Disclaimer – I don't own Soul Eater and the characters

Disclaimer – I don't own Soul Eater and the characters. Only the writer/artist of Soul Eater does.

Amen… I'm not much of a Poet or a writer... T-T

But… Please don't kill me! Or don't flame me either!


Snake slithers down from the sewer pipe

The blood of rain upon the fire

Her cold, sharp golden eyes peeping through darkness

She smiles so cold; so cold that could ruin your happiness

Toad crawls upward the wall

Leaving its trail of blood on pall

Howling at the laughing bloody moon

Digging up the bones with spoon

The Reaper in chasing a dream

Hearing the scythe scream

Black Cat stood on the skull

The noise of the bones went dull

The black star falling down, down, down

And plumping in the crimson water and drown

Hearing the gun goes boom

Knowing these sound means doom

The insane doctor grinning down at you creepily

Laughing make your blood go chilly


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