themes I'd suggest not reading it.

If you care to review it, please give constructive critisism instead of murdering me instantly. I am not a good writer, and I want to learn how to write better :)

Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy!


The moonlight kept his eyes open as it pierced through the curtains in his room. He lied there in the bed, wrapping himself around the thick sheets. The bed was soft, but his back still hurt. Rolling around frequently did not change this, the pain was still there.

His feet was freezing, even though the rest of his body was warm. The cold, winter air caressed his cheek gently, giving him a slight blush. His lips was kept open, making his mouth dry.

«Please, call me..»

Stan's low voice filled the room as he had yelled it out. A cold silence fell over the room as the echo ended. He wrapped himself even tighter around the sheets, making his body unable to move anymore. The pain in the back felt like knife stabs, but he did not care. He was already in enough pain.

Keeping his eyes on the cellphone on the pillow next to him, it is all he'd been staring at the last couple of months. Waiting for somebody to message him, waiting for somebody to call. The pain ached in his heart,

«What made this happen?».

The thought floated around in his mind, but he did not want to remember. But the memories of happiness and love haunted him. How did everything get so screwed up? How the fuck did I manage to screw it up so badly?

«We are best friends forever, are we not, Stan?»

Kyle smiled at him with a small laugh. His eyes stared into Stan's eyes, making Stan smile back warmly. It felt so safe and real. A real connection between to people.

«Yeah, dude. How many times must I say yes?»

They both laughed, Kyle almost fell off Stan's bed, dropping the comic he held in his hands.

Stan sat on his computer chair, surfing through the various websites he used to be on.

«Hey, dude. Remember this?»

Stan clicked on a link, and through his speakers, a recognisable voice came through:

"I say, what what, in the butt. I say what what, in the butt. Wanna do it, in my butt?!"

Kyle jumped off the bed, and stood almost instantly next to Stan. The sight of Butters dancing and singing in the video made them lose it. Stan fell off his chair in laughter, and Kyle quickly followed, falling down onto the floor. Their stomach hurt as they were gasping for air.

"Jesus Christ, dude! I can't understand how Cartman made him do it!"

Kyle said, still having a laughing fit. Stan just shook his head, saying :" I have no idea!"

The cellphone started vibrating. He opened his eyes slowly, not realizing it at first. He quickly let go of the sheet, making his arm able to move.

"Kyle!" His mind said instantly. A sudden adrenaline kicked in. With wide eyes, he looked down at the screen, a hope lightened up inside him:

"From: Butters 1:47 AM 9th September

Hey Kyle. Sorry if I am d..."

His chest hurt. Like if someone stabbed him in the heart with thousand knives.

He couldn't care to click on the "READ" button. He let go off the cellphone, closing his eyes again. The memories floated back, bringing him back to a time when he was happy. A faint picture of Kyle came up in his head, and it didn't take long before he fell asleep.


Well, that's it for now.

As I said earlier, I am -not- a good writer, and I'd like constructive critisism if you care to review. I had originally planned to write more, but I'm busy with school stuff etc.

Anyways, hoped you enjoyed it! I shall write more if you like it :)