I wrote this for two reasons:

I wrote this for two reasons:

I bought the 1st volume of the Ocarina of Time manga (yay me!) XD

I was bored

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A Choice for Love

Link, the ten-year-old Hero of Time was riding to Lon Lon Ranch on a young foal named Epona. He had just saved the land of Termina from being destroyed by a cursed moon. Link was on his way to return Epona to his friend Malon.


"Link!" Malon was overjoyed to see her friend's safe return.

"Hi Malon," Link smiled and climbed down from Epona's back. "I'm here to return Epona."

Epona happily galloped to Malon and nuzzled her face.

"Won't you stay for a while, Link?" Malon asked. "We've got plenty of milk so maybe we could share some and talk about your trip."

Link smiled at the invitation. "Thanks Malon, but I have to go see Princess Zelda. I want to let her know that I've returned safely."

Malon smiled understandingly. "That's OK. Maybe next time."

"Maybe," Link replied. "Good-bye!"


"N-no! It can't be!"

When Link approached the middle of Hyrule Field, he saw that the castle was burning in the distance!

"Zelda!" he shouted as he ran towards the castle.


On one of the castle balconies, three people stood facing each other.

"Ganondorf, what have you done?!" Impa, Princess Zelda's nursemaid pointed a dagger at the Gerudo King, ready to protect Zelda if needed.

The Gerudo King only chuckled. "I have put the king to rest...for good!"

"Well the Hero of Time will surely come to stop you!" Zelda cried as she clung to Impa.

Ganondorf only laughed. "The Hero of Time has left this land!" he cackled. "There is no way he could even know of what's going on!"

Zelda scowled, though she knew he spoke the truth.

Ganondorf's face turned sour. "I will not ask again! Give me the Ocarina of Time before I take it by force!"

Suddenly, Zelda heard a familiar voice calling her name!


Zelda turned around and saw a boy in a green tunic and cap with a shield and sword strapped to his back rushing down a staircase.


Ganondorf looked in his direction too. So, the boy has returned, eh? He may be just what I need to get the Ocarina of Time from the princess.


Link rushed down the staircase as fast as his legs would carry him. The rails were on fire, like much of the castle, but the stairs weren't.

"I'm coming, Zelda!" he cried.

But just before he reached the bottom of the stairs, a Stalfos jumped down and blocked his way.

"Not so fast, little boy," it said in its gruff, evil voice. The Stalfos drew a jagged sword and round shield.

"Get outta my way!" Link shouted and slashed at the Stalfos with the Gilded Sword, a sword he had acquired during his trials to save Termina.

Link fought bravely, but knew he had to get to Zelda. The Stalfos was just as determined to keep him from proceeding though. "I don't have time for this!" Link shouted angrily as he jumped behind the Stalfos, confusing it.

"Where did you go, you little rat?" the Stalfos demanded.

"Right here!" Link gave the Stalfos a good slash up its back. The Stalfos was destroyed with a cry of pain.


Ganondorf smirked and chuckled evilly, making Zelda and Impa turn back to face him. "Don't think that I will lose that easily!" Ganondorf's eyes locked onto Link and glowed violet for a split second.


Link resumed running down to Zelda's aid. "Zelda!" he cried as he descended the second set of stairs. But just before he reached the bottom, his body glowed violet for a split second and a searing pain tore through his body. Link fell to the ground with a cry of pain.

Link stood up and descended the stairs, glowering at Ganondorf. Ganondorf smirked at him. "Now I have the item I need!" Before Link could protest, Ganondorf reached over and grabbed Link, wrapping him arm around Link's upper arms.

"Link! No!" Zelda cried her face no longer angry and sure. Her expression was now full of worry and fear.

"Now what will you do, Princess?" Ganondorf smirked, not seeming to notice Link's struggling. "If you choose to give me the Ocarina, then you have chosen to give Hyrule to me. But if you choose otherwise, you will allow the boy you loved to be killed!" Ganondorf tightened his grip on Link when he said that.

Zelda tried not to look defeated, but she was clearly torn. What to do now? Ensure the safety of Hyrule or the Hero of Time, the boy Zelda loved with all her heart?

Link saw Zelda's expression and spoke up. "Zelda! Don't listen to anything he threatens to do!" Link's voice was strained.

"Silence boy!" Ganondorf bellowed. As soon as he finished, a dark matter materialized around the lower half of Link's face. It transformed into a black handkerchief, gagging him.

Ganondorf then moved his arm, but didn't release Link. Zelda and Impa could now see that Link was bound with a dark rope-like matter.

"Princess, what can we do?" Impa whispered. "If we give Ganondorf the Ocarina, then all of Hyrule will be consumed by evil. But if we don't, the Hero of Time will be murdered before our very eyes!"

"I know," Zelda whispered back. "But I can't think of anything we can do." Although Princess Zelda possessed the Triforce of Wisdom, she could not think of a single thing that would grant the safety of both Hyrule and Link.

"Well, Princess? What is your answer?" Ganondorf asked.

Zelda looked up with sorrow and confusion in her sapphire eyes. But not at Ganondorf, at Link. She wished she were the one in the grasp of Ganondorf. Link would have easily defeated him. But instead, Link was the one in Ganondorf's clutches and Zelda could do nothing. She felt helpless.

Link looked into Zelda's eyes. He couldn't stand to see the pain in them. He wanted nothing more than to go over to her and comfort her. But alas, he could do or say nothing while bound and gagged.


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