A/N. Aha. No this isn't an update.

I know you wish it was. Hell, I wish it was too.

But sadly, the story IS complete, and the sequel is underway.

I realize that I am probably quite stupid to be putting this on here, what with Alexander the Half Breed already on it's six or seventh chapter, but…oh well.

Many people have been leaving reviews (more anonymous than anything) asking me if there is a sequel. Naturally, I cannot reply to these, and I am not fond of taking off the anonymous review thing.

I think many people would be disturbed by that…anyway, so it is crystal clear to all…Bella's Sweet Alexander has a sequel.


Check it out.

Also, don't expect much of anything for a while. My apologies for this. Just got my expander on (yum…ick) and my replacement for headgear with my teeth.

I don't talk right and my mouth is killing me.

All my love for all you readers out there, and I apologize once again,