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Summary: In the middle of the night, 17-year-old Isabella Swan arrives in Forks. She carries with her two bags of necessities, a purse, and a baby carrier. What the hell happened there? ExB

Bella's POV

Leaving Phoenix was a no-brainer.

After what had happened, I couldn't stay there. I did stay with my mom…for the allotted time, and then I was gone.

Where? To Forks, Washington of course.

That was the most suitable place. My Dad was there, and I would be able to finish school with a clean slate. Though, Dad had his own priorities, so I wondered if he would be able to watch Alexander.

Yup, my precious baby boy. He's about to turn one. Alexander Michael Swan. He has my chocolate-brown eyes, and my brown hair. His is a little lighter, but I am sure it will turn darker eventually.

I didn't like driving in the dark. It unnerved me to no end. What with Alexander, sleeping peacefully in the back, and my no-good eyesight, I was bound to crash. Thankfully, I can see Charlie's house. Lit up since he was waiting for me no doubt. Renee had called and told him that I had had Alexander. He was ready.

I pulled up into the driveway, and stopped the car. Charlie came out of the house, and I got out of the car.

"Hey, Dad," I said giving him a hug.

"How is he?" Charlie asked.

"Sleeping right now," I said pulling out two bags, and my purse.

He took them from me, and I opened the car to get Alexander out. I pulled out the carrier, and Charlie whistled softly.

"He looks so much like you, Bella," He whispered.

"Yes. This is my little Alexander Michael Swan." I cooed softly, closing the car door.

Charlie and I headed into his house, and up the staircase.

"Now, Bells, he'll be staying in your room. I bought a crib and everything, okay?" Charlie asked.

"Thank you, Dad. For everything." I whispered.

He smiled at me, and allowed me to enter my room. Most of the things had stayed the same from when he and Renee would trade me off in the summer. There was no more computer or computer desk. Alexander's crib was there. I gently took him out of the carrier, and laid him down in the crib. Pulling out a small blanket, I draped it over him gently, and began putting other stuff away. Charlie helped me, and soon, it was done.

"Are you sure you can watch Alexander, Dad? I know how busy you are…" I said, softly.

"Don't worry about it, Bella. Here." He said pulling out two beepers. "I will beep you if I need you. There,at the police station, I will have one of the guys watching Alexander, or he will be there until you get to the station."

I placed the beeper on the nightstand.

"Thanks, Dad," I said softly.

He smiled, and left the room.

I looked over at Alexander, sleeping peacefully in the crib. I realized that Alexander would wake, most likely in the early morning, and start crying.

"Hey Dad," I said heading down the stairs, and into the living room.


"I am apologizing in advance," I said.


"Babies do tend to cry in the early hours in the morning, and at night," I muttered.

"Oh it's alright Bella. Hardly anything could wake me up." He said smiling at me.

"Alright. Night, Dad."

"Night, Bella."

I headed back upstairs and headed to bed.

Truth be told, when Alexander began crying at two in the morning, I could still hear Charlie snoring in his room. I laughed, and held my baby boy close to me.

"You're going to be one soon, Alexander. You'll be the most handsome one-year-old. It'll just be me and your Grandpa. How does that sound? Maybe some of Grandpa's friends too." I murmured to him softly.

He gazed up at me through my own color eyes. I knew, that when he was born, I would have to give him up. But one look at those eyes changed everything, and my mother understood me. She couldn't give me up either. I was unexpected, but she loved me all the same.

"Sleep Alexander, close your eyes. Listen to your mommy's lullaby. Soon you shall wake with the brightest star, Another day, the best by far." I whispered to him.

I began humming to the same tune, and then he was fast asleep. I committed the lullaby to memory. Maybe, just maybe, I could ask my dad to find a cheap piano. Then I could play some notes to it, and then play that for Alexander whenever he wanted. I set him back down in the crib, and crawled tiredly in my own bed. School would start tomorrow and I would be ready for it. I had my pager. Everything was good.

It seemed I had just fallen asleep, when Charlie came inside my room.

"Bella? School time." He said softly.

I got up off my bed, and stretched a bit. I handed Charlie a bag.

"In there is diapers, formula, clothes, and his binky. He likes to be tickled, and he needs to be fed often." I said in a very maternal voice.

He laughed.

"I took care of you, Bella. I think I know what to do." He said.

I wrote down the lullaby I had in my memory bank.

"Sing this to him if nothing else works. Of course, you can replace the word mommy with grandpa." I said smiling, and handing him the piece of paper.

I lifted Alexander out of his crib and into his carrier. I buckled him in and Charlie picked him up.

"I'll beep you if I need you, Bella. Don't worry. You turned out fine didn't you?" He asked.

"They are still taking tests," I said smiling.

Charlie walked out the door, and into his cruiser. He drove off, and I was left alone. I put on a pair of jeans, and a t-shirt. I put on a jacket, and clipped my beeper to my pants. I grabbed the book bag that Charlie packed for me, and headed downstairs. I grabbed a granola bar, and hopped in my '99 Mitsubishi Eclipse gsx. Buckling my seat belt, I backed out of the drive, and headed for school.

Charlie's POV

I was glad I lived in Forks. Small town, small problems. That meant I had a lot of time with my grandson. Checking the clock, I knew that Bella would be on her way to school right now. Alexander had woken up when I took him out of the cruiser, and he was currently in his carrier, gazing at me through chocolate eyes.

"You look like your mother you know," I whispered to him.

He gazed at me, occasionally blinking.

"She loves you so much Alexander. You know that though, don't you?" I asked him.

He sucked on his fingers a bit, and I gave him his binky. Soon, he was fast asleep again.

"I love you too," I whispered, before looking around the office again.

Mark, my deputy, was out patrolling the area. He wouldn't be back for a while. I had all the time alone with Alexander until then.

Bella's POV

Eh. Small town, small school. I pulled into the parking lot. Most of the kids were hanging around the parking lot as they watched me pull into an empty spot. Especially five extremely pale ones. Wow, they needed sun. I pulled the keys out of the ignition, and got out of my car. Pulling my book bag out with me, I glanced up to the sky. I wonder if Charlie remembered to put warmer clothes on Alexander. Great. Now I was going to spend my whole time thinking about him.

I sighed, and closed my car door. Ignoring all the looks I was getting, I went into the school, and headed straight for the office. The secretary looked up and smiled at me as I came inside.

"Hello there. I am Mrs. Cope. Are you, by chance, Isabella Swan?" She asked.

"I am ma'am. I prefer Bella though. Can you tell my teachers that?" I asked, handing her my schedule.

Her fingers flew across the keyboard, typing what I thought to be an email.

"Of course, Miss Swan. Is there anything else?" She asked, handing me back my schedule.

"Yes. I have this beeper here. Please tell my teachers that when it goes off I must leave." I said.

"May I ask why?" She asked.

"Family matters, you know? You can talk to my dad about it." I said.

She colored a bit at prying, and nodded, typing again.

"Of course. Have an excellent day, Bella." She said, as I exited the office.

I ran over my schedule again.

English, Trig, Lunch, Biology, and then Gym. Seemed easy enough. I absentmindedly rubbed my shirt where the scar on my stomach was. Little Alexander had to be taken out via C-Section. Hurt for a while too. I went to my locker, and packed my stuff in. Taking out my English stuff, the bell erupted throughout the school. Peeking at my schedule, I found the room I was looking for, and headed inside.

Edward's POV

So that was the new girl we had heard about. She was oh so pale, but we were paler. Chocolate colored hair, chocolate eyes. She had a bored expression about her, and I was looking at Alice. She was spaced out.

"Hm…Chief Swan's child…seventeen-year-old Isabella Swan. Moved her from Phoenix." I muttered.

"That's all anyone knows?" Emmett asked.

I nodded slowly.

"Well, that's not much. I wonder what she thinks of us." Rosalie said.

I tried to hear what Isabella was saying, but I got nothing. Hm. I tried harder. Still nothing. I couldn't hear her. That was irritating, and unnerving. I protected my family, and now I couldn't hear her. She might be a possible threat! The bell rang for class to start, and all the students from the parking lot headed for the school doors.

Bella's POV

I had taken Trig and English in Phoenix, so it was quite easy to pick up where they were. I was receiving glances from everyone in the classroom. I kept looking down at my beeper. I was worried about Alexander. I was sure that Charlie would take care of him, but I was a mother now. I couldn't just go to school and drop him off with my dad! I entered the lunchroom with someone whom I had met. Her name was Jessica Stanley. She seemed nice enough.

"Well, here's Forks," She said shrugging when we sat down.

"It is rather small," I muttered faintly.

"Yeah well, that's how they liked it back then I suppose. How they still like it too." She said.

She noticed my beeper.

"What is that?" She asked.

"My beeper," I murmured.

"What does it do?" She asked, instantly curious

"Beeps me when my dad needs me," I said.

"Why?" She asked.

Wow. I never knew anyone who asked so many questions.

"Family matters," I said.

"Oh. Sorry. Didn't mean to pry." She said softly.

"S'fine," I said smiling.

Charlie's POV

"Charlie! Hunters up in the forest saw sightings of some bears! Need help up here. We have injured." Mark called over the radio.

"Over and out," I said jumping up.

I looked over at the sleeping Alexander, and fumbled to get my beeper off my desk. I pressed the button, and took off.

Bella's POV

All the time before lunch, I was worried about Charlie beeping me. Now, when it did go off in the quiet of Biology, I didn't even pay attention. Mr. Banner had given us pre-tests to do, and I was sitting next to Mr. Pale himself. Heard he was Edward Cullen from Jessica. The youngest Cullen. When it went off I just did my test like normal. Mr. Banner cleared his throat and I realized that everyone was staring at me.

"Oh! I have to go!" I exclaimed jumping up, remembering about the beeper.

"Go on, Miss Swan," Mr. Banner said.

Everyone was still glancing at me when I raced out of the room, and others in the hallway when I went out of the school. I jumped into my Eclipse, and put the pedal to the metal.

Alexander was still sleeping when I got into the police station. I picked him up out of his carrier, and hugged him close. He woke up when I held him, and his binky fell out of his mouth. He began crying, and I picked it up. Placing it back in his mouth, I began humming the lullaby to him. He succumbed to sleep moments later.

"Hey Bella," Charlie whispered as he and Mark came back inside.

"Thanks for watching him, Dad," I said, placing him back in the carrier.

"Bella, uhm…my wife could watch Alexander for you when you are at school. We do not have any kids. She would be happy to I'm sure." Mark said.

I smiled real big.

"Really, Mark? Would she? That would help so much!" I exclaimed.

"Go back to school Bella, and then come back here when it is done. We can go talk to Mark's wife when he gets off work." My dad said.

I nodded, and exited the police station. Driving back to school, I was thankful for Mark and his offer. I pulled back into the parking lot, and looked at my watch. They would still be in Biology for another twenty minutes. I walked into the school, nodded at Mrs. Cope, and continued on my way to Mr. Banner's class. I came back inside, and he handed me back my pre-test. I sat down next to Pale Mr. Cullen, and began working on it again.

I was well aware of all the people staring at me. They were all done with their tests, and they apparently had nothing better to do. I finished my test ten minutes later, and all was quiet.

"Feel free to talk," He said gruffly looking over our pretests.

Immediately, everyone came over to me, asking me what I left for. I covered my head with my hands, and ignored everyone.

"Leave her be. Obviously, she does not want to talk about it." A velvety voice rang out.

I peeked through my hair, and sure enough, Edward Cullen had spoken up for me. All of them went back to their seats, and began talking amongst themselves.

"Thanks," I whispered.

"No problem. Edward Cullen." He said.

"Isabella Swan. I prefer Bella though."

"So you are new?" He asked.

I nodded.

"What made you move?" He asked.

"Too many reasons."

He looked confused, but the bell rang. I escaped out of that room knowing that I only had one class left before I could go back and get my beautiful Alexander.

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