The rest of the story (yay)

The rest of the story (yay)!


Link then remembered something – Zelda didn't have the Ocarina of Time! He did! Zelda had given it to him just before he set off to search for Navi, his fairy friend. Desperation took over his eyes. He had to tell Zelda the truth, but the gag stopped him from making any noise.

Ganondorf pulled out a long dagger, the blade gleaming in the glare of the surrounding flames. "My patience is wearing out, Princess!" he cried and held the blade against Link's throat, alarming everyone. "Give me the Ocarina or your love will never again see the light of day!"

Zelda didn't know what to do. She could see that Link was trying to tell her something, but what it was, she didn't know. "A-all right," she said quietly and reached into her pocket. When she felt a solid object in there, she remembered that she had given the Ocarina to Link! She suddenly felt a wave of hope and relief wash over her, but didn't show it one bit. Impa looked shocked and horrified. Zelda kept her defeated expression and pulled out an ordinary blue ocarina.

Ganondorf smirked as Zelda handed him the ocarina. "Yes," he chuckled, dropping Link. As Link hit the ground, the ropes around his arms and the black handkerchief dissolved into the air.

Link wasn't sure what had just happened. Had Zelda given him a decoy, or Ganondorf? He looked at Zelda's face. There was anger and sorrow written in her expression. Link then noticed the ocarina in Ganondorf's hand. It looked almost identical to the Ocarina of Time, but it didn't have the mark of the Triforce on the mouthpiece. Link shared a secret smile with Zelda as he realized that that ocarina wasn't real.

Ganondorf smiled upon Zelda. "That's a good girl," he said. "Say goodbye to Hyrule as you know it, Princess! And you," he turned to Link. "Be sure you watch out for her and yourself. If I find this is fake, I will personally kill you both with my own two hands, do you hear me? Both of you!" With that, Ganondorf vanished.

A storm brewed just as Ganondorf left the castle balcony. All the flames inside the castle were doused immediately.

"Princess, what did you give him?" Impa asked. "Did you give him the real Ocarina or a decoy?" Impa sounded tense.

Zelda looked up at Impa. "I gave him a decoy," she answered. "Link has the real Ocarina of Time."

Now Impa looked worried. Link noticed.

"Don't worry Impa," he said calmly. "I will do whatever it takes to protect her from Ganondorf."

Impa smiled warmly at Link. "You are a very brave and noble lad," she said. "I trust your word."

"So do I." Zelda smiled lovingly at Link, making him blush. Zelda didn't realize that she was also blushing.

"Come!" Impa said. "Somehow I don't think it's safe up here!"


"Where will we go?" Link asked as the trio climbed down a set of vines.

"I will take you both to my home in Kakariko Village for tonight," Impa replied. "We will discuss what to do next in the morning."

About halfway down the vines, Zelda's foot suddenly slipped from under her. "Aahh!" she cried, panicked.

"Zelda!" Link cried. He was climbing next to her and didn't want her to fall. "Get on my back!"

"Are you sure?" Zelda asked. She didn't want her weight to send them both falling to their deaths.

"Yeah, just do it!" Link shouted over the roar of thunder.

Very carefully, Zelda inched closer to Link and extended one arm out to his shoulder. Being careful not to choke him, Zelda wrapped the other arm around Link's other shoulder. When both arms were around Link's shoulders, he began to climb down again.


By the time the trio reached Kakariko Village, the storm had ceased. They stood outside Impa's house. "We will stay here for tonight," Impa told them. "Are you two hungry?"

"Yes," Zelda replied. Link nodded in agreement.

"Then I will make something," Impa walked back into her house. Link and Zelda remained outside. They were silent for several moments.

"It's a...nice night," Link said, breaking the ice.

"Yes," Zelda agreed. Then she noticed Link's neck. "Are you okay Link?" There was a red mark across Link's neck that looked like it had been bleeding not too long ago. Zelda gently stroked it with two fingers. "Does that hurt?"

"No," Link replied. "It must have happened when Ganondorf pressed that dagger against my neck."

Zelda seemed upset that Ganondorf had actually hurt Link. "He will pay for that," she vowed.

Link said nothing. His mind was on something else. While he stood there blushing, he knew he had to tell Zelda the truth. He just wasn't sure how to say it. Would she laugh at him?

"Zelda..." he began. "I – there's something I have...there's something I have to tell you." The Triforce of Courage was failing him right now.

"Yes Link? What is it?" Zelda asked, backing up just a little. She was also blushing.

"W-well...ever since we met...I...I...I've been deeply in love with you!" There. He had said it. Now Zelda could laugh in his face all she wanted. He blushed even harder.

"You have?" Zelda didn't sound amused. She sounded...happy. "Link, the truth is...I love you too!"

Link, still blushing, looked into Zelda's ocean-blue eyes. There was nothing but love and honesty in them. Link and Zelda shared a loving smile. Zelda then took Link's face in her hands and the two shared a magical, gentle kiss in the moonlight.

When they parted, the loving smile never left their faces. "I love you, your royal highness," Link smiled. "I always will."

"I love you too, Hero of Time," Zelda replied in a warm voice. "I'll love you as long as the sun shines and the moon glows."

They gazed into each other's eyes, hoping for the moment to last forever.


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