Naruto is a normal eight year old boy if you don't add in the fact that he's the jailer of Kyuubi. He is walking to the Shinobi School to start his first day of learning to be a shinobi. He's wearing a crimson shirt and black pants with a katana on his back which is called The Crimson Sky one of a twin pair. The other blade belongs to Naruto sensei which It mostly likely the only person that sees him for a human being if you don't add in the Hokage. As Naruto is getting to the school gates he sees four boys calling a purple hair girls names and hitting her. One thing pissed him off was fact their calling her whore and snake bitch but then once they started to hit her that just get him pissed off farer, Naruto walked in front of the purple hair girl and looked at the boys with a ice cold stare that would made Hokage have ice run up his spine.

"Leave her alone or else." He said to them in a cold voice.

"How about we just beat the shit out of you to? One of the boys says back to him.

"Then try it if you have the guts." Naruto replied with a blank look.

Two of the boys ran at Naruto but Naruto used chakra in his feet to jumped pass them but as he passed them he sent his two feet at the same time each foot hit one of the two boys which sent both into a wall.

The other two boys looked at Naruto then pissed themselves as they run back inside of the school.

"Are you ok?" Naruto said in a calm and safe voice to her.

"Why did you help me?" She asked him back.

"Because I hate seeing people doing that to girls and I really hate it when the girl is a pretty one that they're hitting." Naruto said back with a little blush on his face because to him she is a pretty girl.

"Thank you and my name is Anko Mitarashi what is yours?" She said back with a blushing face because he thinks she is pretty.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki and why are they doing that to you?" He said/asked back to her.

"Because my old sensei backstabber the village and gave me the curse mark on my neck." When she gets done saying that to Naruto he moved his face to her neck. He slowly pulled the fishnet shirt down a little to see the mark. Anko was scary now because she thinking that the only person beside the Hokage and Kurenai that was nice to her is about to hate her because of the mark.

"They hate you just because of this? That's just messed up." Anko smiled when she heard him say that to him. This means that he didn't hate her like everyone else did but she was wondering why that was.

"Yes but that is why I don't have any friends beside Kurenai-chan and the Hokage." She said back to him as she looked down at the ground.

"I'll be your friend and also we kindly in the same thing because everyone hates me because the 4th Hokage sealed the nine tail demon Kyuubi inside of me when I was first born." Naruto said back to her because he wanted to cheer her up.

"Really you will?" She was happy that did was going to be friend but also she was wondering why she had told her something like that. Wasn't he scared that she would hate him or not want to be around him.

"Yea I'll be you friend no matter what." He replied back to her as he looks her over. She was in a fishnet shirt and had a brown coat on that was down to her kneels and a skirt that was to her kneels as well but her had fishnet down to her kneels as well. She had lovely purple hair and brown eyes but to Naruto her eyes are beautiful and her she looks breathtaking to him but he had to force before she found out that he was looking at her like that.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" She looked away with a blush on her face. She didn't know why she was acting like this because it was the first time she has even done this.

"I want to see if I was right about something but the thing is that you're a pretty girl. But as think it over as I was looking at you and it come to me which I have to said you're not pretty but that because your beautiful." Once he said that both of their faces are a beet red. Naruto notice that she had some dirt and blood on her face so he washes her back with some cloth he had in his bag.

"You used chakra before in order to help me and that means you had training before?" She asked/said to him hoping to find out more about her new friend.

"Yes, I had training by Itachi Uchiha before he killed his whole clan." Naruto said back as he cleaning her face and arms. Anko was watching him clean her as she comes up with a idea to tease him about.

"You most like cleaning me." She said back teasing him and it work because his face was a deep dark red. True be told he did like to clean because he was this close to her without being hit or called perverted.

"Maybe I do and what will you do if I do?" Naruto teased her back causing her to blush a deep red just like she made him do.

"I would say that you should get to know me before you go that far." Naruto smirks to her because she was matching him in teasing each other. Only person who could do that was kyuubi and he was glad he found someone else that can do that.

"Then I may just need to get to know you better then." Once he was done cleaning her up he helps her to her feet. But his eyes never once left her brown eyes but he just looks away for a second.

"Maybe you do and we have to go to class now" She said back to him. Naruto moved her so she was leaning on his shoulder because one she is hurt and walking funny because of it. That's why he's making her use his shoulder for help. Without him realizing by doing so it's making her blush a deep red. When they get inside of the classroom they see the boys talking to a man with a scar on his nose.

"Is it true that you hurt two of his friends?" The man asked Naruto but Naruto wasn't going to let these fools get away with what they did.

"It is true and I did that because they called Anko whore and snake bitch but also they hit her and cause her to bleed but there other reason they attacked me and I just kicked the shit out of them with one kick." Naruto said looking at the teacher and kids in a cold stare that would make the Shinigami not want to look at him.

Shinigami looked down at Naruto and his eyes. "He's going to kill that teacher and kids. I just know it and I wonder maybe he would make a good helper."

"Well I guess that is a good reason for doing that and so take you sits so we can start this class." The man said back to them. Naruto and Anko sat down next to each other on the top row but this didn't go unnoticed no it didn't because a shy little stalker is pissed that her Naruto is sitting next to Anko. She a stalker and to bad

"My name is Iruka and I'm going be your teacher for the next four years." He said back to them in a friendly tone.

After half way into class Naruto has fallen asleep but by doing that leaves Anko with a blush on her face. You must be now wondering why Anko has a blushing face because Naruto has fallen asleep. Well it's because Naruto head is now on her lap and she's looking around hoping people will not notice but one person did and her anger is getting higher because of Anko. Anko starts wondering why the girl is looking at her like that with anger in her eyes. "Does she like him? If she does then too bad because I hope he asks me one day but if he doesn't I will understand." was Anko thoughts on the matter with the white eye girl.

The bell starts to ring which means it's time for lunch. Naruto walks away from the school which Anko sees and fallows him.

"Where are we going?" She asked as she jumped on his back.

"Ichiraku ramen place because it's the best place to eat out." He replied back as he put her off his back. He put her off his body because he wanted to see what she would do but he did like her on his back.

"Ok but tomorrow we eat dangos" She told him with a pouting face that Naruto couldn't say no to. He never understands why girls are so cute with their pouting.

"Ok ok you win we will have dangos tomorrow' He said and Anko smiled and did a little dance to Naruto liking. I need to get to do that little dance more of the time

Naruto and Anko sat down on a sit inside of the Ramen bar. The old man looks at the two kids and smiled because finally Naruto had a friend his own age.

"Who is your friend? Maybe she is your girlfriend?" He asked him which cause Naruto and Anko to blush and the old man get a hit on the head by his daughter Ayame.

"Hello Ayame-chan" Naruto said to her with a smile but Anko was hoping Naruto didn't have a crush on this new girl in front of them.

"What can I get you two?" Ayame asked him in her normal sweet tone of voice that she used around Naruto.

"I'll have beef Ramen please." Naruto looks over at Anko waiting to see what she's going to get.

"I have the same for me to." She said to Ayame.

"Two beefs coming up." She said as she started to make the ramen for them.

"Can I ask something Anko do you want to train with me after school or do something else?" He asked her in his normal tone of voice hoping that she will say yes to him.

"Sure but just try not to get beaten to bad by me." She gives him a smirk to him but Naruto just comes up with a good idea for himself.

Naruto leaned in and his lips are at her ear and he whispered "If I win then you have to give me a kiss?" When she heard him said kiss she blushed but then looked at him.

"That if you win but that's not going to happen." She said back to him.

When both of them finally get done eating their food he looks at her. Naruto and Anko made their way make to the school but their get their five minutes late and Iruka started to yell at them. Both of them took their sits like before. By the time the school ended Naruto had his head on Anko lap again but this time she was rubbing his soft blonde hair.

"Naruto-kun it's time to wake up." She said to him in a calm and loving tone of voice. She realizes that she called him kun and hoping he didn't hear her.

Naruto slowly open his eyes and said without thinking. "Hello beautiful angel." But once he did Anko blushed like hell.

"About time you got up." She stated to him with a beet red face.

"Sorry Anko-chan and lets go train now." He yawns as he moves his head off her lap and hoping that he can put it on her lap again soon.

"Ok let's getting going" She was wondering why he was saying chan at the end of her name but she liked that he was doing that.

"Just don't forget the bet and the kiss." Her blush returns back to her face but she just looks away from him..

At the training grounds with both Anko and Naruto.

"Looks like there is two women here right now." Naruto said to her as he pointed to two women. One had long black raven hair with beautiful red eyes and the other one is Anko only sister who had long purple hair down to her butt and brown eyes like her.

"Kurenai and sister hello" Anko walks up to both of them with Naruto behind her.

"Hello Anko and who is this with you" Her sister asked her in a calm and caring tone of voice.

"This is Naruto Uzumaki." She said back with a happy tone of voice that her sister couldn't help from smiling because her sister finally has a friend.

"Naruto this is Kurenai Yuuhi and my sister Shiva." Naruto nods his head to them but he notices something about her last name.

"You have same last name as my 2nd sensei." Kurenai was now wondering who his sensei was that had the same last name as her.

"What is your sensei name" There's only four people with Yuuhi and that was herself, her sister, mother and brother.

"Drake Yuuhi the flame demon." He said back to her but as she heard him she was shocked that her brother was still alive because he has been missing for the last four years.

"He is still alive?" She asked him as few tears come down her face.

"Yea and if you want you can see him in ten days because he visiting to see how my training is going." Kurenai smiles to him but looks at him.

"Naruto-kun you have a big bet to lose now." Anko taunts him but he just smirks back to her.

"You mean you're going to lose" She just smirks back to him but she was hoping that she doesn't lose to him.

"What are the rules?" She looks at him but he just closes his eyes again.

"You pick them" She was now smiling because she could use rules against him.

"No genjutsu and no bloodlines but Ninjutsu is allowed and start now" She said back to him as she started to charge at him. Naruto jumped over her and as she turns around Naruto start doing hand sighs then yells out Kurimuson Furebarurusu ( Crimson Fireballs) as he said that he shot out fireballs that are size of a small adult human one after the other till he sent four of them out of him. Anko dodge the fireballs but just barely because her fishnet shirt get burned and was starting to show her chest a little. Anko sent two kunai at Naruto which he caught in mid air and he sent them back to her which cut her lower area of the fishnet shirt. Anko was getting pissed now and she then did hand signs for hidden snakes and two snakes come out from her arm and was heading towards Naruto but as he sees this he start making hand signs and when snake about to hit him he yelled out Kurimuson Furame Arururobusu (Crimson flame arrows) which ten crimson color fire arrows come out of his mouth and into the heads of the snake killing them in seconds.

"Naruto is wining this fight." Kurenai said to Anko sister.

"I wonder what Naruto gets for winning." She asked back to her friend.

"I don't know but I do think it going be fun to watch." Kurenai had a big smirk on her face because this was fun to watch.

"Yes it is and look like Anko doing her summoning." She said back to her as she points to her sister.

Anko summon a white/yellow color snake that was size of a house and she smirk at Naruto.

"Do you give up now Naruto-kun?" She asked him in a teasing tone of voice.

"Na and it's time for me to summon now." He said back to her with a smirk and bit his thumb then did hand sighs. Anko looked at him and was wondering what kind of summon he had and she also hope it wasn't something stronger then hers.

When the smoke clears their see a giant winded serpent that is the size of Kyuubi and her feather wings are every color of the rainbow. The winged serpents eyes are a true silver color and her scales are a deep blue color that looks like she is made out of a blue gem.

"Hello there little Naru-kun." The winged serpent said to him.

"Hello Silver-hime." He replied back.

"Are you doing a training fight with this girl and that… snake summoning.' she said the last part in a cold voice that everyone notice.

"You don't like sssnakes sistersss? The snake asked her.

"Why would I like snakes that pick to side of Manda? After all I was the one that gave him that scar on his face! He pick to let that man with a pure evil soul sign his summoning! The snakes and wing serpents should only be summoned by pure good souls or good souls like the little girl there and Naru-kun!" Silver yelled at the snake with all she had in her.

"This is getting dumb so I'm leaving." With that said the snake left and so did silver.

"That was wired." He said as he walked over to Anko.

"Yea but you won because that would of beat me if she had attack" Anko didn't like to lose but she was glad that Naruto was the one that beat her.

"Are you sure that I won the bet?" He stops right in front of her as he looks into her brown eyes.

"Yea and my first kiss will be by you." She said to him in low voice so no one else can hear her.

"This will be my first time to." He said to her and was glad he looked at Drake orange book now. Naruto moved his arms around her lower back and kissed her lips. As he's kissing her he moves his tongue inside of her mouth and plays with her tongue. When the kiss finally ends Kurenai and Shiva walked up to them.

"Is Naruto your boyfriend?" Shiva asked her sister in a teasing way.

"No it was just a bet and he won so he kissed me." She said back with a blush on her face.

"I have to go and I'll see you tomorrow at school." With that said Naruto start walking out of the training grounds.

"I hope he does ask me out one day." She said to the two women who smirk and looked at her.

With Naruto who is now in his mindscape and walking to the cage for Kyuu-hime. Naruto walks to her and sits next to the cage.

"Hello Kyuu-hime." He said to her when he said that a woman that was around 21 to 27 come over to him in a red dress which her hair was to her butt and she had a hour glass body with two red slit eyes and a great chest that could beat most women in the world and nice long sexy legs.

"Did you like that kiss you gave to that purple hair girl Anko?" She asked him.

"Yea and are you mad at me?" He asked her back.

"Why would I be mad? I did said you need get a girlfriend but I hope I can be with you two" She asked him as she looking into his eyes.

"If I ever get with her then I asked her if she will share me with you" He said as he walked inside the cage and sat down next to her.

"Really Naru-kun?" She asked him and only replied she get was a hard kiss on the lips. He strokes her hair as he moves her down onto of his lap and looks down at her.

"Yea really my little fox-hime." He said back to her.

"Do you still remember how we met each other?" She asked him as he is caressing arm arms.

"I'll never forget how we did." He said back to her.

Naruto is six year old who just passed out because of blood lost thanks to the two chuunin that attack him last night. Naruto wakes up but he is not in the hospital but a sever like place where his feet on in water. Naruto start looking around and sees a cage with a piece of paper that has the word seal on it. Naruto walks closer to the cage but he stops when he hears crying coming from it. He walks to see who crying and when he gets closer to the cage he sees a beautiful young woman crying on her knees.

"Why are you crying pretty lady?" Naruto asked her in a caring tone of voice.

"Because I'm Kyuubi who attack the village six years ago and I'm sealed inside of you and that why everyone hates you and tries killing you. Because of me your life is a living hell." She said to him with more tears coming from her eyes but what Naruto did next shocked her. He kissed her tears to stop her from crying and then strokes her long hair.

"You don't hate me?" She asked him with a tiny bit of happiness in her voice.

"I don't hate you and that because you most of had a reason to attack the village and I can't stay mad at a beautiful woman." He said back to her with a blush on his face.

"You're a sweet person and thank you." She said back to him.

"Thanks and I hope I get to talk to you soon." Naruto said as he wave goodbye to her.

Flashback end.

"I have to go now Kyuu-hime because I really need to sleep." He said to her as she nodded to him.

Four years later Naruto and Anko have gotten closer to each other but they still are not dating and that because both of them are too scary to tell each other that their love each other.

Over the four years Hinata became moved anger at Anko but when Anko and Kurenai was talking to each other and Kurenai told her friend that she be taking care of a girl who name is Hinata and that her father kicked her out because she was no weak to him. Anko was pissed because she hates that white eye girl for looking at her Naru-kun but once Kurenai heard that she teased Anko for two long years. Naruto has become one of the strongest genin to chuunin there is and that all thanks to the training from Anko and Silver but don't forget his two old teachers Itachi and Drake the flame demon.

Both Anko and Naruto are sitting in class and are ready to hear what teams their on but both of them are hoping to be on the same team.

"Before I said the teams I would like I said who the rookie of the year was." Sasuke smirk to him. "The rookie of the year is Naruto Uzumaki." When he said that both weak fan girls yelled at him.

"What! Sasuke is way better." The pink loud mouth yelled out.

"I'm with forehead here!" The other big mouth said.

"It's not my fault that I beat Sasuke in ever fight we had and that I just stronger than him." Naruto said to them and Anko smirk at him and elbow him in the side playfully.

"Team seven Naruto Uzumaki. Anko Mitarashi and Sasuke Uchiha and your sensei is Kakashi Hatake and meet him in room 235." He said them.

Once their get inside the room to wait for their sensei.

"I hate that man!" Anko yelled out to Naruto.

"How come?" He replied back.

"He the one that hits on my sister and mother every time their said no to him" She told her Naru-kun who was now hating this new teacher of his.

"Then maybe I should hurt him then" He looks back at her with a smirk on his face.

"Ok if he hits on me then you can hurt him." She said back but Naruto moved his lips to her right ear but she was wondering why he was doing that.

"Because only I can hit on you right?" He said to her in a whisper causing her to blush and look at him in his blue eyes. She couldn't help but stare into his eyes but that was something she had to wait till later to do.

"Yes and only you." She said back to him but realizing what she just said she looks back with a blushing face. "I mean no you can't" She said as she hit him on the head but Naruto never stop smirking because he starting to think that she likes him.

About two hours later their sensei finally walked in and he sees them and says "Meet me on the roof in five minutes." Once he said that he disappears in a wave of leafs.

When their get onto the roof top and sat down next to their sensei.

"Let's get to know each other and I'll go first because I a nice person. My name is Kakashi Hatake and my likes are dislike is hobby maybe Dream mhm" He said to them then pointed to Anko.

"My name Anko Mitarashi and my likes are Naru-kun and my family and my dislikes are people that hit on my family". She then gave Kakashi a death look then started to talk again. "My hobby is hanging out with Naru-kun and my dream is to be a wife someday soon"

"Great I have her on my team and she still mad that I like hitting on her mother and sister?" Kakashi thoughts and then he pointed to Naruto.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki and my likes are Anko-hime, Silver-hime and Kurenai also Anko nice sister who if you hit on again Kakashi I will make should you can't have kids." Once he said that Kakashi put his hand over his area." My dislikes are perverts and ones that read a orange porn book like the one on you and my hobby is making new jutsus and training and my dream is to be the next Hokage and be better then everyone of them. Once he get done Kakashi then look and pointed at Sasuke,

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha and my likes are none thing and my dislikes are a lot and my hobbies don't have one and my dream is to kill my brother" He said to him.

"Ahahah like you can do that! You can kill Itachi no matter how long you try!' Naruto said as he falling on his ass laughing at him.

"How would you know that dope?" He said back to Naruto.

"First I was trained by him before he killed you class and 2nd you don't know the real reason he killed his clan but I do but I glad he let the women live because Mikoto looks good and is really nice." He said back to him and Kakashi nodded his head about part about Mikoto. But that just pissed off Sasuke to no end.

"I have to go and see me tomorrow for the test at training ground 7 and don't eat breakfast." With that he disappear in a wave of leafs.

Once he was gone Sasuke walked over to Anko.

"How about we go somewhere to eat?" He said to her with a smirk but once Naruto walked in front of her his smirk disappear.

"Anko not the kind of girl that just go with you because you ask her to." Naruto said back to him in a cold tone of voice. Anko was smiling because her Naru-kun is standing up for her again and she likes it.

"How do you know that? Let her talk for herself and you may found out that she would want to have fun with me." He said back to Naruto with other smirk on his face.

Anko moved in front of Naruto and hit Sasuke in the balls with her right knee and said in a cold and deadly tone of voice. "I don't want to do that with you and I never will! Only person I would do that with is Naru-kun." Once she get done talking she realize what she just said and turn beet red but she get shocked by what happened next. Naruto picked her up in bridal style and disappear in a wave of fire and leaving a Uchiha on the ground holding his balls.

When their reappear their backs are to the dango shop that Anko loves but when she was about to talk Naruto kissed her lips and moved his tongue inside of her mouth. Anko let him inside and played with his tongue. When the kissed ended and Naruto started to walk to her house with her still in bridal style they didn't notice team 8 sitting there and Hinata was crying and was pissed off. Ino couldn't believe her eyes and that was the same for Sakura. Kurenai know for long time that this was going to happen and she was happy for her friend Anko but sad for Hinata.

When Naruto get inside of Anko place he let her down.

"What kind of test you think we're going have tomorrow Naru-kun?" She asked him.

"I bet it something to do with teammates and that means me and you will ace it" He stated to her as he holds her close to him.

"That right because we the best team there is and also we in love with each other." She replied then kissed his lips.

"I glad that I finally said that to you because I was trying said that for last four years." Naruto said to her with a blush on his face.

"I was waiting for you said that for four years to Naru-kun." She said back to him and he kissed her lips then neck.

"Where do you want to go get dinner tonight?" He asked her in a caring tone of voice.

"I forget to tell you that my mother and sister asking me and you to come over there to eat." She said with a blush on her face.

"I don't mind and when do we have to meet them?" He asked her.

"At My mother house and in about a hour." She said to him in a nervous tone of voice.

"Ok and how come you don't live with them?" He asked her then kissed her to calm her down.

"Because my old sensei told me when I was five then you know the rest." She said to him looking down but Naruto put his hands on her cheeks and raised her head so he was looking into her eyes then he gently kissed her lips and warped his arms around her lower back.

"It's ok because I'm here for you forever." He said gently into her ear.

"Thank you Naru-kun." She replied as she buried her face into his face and he started to stroke her purple hair with his right hand.

"Why don't we go lay down?" He asked her in a calm and caring voice.

"Yea let's do that." She replied back to him still having her face buried into his chest. Naruto moved the both of them to her bed and laid her down first then laid alongside her.

"Why does your mother want me to come with you?" He asked her in his caring voice.

"Because I kindly said that you're my boyfriend." She said with a beet red face.

"Well I'm now and forever will be yours." He said back to her still in his caring voice as he starts to stroke her hair again.

"I'm yours forever to Naru-kun." She said back to him as she kissed his lips. Naruto looked at his girlfriend and just smile because he never thought that he would get to be with her. She was everything he wanted in his life and now he has it but he will not let anyone take her away from him. Naruto kept staring at her and then moved his head to her head and started to close his eyes.

"I still hate it Naru-kun that will have to be on their team." She said to him as she wishes she could just be with Naruto and no one else on their team.

"I know but once we become chuunin we no longer need to be on his or the emo team." He said to her as he kisses her ear then lips.

"You most really like kissing me Naru-kun." She said back to him in a teasing way.

"That just because you so beautiful that it hard not to kiss you every time I can." He said back in a teasing way which causes her to blush a little. She looked up into his eyes and smiled because ever if they have to be on that team she knows he will not let Sasuke do anything to her and if he tries he will be killed or hurt by Naruto.

"Naru-kun just start going to my mother place now because it better get their sooner then be late." She said to him in a nervous voice.

"I don't mind if we go now but first we need get out of bed." He said back to her in a loving way.

"Yea I guess we do and that sucks." She said back to him with a smile on her face.

Naruto get off the bed and helped his lovely girlfriend off the bed and into his arms again. Anko just stayed in his arms for a while then kissed her lips and smirk at him. Naruto ran his hands over her lower back and kissed her neck which she moan because one of her weak spots of her neck.

"Let's get going and I hope she lets me be with you." He said to her with a little bit of worried in his tone of voice.

"Don't be worried because I know she will like you and my sister does but they're not going have you because your all my." She said to him in a teasing way and kissed his neck back.

Their walked out of her place and headed to her mother's place.

Once they get to her mother's place she knock on the door and few minutes later the door open to see a woman in her late 30s with long purple hair to middle of her back and brown eyes just like Anko and her sister. She was wearing a deep blue dress that fit her body sharp which her long sexy legs would make a lot people stare at her but that wasn't the only thing she had because her chest was a great size and her body was a hour glass size that most woman who kill to have.

"Hello Kaa-san." Anko said to her mother.

"Hello Anko-chan and this must be Naruto-san?" She said to her youngest daughter.

"Hello Mrs. Mitarashi." Naruto said to her.

"Just call me Crimson and I glad she find someone that has manners." She said back to Naruto with a smirk on her face.

"O little Naruto-kun here." Said Anko older sister who pulled Naruto into a death hug.

"Nice to see you to Shiva-chan." He said as he gets out of the death breaking hug of hers.

"Come inside and we can talk as dinner being cooked." Crimson said to the three of them.

Their fallowed her inside and sat down on the couch inside of the living room.

"Naruto-kun you better of become stronger over the four years?" Shiva asked him with a smirk on her face.

"You bet but it sucks me and Anko get put on worst team with worst sensei and 3rd teammate who I starting want to kill." He said to Anko sister Shiva.

"Who are they?" Crimson asked.

"it's the asshole Kakashi Hatake and Uchiha Sasuke who I starting to want to kill because Sasuke thinks he can made Anko date him and do things with him at night". He replied back to them who just get pissed because of that asshole Sasuke and also because Kakashi was their new sensei.

"I wonder how the teaming going to go for you three." Crimson said to them.

"That easy to say because it going to go how are sensei wants it to which means he going teach Uchiha most of the time mostly likely and leave us to train on are own but to me that ok because I need to made more Crimson flame jutsus anyway but my summon can train me better then he can" he said back to them and then rested his head on Anko shoulder who just smirk because of it.

"I see and we all know your sensei is just a lazy asshole but it good that you have ideas how he going to forget about you in training" Crimson said to them.

Their hear a knock on the door and Crimson goes to open it but once Naruto sees who it is he grabs his Katana and his eyes become angered and hate shows inside of his blue pure eyes.

The person walk into the living room and smirks at Naruto but Crimson was wondering what going on.

"Long time no see little Narut" He was cut off by a blade to his neck.

"What you doing back in this village teme? Naruto said with ki that would put most people on their kneels that are lower then jouin.

"Is that how you said welcome back?" He said with a smirk on his face.

"Why the hell would I welcome you back! You tried killing Drake-sensei your own teammate! You tried killing him who just you team and you think you have the right to be back in this village! You none thing but a teme!" Naruto said as he is about cut the man neck off but he was stopped by both Crimson and Anko who are trying to calm him down.

"I just here to for the deal me and Crimson husband" He said back to him.

"I said before that deal is no longer a deal because I not making Anko marry your son" Crimson said to him.

"But by law you have to and that Konoha laws" He said back to him.


"How about my son vs. Naruto and if Naruto wins I end the deal but if my son wins Anko becomes his wife" He said but that just pissed off Naruto ever more.

'You think Anko something that you can win! You really need shut up before you have a blade in your chest" He said to him.

"Fine we do that and we have fight right now and Naruto please don't lose this fight" She said to him as she kissed Naruto cheek for good luck.

That when the man son comes in. He short black hair and green eyes but he look around age 12 so he most be a genin but if he trained by his father then he couldn't take him lightly and he also had a katana on his back.

"This your son Fury? Naruto asked him.

"Yea this my son Dante and he going to win this fight" He said to Naruto.

"Lets go to the training area 7 and don't be late you guys" Naruto said as he disappeared in a wave of fire.

"Look like Drake trained him well" He said as the five of them left for the training grounds.

Once their get to the training ground their see Naruto looking at them. He start taking off his shirt but no one beside Anko knows why he did it but once the shirt hit the ground their did because where the shirt landed there is now a two feet whole. Their see Naruto chest and that he has a really well tone body that was way more toned then most people his age and that of 18s years old but because of that both Crimson and Shiva start drools but there are stop when Anko hits them in the head for drooling at her Naru-kun. Naruto then took his arm weights and leg weights off and throw them on the ground leaving wholes just like his shirt.

"No rules and the fight doesn't stop till one person knock out, dies or is gives up" Naruto said to Fury son afterwards he grabs his katana and pulls it out.

"You going to lose weakling" Dante said to him as he pulled his katana out and charged Naruto.

Naruto blocked his blade then used chakra in his feet to jump over him then started to do hand signs which he then called out Kurimusonu Furame Arururobusu which ten arrows shot from his mouth and headed towards Dante who only dodge about seven of the arrows because the three that hit him was in the upper right arm and lower left leg but the last arrow that hit it was in the chest that burn like hell. As he moans in pain from the arrows he looks at Naruto with pure hate in his eyes.

'Is that the best you get?" Naruto said with a smirk to him.

"Shut up!" He said as he started to do hand signs that Naruto knows what coming because Dante yells out shadow clone jutsu and Naruto is in middle of eight clone that are all around him at all sides but then Naruto smirk and started to do hand signs of his own and then he yells out Kurimusonu Baruraji (Flame Barrage) as he said that waves of flames come out of his body forming a barrage that burns and takes out all of the shadow clones.

"How!" Dane yelled as Naruto start to run at him with what looks like a ball of flame in his hand.

"Kurimusonu Furame Orubu (Crimson Flame Orb)" He yelled out as he tries hitting Dante in the chest with the orb but he blocked the orb with his Katana but once the orb hit the blade is broken in two but as he broke the flames burned Dante chest.

"Give up or die" Naruto said to him in a cold tone of voice.

"Its not over!" He yelled back as he bit his thumb then summoned a giant lion that half the size as the frog boss summon. Naruto bit his thumb and summoned Silver who is a lot bigger then Dane lion summing. Silver warped herself around the lion and started to pull which is causing the lion to feel mess pain all over his body. His summon disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Dante couldn't believe that his summon was beaten and that he lost the fight and his katana that is now in two.

"I think the fight over and that means Anko doesn't have to marry anyone she doesn't want to" He said back to them.

Once Naruto turned to walk back to everyone Dante took one of the pieces of his blade and stabbed Naruto through the back. Naruto looks down at the blade then behind him.


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