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ANOTHER NOTE: The first part, the italicized, is from the actual book.

Running Out Of Air

I didn't want to fight anymore. And it wasn't the lightheadedness, or the cold, or the failure of my arms as the muscles gave out in exhaustion, that made me content to stay where I was. I was almost happy that it was over. This was an easier death than others I'd faced. Oddly peaceful.

I thought briefly of the cliches, about how you were suppose to see your life flash before your eyes. I was so much luckier. Who wanted to see a rerun, anyway?

I saw him, and I had no will to fight. It was clear, so much more defined than any memory. My subconscious had stored Edward away in flawless detail, saving him for this final moment. I could see his perfect face as if he were really there; the exact shade of his icy skin, the shape of his lips, the line of his jaw, the gold glinting in his furious eyes. He was angry, naturally, that I was giving up. His teeth were clenched and his nostrils flared with rage.

"Bella, no! You can't do this! You can't leave me! You have to fight, Bella! You have to!"

Why not, I was dying to ask him. He didn't want me anymore. He had left me first. And when he had left me, it was as if my world had come crashing down. Jacob was only a crutch for this pain. He couldn't fill the space within me that Edward had occupied for those few glorious months. No one but Edward would ever be able to heal me fully.

"I'll come back, Bella! I will, I swear it!"

I didn't believe him. As much as I wanted this voice to be Edward, I knew deep down it was not. I couldn't trust any promises this figment of my imagination made, as much as I wanted to.

It was then that I knew I was dead. My body was still functioning, and my heart still in a sense beating, but in reality it was the truth. I knew I would never have Edward again, and without him I would never really be alive.

The waves on the surface were harsh enough to still effect me deep under water. It was almost soothing. The chill of the water was even better. It was as if his cold, marble skin was hugging me from all directions. His lullaby was putting me to sleep. It began to get darker and darker, until I could see nothing.

Edward was my last thought. I pictured him, with his magnificent crooked smile. I pictured him telling me he loved me. It may have been false, but it is what I wanted the most in my last few seconds on Earth. I wanted him, and in whatever afterlife I was given I knew I'd want him then as well. Edward, was all I thought as I drifted into lifelessness. Edward.

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