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"Watch out Naruto!" All three of the women yelled out as they see him being stabbed in the back like this.

Naruto grabs the piece of blade that was in him as he looks back at Dante. "Maybe I should show you why I'm a demon!" Naruto's eyes become slits as red chakra starts to spin around his body. Naruto was really going to truly show him what the meaning of a demon was because this was a low blow to do to someone.

"What in hell are you!" The other boy yells as he walks backwards from Naruto who just looks at him. Everyone can see that Naruto was ready to kill Dante for doing something that low in order to win the match and they can't blame him for hating Dante. They still don't want him to become something like this because they know he isn't a demon but a human being.

"I'm a demon but to you I'm also your worst nightmare!" Naruto takes the blade out of him as the wound heals but he is stopped by a pair of gently hands. These soft and loving hands belong to the person who Naruto wants to be with forever.

"You are not a demon Naruto; you are the one that I want to be with so that means there is no way you can truly be a demon." He smiles as he looks back at Anko but when he looks back at Dante he can see him running away. He was going to let him get away this time because he had better things to do with his time then run after a weakling coward.

"I guess you lose Fury so that means Anko doesn't have to marry your son." Naruto was smiling as he sees Fury walk away with a pissed off face. He is truly happy that Anko was not getting married now because he wants to be the one that marries her.

"Are you ok now Naru-kun?" He nods his head to her but that wasn't all he did because he puts his lips on hers. He deepens the kiss but Anko was still in bliss from the kiss that she let him go as far as he wanted.

When the kiss ends Anko was staring at him but she then wraps her arms around him and slowly moves her head on his chest. "As long as I have you in my life I'll always be ok." Anko could feel herself cry few tears in enjoy when he said that to her.

"Let's go get some sleep at my place, is that ok with you Naru-kun?" He nods his head as he picks her up in bridal style causing her to blush because he was doing this in front of her family. She still isn't used to him doing this kind of things with her but she's happy that she has someone that does this for her.

"Thank you for the dinner but me and Anko need to go now." Crimson nods her head and slowly watches the two lovebirds walk out of her eyes, she's truly happy that her youngest daughter found someone. Now all she has to do is help her oldest daughter find someone just as good so she can have grandkids.

"She really did pick a good one didn't she Kaa?" Crimson nods to her other daughter but wishes that the two of them will have a happy life. She also hopes that life of shinobi will not be too hard on them.

When Naruto gets to Anko house he puts her down so she can unlock the door. When she does both of them walk in but she turns around to face him, she lightly kisses his lips causing him to kiss back.

"What we going do about tomorrow test, I bet you have a plan in your mind?" Naruto closes his eyes then reopens them when he has an idea that he was thinking of. It was going be away to get back him for hitting on Anko family.

"We could just kick the shit out of Kakashi-ero and make him feel like shit for losing against genins." Anko was really liking this idea of his and realizing how much she loved the blonde hair nut.

"We both truly think alike do you know that Naru-kun?" He just smirks to her as he moves her to her bedroom then lies her down. When she looks up at him he lies down beside her as he moves his arms around her and holds her close to his heart.

"I guess we do think alike don't we?" Anko smiles to him but she looks in his eyes as she kisses his lips one last time before she starts to fall asleep in his arms. Naruto slowly fallows after her when he falls asleep with her.

Both of them wake up as the light coming through the window hits their eyes. Naruto was the first to wake up but slowly fallowed by Anko causing the sun. Naruto couldn't help but let out a laugh when he sees how Anko wakes up in the morning.

"Not funny Naru-kun, I really hate waking up this early." He just smirks then kisses her neck and whispers into her ear. "I'll make us some breakfast." She smiles to him then puts her head back on her pillow for some more needed sleep.

Naruto slowly gets out of bed but he looks back at his sleeping angel once before leaving the bedroom. Once he leaves the bedroom he closes the door lightly so she wouldn't wake up again from it.

Once the door is closed he heads to the kitchen to make their breakfast but he does wonder. He wonders if he can stay like this with Anko forever but he does that life of a shinobi can be hard at times. He just shakes his head and stops thinking about that right now and just saves the time he has with her.

Half hour later Anko wakes up because she could smell the food that was being made; she slowly gets up as she walks to the kitchen. When she gets inside she rubs her eyes causing Naruto to let out a little laugh.

"Sleepy girl, are you hungry?" Only thing he got from her was a small nod as she walks to a chair to sit down in. Naruto moves the food onto her plate before doing the same on his, when he sits down he looks at her staring at the food.

"It's not going to hurt you." Anko look up at him with a blushing face then starts to eat the eggs and bacon. She couldn't believe how good the food taste causing her to stare at Naruto with an unbelief face.

"How did you cook something this good?" Naruto just shrugs causing her to pout but once he sees the pouting face he just smirks to her. "What can I say I'm just that good at cooking and everything else?"

When the both of them get done eating the food that Naruto made he moves over to her. "I'll meet you at the training fields because I need go to my place to change." She nods her head to him but before he leaves he gives her one more kiss on the lips. Both of them didn't want the kiss to end but it had to.

Hour later Naruto was working to meet his angel and his dreadful team mate but he really hates Kakashi more than the emo Uchiha. He never would understand why the old man had done this to him.

When he gets there he sees Anko but with a pissed off face causing him to wonder what happened. When Naruto gets over to her all his wonders leave because he sees emo boy holding his balls with his hands on the ground. He doesn't know why Sasuke won't give up and realize that Anko is his and is never going to leave him.

"What did he do this time?" Anko just looked at him before turning her eyes to look him in the eyes. "He tried to taking me into bed shit again." Naruto was getting pissed because he didn't like how Sasuke though he could get away with this kind of shit.

"Just don't pay any mind to someone like him." Naruto moves Anko away from Sasuke and to a tree when he sits down. Anko understands why he did this as she sits in his lap but just as she sits down he wraps his arms around her. He moves her closer to his chest so he can feel her head against his neck.

"I love it when we are this close to each other." Anko gives a silent nod to him showing that she loved it just as much as he does.

Both of them have a rude waking when their so called sensei starts yelling at them about hurting Sasuke. Naruto just looks at him then back down at Anko who had a pissed off look on her face.

"You woke us up like that just so you can yell? Who in hell do you think you are asshole?" Anko gave him some yelling of her own but this only cause the pissed off Kakashi to become more pissed at the two of them.

"Who do you think you are girl to yell at your sensei like this?" Kakashi looked at the two of them but Naruto couldn't take this anymore. "Don't you dare talk to my girlfriend like that! Do you understand me Hatake?"

Kakashi just look away because this wasn't worth his time but he does walk over to Sasuke. "You two hurry your asses up now!" Naruto and Anko were now wishing they could just kill their sensei.

Anko gets off of Naruto which was to Naruto disappointment because he really wanted her to stay on his lap. Naruto gets up after Anko then both of them walk over to their so called team, but when they get there Kakashi starts to talk again which was both Anko and Naruto disappointment.

"You have a set time limit to get these two bells from me; if you can't get them then you will not become genin." He said with a smirk as he takes out a clock and turns it on. Anko and Sasuke drop into the woods to hide from Kakashi.

Naruto was still in front of Kakashi as he looks at him because he was going enjoy this and hope it doesn't end fast. Anko who was looking out from her hiding place was hoping that her Naruto knows what he is doing.

"Are you stupid or something? Are you really going try to take me on a jounin?" Kakashi was thinking this kid was nuts so he pulls out his orange book and reads.

"Kurimuson Furebarurusu." He shots out four fireballs one after the other causing Kakashi to get pissed because the first fireball that he didn't try to dodge had burned his orange book to ash. Naruto on the other hand was pleased that one of his fireballs had hit the book of his because he really hated that shit.

He never could understand how his sensei, no he doesn't know how anyone could read that in open for everyone to see. That book really is just porn that perverts read but he does wish that his sensei would grow the hell up and stop acting like this.

"You are going to pay for that you little gaki!" Kakashi rushes at Naruto who just goes into the woods as he summons Silver. When Kakashi catches up to Naruto, he sees Silver getting ready to do her attack.

Kakashi had no idea that this new genin had something like a summoning like this and was now regretting not finding out about his genins more. Silver on the other hand isn't happy about what Naruto told her and was now ready to kill this fool that was in front of her.

Silver uses her wings to send a very powerful wave of air at him causing the trees to be cut in half by the force of the attack. Kakashi arm gets a deep cut as he jumps back right so his back was right in front of Naruto.

Naruto grabs the bells as he does a hand signs for his next attack. "Kurimuson Furame Arururobusu." Kakashi realizes it to slow as four of the ten arrows hits his back as some of his flash was burned badly.

Kakashi was having all that he can take as he starts to use his own jutsu that he created the chidori. Naruto sees him forming an attack with his hand so he does the same as he makes his Kurimusonu Furame Orubu. Both of them rush at each other as Naruto crimson orb slams right into Kakashi Chidori.

The crimson orb flame burns Kakashi hand as it slams into the chidori causing Kakashi to become more enraged by this so called genin who was hurting him.

Kakashi jumps back and starts to make what looks like a chidori but this one was stronger as Naruto does his orb again. But when the two of them crash again Kakashi moves his hand right through Naruto chest as the clock rings.

"That wasn't the chidori it was the rank s vision so know you place when it comes to power genin." Naruto was holding his chest as he goes back to where he has to meet Anko. Anko walks out as she sees him bleeding chest and couldn't believe Kakashi went this far.

"Take this Anko-hime you'll need it." He throws her one of the two bells which she catches easy but walks over to him to see how bad it is. "I'm fine Anko-hime that fool of a sensei just used a rank s jutsu on me." She couldn't believe that their sensei had use a rank s jutsu on a genin.

Sasuke comes out as he's holding his balls again and Naruto looks at her who just looks at him innocently. "He tired to touch me again so I gave him something to remember me by that I mean I kicked him in the balls few times." Naruto laughs as his holds his chest in pain.

Kakashi walks out with few burns on his hand and few more on his back. Anko just looks at him with an evil look because this fool had hurt her Naruto and no one does that. "For a sensei you go all out don't you? You had to use a high ranking jutsu to win a fight against one of your students."

"Shut up, you." Naruto holds up his bell and so does Anko but Naruto is now looking at Kakashi as he comes up with a nice plan to use against him."I guess only one that fails is Sasuke who is now holding his balls like a fool that he is."

"You all pass meet me at the training ground tomorrow at seven." Kakashi leaves with a pissed off face because he can't believe he has to deal with this brat and his so called girlfriend. Naruto on the other hand was enjoying making Kakashi life a living nightmare because he really doesn't like the man.

Anko helps Naruto up as she sees his wound healing but it doesn't shock her because Naruto told her all about kyuubi and how close they are. She doesn't mind them being that close because kyuubi was the one that kept Naruto alive through his whole life.

"You want go back to your place?" She just looks at him then starts helping him walk over to her house so they can rest. Naruto just keeps looking at his love but he does wish she didn't have to help him like this. He didn't want to look weak in her eyes and this was causing Naruto to hate Kakashi right now.

With the jounin and the Hokage who was now staring at the late Kakashi but the old man wasn't happy with this fool. He was spying on Naruto team to see if he was being treated fairly because Naruto was like a grandson to him.

"Kakashi let me ask you one thing what in the hell is wrong with you! You used Raikiri a rank s jutsu on Naruto!" Everyone else in the world couldn't believe that he would do something like that against a genin.

"They passed didn't they sir?" He told the Hokage but he just leaves after saying that to him. The Hokage in his mind didn't have the right to tell him how to act towards his new students. One of the jounins was worried about both Naruto and Anko.

"I wish he would learn to act like a teacher because I'm more worried about Anko safely than Naruto's." Kurenai was now wondering why the Hokage just said that because was something going on about Anko.

'Hokage-sama what do you mean by that?" The aging Hokage looks at Kurenai but he knows why she asked him. Kurenai has always been around Anko and her family but he just hopes that she can help these two from their own team.

"Sasuke Uchiha has been trying to force his way into her pants and make her his own woman." Kurenai was now showing a sign of anger as the old man keeps on talking. "Naruto is getting close to killing Sasuke for what he is doing to Anko." This makes Kurenai calm down when she hears that Naruto is keeping her friend safe from this asshole of an Uchiha.

"Is there any way for me to help them sir?" He looks back up to her and tries to come up with some idea for Kurenai to help out. Only thing he can think of is for her to watch them or work with team seven.

"There are two things that I can think of that may help and they are that you watch out for them but also have your team work with team seven." Kurenai could do both of them but she was hoping that her team doesn't mind working with team seven.

"Very well sir and I'll be leaving." With at said Kurenai gives a bow and walks out of the Hokage Office. She starts to head for Anko house and was hoping that nothing was happening to her.

When Kurenai gets to Anko house she notices the door was open a little bit this was causing her to become worried for her friend. Once she walks in and goes to the living room all her worrying was gone.

She sees Naruto making out with Anko but what makes her blush was the fact that both of them were topless and Naruto hands were on Anko shorts. "What in the world are you doing here right now Kurenai-chan?" Anko yelled as she tries to cover herself up.

"I see, I thought that you needed help because the Hokage told me about what Sasuke trying to do." She looks down at the love birds and a smirk comes across her face. "But when I get here it seems I need worry about Naruto going that far with you." Anko blushes a beet red when she hears her best friend talk like that to her.

"I and Naruto are just acting like a couple should act like." Anko puts her clothes back on but Kurenai can see the bandages that are around Naruto chest. "He really did use that against you didn't Kakashi Naruto-Kun?" Naruto nods his head to Kurenai before putting his shirt back on.

"That asshole of a sensei hurt my little Naru-kun but also I kicked Sasuke in the balls a lot today." Anko looks at the two of them as both Kurenai and Naruto were looking at her like she was crazy.

"How about the three of us go somewhere to eat?" Naruto nods his head to Kurenai but when he looks around he notices that Silver looking at them through the window. "You forget to say goodbye to me Naruto-kun." When Naruto gives her a goodbye Silver disappears in a cloud of smoke.

"That is a crazy summoning you have Naruto-kun." Naruto shrugs to Anko causing her to looks at him funny. "Do I have to hurt you Naruto-kun?" She asked him in a sweet but deadly tone of voice causing Naruto to look around to find someplace to hide.

"No you don't need to do that Anko-chan, where do you want to go eat at?' Anko smirks and Naruto knows where this was going but he did like seeing her happy so he's fine with it. "We are going to eat tons of dango!" That was only thing that left Anko mouth with a cheerful tone of voice as she runs to the door to leave but Kurenai and Naruto shake their heads.

"She really loves dangos doesn't she?" Kurenai looks at him and shakes her head yes because no matter how many Anko eats she just wants more. "She's just like me because I eat as much ramen as she eats dango." Kurenai looks at Naruto and wishes he was joking about that.

When they get to the place they order their food and wait for it to be made. Naruto eyes are staring at Anko but he wasn't only one staring at someone because she was staring right back at them. Kurenai had a smile on her face because she was truly happy that Anko found someone that makes her this happy.

When they are given their food they walk out to stand down at one of the tables but Naruto just wonders what will happen once they are to do missions with them. "I really hope he gets his act together before we do a hard mission." Anko knows what he's talking about and hopes that he does get his act together as well.

"It really must be hard on you two with a sensei like that but also a team mate that acts like that." Both of them nod their head to Kurenai but Naruto moves a dango over to Anko mouth which she just starts to eat in happily.

"You two do look cute together." Both of them blush but look at each other causing them to blush even more which Kurenai lets out a giggle. She couldn't help the giggle because in front of her was something that only the word cute could come to her mind.

She never really seen this side of her friend but now she's truly thankful to Naruto for getting Anko to show this side that side of her to the world. She just keeps looking at them as she slowly begins to eat her food that Anko loves to eat out but she didn't like eating it that much.

"How strong would you say you are right now?" Naruto looks at him as he thinks of how strong he was right now. Naruto finally comes up with the right place that he would say that he's at he looks at Anko then back to Kurenai.

"I would say high chuunin or low jounin because I came close to matching toe to toe with that asshole that's my and Anko so called sensei." Kurenai was shocked that he really did come close to fighting toe to toe with someone like Kakashi but she wasn't going to say that Kakashi wasn't a normal jounin level shinobi.

"What are you going to with your team Kurenai-chan?" Anko looks at him as Kurenai just smiles because she already knows what she going do and teach her team. Unlike Kakashi Kurenai wasn't someone to become a fool of a sensei. She's going to help her whole team to get to rank chuunin.

"I'm going be getting my team to be chuunin and not force on just one like that ass of the sensei you have." Naruto smiles because he was glad that it was just his sensei that sucks and not all the other ones.

"It's nice to see one of the teams this year has a great sensei leading them." Kurenai blushes but just looks at him. "Thank you for thinking that but I just hope I can be a great one for my team after all this is my first time leading a team."

"You don't need to thank me and you will be a good one for your team." He just gives her a smile as he just looks as Anko keeps on eating her dangos. "What is it?" Both Kurenai and Naruto let out a laugh as she just stares at them.

"I think it's time for you two come up with plans to deal with these fools on your team." Naruto looks at Anko then back at Kurenai because he really didn't' care about the fools. "I really don't have any plans because I don't care what they do, if Sasuke tires touching Anko, I'll kill him and that's a fact."

Kurenai didn't know what to say back to that because it wasn't normal to hear someone will kill his own team mate but he did have good reason for doing it. She knows that if Sasuke doesn't know that Anko would kill him as well.

"Kurenai I think it's time we go because we need to train and get ready for hell tomorrow." Kurenai smiles and nods her head as she watches both of them leaving.

Month later after tons of d rank missing and Sasuke being kicked in the balls they walk into the Hokage office." Old man you better give us a real mission god damn it!" The Hokage just smirks because he was shocked Naruto held out this long.

"I guess I can give you a rank c mission now." Naruto eyes light up as he stares at the old man but once Hokage calls in someone that looked old as him. "So these are brats that are going to keep me safe really?"

"Tazuna trust me that these shinobis will keep you safe." Naruto just looks at him because he didn't like being called a brat. "Also next time you call me or Anko a brat I'll rip your head up and stick it down your god damn throat." Everyone was now looking at Naruto as he was crazy but Anko was just smirking.

"Ok yea ok." The old drunk was now wondering if he truly is safe with this kid keeping him safe. The Hokage on the other hand wishes Naruto wouldn't take after Anko this much but he knows that at least he's happy with her.

"We will meet you that the front gates in an hour." Kakashi then just leaves as Naruto and Anko leave as well because if they had an hour they are going to spend it together and alone. When the two of them get to Anko's place Naruto pulls her into a deep kiss.

"I was waiting forever to do that." She just smirks to him and whispers into his ear. "I'll was waiting forever for you to do that to me as well." Naruto just smiles to her than moves his arms around her. He didn't know or understand how he got someone like Anko to be with him but he was truly glad that he did.

Anko on the other hand was thinking the same thing as he was because she was truly happy with him but also didn't know how she had found someone like Naruto to be with. She just leans in and gives him a kiss which he kisses back.

"So this going be our first mission outside this village, how do you feel about it Anko-hime?" He asked her with a happy tone of voice as he leads her to the living room and sits down on her couch which she sits beside him.

"I'm happy because I'm with you and I wouldn't be happy if it wasn't you that I'm going to be leaving with." Naruto kisses her neck but stops when he looks into her eyes and smiles to her. "I'm glad it's you that I'm leaving with as well because you're my beautiful lovely angel and no matter what I'll always be here for you."

Anko lets out a few tears of enjoy as she claims his lips with hers and moves her hands down his back. Naruto hands go up her shirt but he first deepens the kiss but Anko just stops the kiss after few minutes of their tongue war.

"Mhm Naruto-kun we have to stop because we have a mission to prove that we can do harder missions." Naruto pouts causing Anko to giggle than slap him playful on the head causing his pout to turn into a smile.

"So that means no fun time then?" Anko just smirks and nods her head to him. "Man I wanted some fun time and maybe that I'll be your first now." She just pokes him in the chest than kisses her. "You will be my first Naruto but soon don't worry." Naruto just smiles to her and kisses her lips

"We can take a nap before we have to go if that makes you feel better." She didn't get anything from him but him picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom as he lies her down and he lies beside her with his arms around her. Anko smiles as she leans against his chest and slowly goes to sleep.

Hour later team seven was at the gates getting ready to leave for their mission with the bridge builder.